11 Best Emoji Apps for iPhone, iPad: Emoji Keyboard For Texting

Best Emoji apps for iPhone, iPad

Always try new emoji in text Message, Chat, and Mail from your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Now you can use different Emoji from thousands of different funny, Sad and Lovely emotion categories by installing third-party apps. Here I listed top 8+ very Best emotions apps with big functionality, features, and popularity in the app store. Most of the apps are supporting popular language, So you can also send the text with pictures.

The keyboard is the basic application of the phones. The apple comes up with any of the new and interesting features to go. Some of the trending apps are as follows which we can use and they are really easy to use and have many of the interesting features and you got a great fun using all this.

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Top Best Stickers & Emoji apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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We guaranteed that from the listed app you will get all types of Emoji/ Stickers and Expression in Text and 3D, animated picture.

From your keyboard you can directly choose emoji that’s you have been installed on your iOS device; Find here how to Switch Keyboard on iPhone from the keyboard in shortest way.

1. 5000+ Emoji

Best Emoji apps for iPhone, iPadMake your chat beautiful and eye caching that you feel very good, in the text, Chat, Message, Mail you can send Animated, 3D, Text and Stylish font. Use emoji/ Cartoons any social app most of the app supporting this app like (WhatsApp, WeChat, Kakao, Line, Message, Email, and More). 50 thousand+ reviews and millions of download trust about this Emoji app for iPhone, iPad compare to others.

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7 Emoji Keyboard with GIF text and pictureThis app one can use for the GIF, font, text, and color for the messenger. The main features of the app are it easy to use and have the fastest EMOJI keyboard. The organization of the emojis on the keyboard is also very easy to use, and they are very well managed so one easily found the emoji at the proper time and have fun with them. You can easily and quickly found and send the emoji. The themes of the keyboard are also so attractive and eye-catching. There are many internal options so you can choose according to your wish. Other new things come with this is you can also send the smiley emoji and emoji and text art so anything you like you can use and share it with your friends. The fonts have any options, so it looks cool and they are easy to use and also they are so attractive any one can love it. It contains more than 3000 emoji. This includes smileys, animated emotions, Unicode. Emoji art and text art and many new things to unlock. It also has many funny emoji puzzle games. This app requires iOS 8 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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2 Emoticon with Free Emoji and 3D iconEmoticon.s is an app in which we can use animated emoji keyboard and have 3D icons.

The main features of the app are like you can create an animated and 3D icons to share so you can share what you feel and you can show its deepest meaning in various forms. To greet someone, to wish someone, to express your feelings to someone you can make the best use of it so that you one can understand the things you want to express. Firstly the app collects a classification of different category so you can easily find out what you want and you can share it with your friends easily. Another thing is you can create your own emoticon using this app so come up with your own creation and have fun, and it also has the trending emoticon, so you also follow and be in the trend and you can be popular using this app. In the setting module, you can switch to the GROUP switch in GROUP FUNCTION so you can classify your friends who you often contact to and it can also make you sent mass texts and e-mail more easily. For more quires, after downloading the app you can tell in the HELP section. This app requires iOS 8 or later and ready for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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3 Emoji Keyboard Extra for iPhoneThis keyboard gives you extra icons and new emoticons art for text free.

This app gives you extra adult category of emoji so you can express what you are trying to say and share it with your friends. This app includes new emoji keyboard, fonts maker, emoji art, static emojis, animated emojis, custom emojis, emoji creator and editor. So you can create or edit and categorizes the type of emoji You can explore more after downloading the app and can have great fun using this app and sharing of it. This app requires iOS 7 or later and compatible to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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4 Kika Keyboard Emoji keyboard for iPhoneThe KIKA keyboard is basically an app for emoji keyboard for iMessage for your iPhone that helps you typing, fast, easy and fun. It has more than 1200 emoji and emotions, smiley, stickers, colorful, smart and eye-catching text art. To enable the KIKA keyboard you have to go to the settings app and then scroll to the keyboard and then you have to search and select the KIKA keyboard and give complete access to it and enjoy the keyboard and share your unlimited creations to the world. The emoji contains six different skin tone color, having more number of stylish and different new emoji and lot more to unlock by you.This app requires iOS 9 or later and use on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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5 Creative Emoji Keyboard for iPhoneThis app gives you a great combo pack in which you get lots of new and attractive and trending emoji, and you can share this to your friend and be trending. The things you get in this app is the keyboard themes are awesome having various styles and background and colors. The stickers available in this app are so cute that the one who sees loves it and there are a various variety of the stickers available which can be share and express your feelings. The emoji keyboard present in this app gives you the variety of keyboard emojis option and the other thing is there is the bunch of Emoji’s packet so you can easily find out what you want and can easily share it. Come up with the fonts the, there is a category of fancy fonts in which the fonts of the text is express in fancy layout and eye-catching types of fonts available. The word maker is the category from which the text is converted into very attractive and stylish ways. The auto-prediction works very quickly so you can save your time and the reduce your mistakes so that you can enjoy the messages and the auto-correction also helps you to enjoy the conversation. This app requires iOS 7 or later and use on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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6 Best Emoji with Emoticons Art and Cool FontsEmoji Free is an app for emotion and colorful keyboard and cool fonts. This app gives you more, stylish, latest, attractive kind of emojis to share. The new things are the animated emoji which are in a great trend, and you can enjoy it by sharing. There is a variety of cartoon animated emocation and emoji which are very attractive and eye-catching. The new amazing emojis and vivid smileys are offered. The unique thing is all about the cartoon emoji and the way they expressed. The various icons are available representing the cat’s, dogs, long face, turtle and lot more to explore. This app requires iOS 8 or later and use on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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7 Emoji Keyboard with GIF text and pictureEmoji keyboard is an app which you can use for gif color text and font for the messenger on the App Store. The main feature of this app is like this is the fastest emoji keyboard. It has better organization of the keyboard and the Emojis so one can easily find out the correct emoji and can share it. You can even save your favorite and most used emojis and so you get a quick pick up for those emojis when ever you need and have fun. The background of the keyboard is so attractive one can easily love them and the color is so eye-catching for the one who sees. There are the number of themes present in the app so you can choose whatever you are like and according to your likes you can adjust it. The fonts present in the app are also so cool and then you can also share emoji, text art, and emoji smiley. So simply you have to select and share whatever you like. This app requires iOS 8 or later and compatible to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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9. Emoji>

8 Emoji>This is the only app in the app store who has the textmoji style of emojis. The main feature of this app is there are more than 200 types of new and attractive textmoji’s. This is integrated with your move and it easily works with all your apps. It includes all your iOS Emojis which are regular in use. They are always updating the new and real emojis not the stickers. All new emoji sticker is also updated. There are more than 20 keyboard themes which are very colorful and eye-catching. Theirs also a great set-up for the new fun games of the emojis. One can easily and quickly set-up the key board settings of this app and get sync with all your apps.This app requires iOS 8 or later and compatible to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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9 Free Emoticons Keyboard Adult Emoji and Flirty Emojisyou can really use this app.and you are going to love this app for this appearance of the emojis in the very new style. It includes more than 3500 texting emojis which is completely free. You can express your emojis in static and animated forms. This all kind of emojis include the naughty, funny, love, flirty, games, dirty, Moody etc. kind of emojis which. Have the number of sub category Emojis include inside. You can send this emojis to all your close ones and have a great fun using this app. This app can easily sync with all the apps so you can use this app in any of the messaging applications and have fum with sharing of them. There is also an addition of new colorful and cute emoji faces having word expression, so one can easily understand and really have fun with them.This app requires iOS 8 or later and compatible to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Most of the Emoji iOS App also available for Android OS, so you can find in Google play store. Share which Emoji apps for iPhone, iPad recently running on any iOS versions. Starts express your word in the single picture now.

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