9 Best GIF Maker Apps on iPhone and Android 2023

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Have you ever wondered about creating Graphic Interchange Format, alias GiF on your preferable smartphone? There are two possibilities, one using a Camera App that converts a bunch of videos, or photos, into Gifs. And another is using best Gif Maker Apps.  

Yes, a GiF app, as it includes the capabilities to convert photos and videos, decoding & encoding GIFs, and saving them in your device in no time. Further, make it look perfect by adding stickers, animation, frames, and text. 

So in case you find creating it an arduous task, here is our list of best GiF makers for iPhone and Android. 

Top Best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone & Android 

In the article, we have listed some of the best GIF-maker apps for iOS and Android. However, features of the app vary in iOS and Android. 

1. GIF Maker From Brain Craft’s (iOS/Android)


Brain Craft’s Gif app for iOS and Android is backed with unique aspects and ease of accessibility. You can surf through videos and images from the gallery; select and create GiF in no time. In addition, you can create Boomerang videos for Instagram. Some of the other notable features creating Loop Videos, GiF from Live Camera, Add Text, Frame, Filters, and Artwork too. 

The freemium version includes fewer capabilities. Conversely, the premium version allows creating unlimited GiF, access to the premium Stickers, and Filter. And the best part, it’s completely Ad-Free. 

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Download GIF Maker From Brain Craft: iOSAndroid

2. GIF Maker From Implay (iOS/Android)


The Implay GIF maker doesn’t need an introduction, as it has a huge fan base. It’s designed for both iOS and Android; however, features vary! With a simple tap, you apply a filter and share it with friends. Moreover, you can create a photo-by-photo slideshow. Plus, the partial editing aspects let you make extraordinary GiF. 

The application includes four camera modes; Hand-Free, Stop-Motion, Boomerang, and Normal. In addition, iPhone users can use both Brust and Live photo features to create GiF. Best of all, you can import photos from Google Drive, iTunes, and Dropbox. You can experience many more advanced features once you use them. 

Download GIF Maker From Implay: iOS | Android

3. GiF Toaster – Gif Maker


The next GiF Maker app is one from the GiF. This app lets the iPhone user Photos, Burst Photos, and Videos into the existing animated GiF. You can convert GiF in all media formats, offering you all border horizons to create and edit the GiF.

However, the application could be more advanced, but often preferable as it’s a simple interface. Additionally, you can share mostly on every platform, best part, also as an attachment or a link. The application comes in both free and paid versions. 

Download GiF Toaster – GiF Maker: iOS | Android

4. Gif Maker By NISHAT RAHMAN (iOS)


Another GiF creator app for iPhone is by Nishat Rahman. Using this application, you can create the GiF from videos and multiple images and firmly share it on WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. 

You can alter GiFs with tons of stunning special effects, filters, text, and more. You can add up to 100 photos to create one GiF; isn’t it great! It’s a paid GiF maker for iPhone, but a worthwhile investment.

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Download GiF Maker By NISHAT RAHMAN: iOS

5. Gif Maker By Momento (iOS)


The GiF Maker by Momento – offers one of the easiest ways to transform Photos, Videos, or Live Photos into GiF. You receive a privileged number of funny stickers, an astonishing filter, and attractive effects to make it more viralized GiF.  

There is a paid version; let’s access unlimited Filters, Frames, Music, Effects, and Sticker. And to make it truly yours, you can add and remove the watermark. So if you have a meme channel, you must try out its paid version.

Download GiF Maker By Momento: iOS

6. 5SecondsApp – Animated Gif


5SecondsApp is the GiF maker app for iPhone that lets you create animated GiF from videos and photos. It’s built with various capabilities and features, but most get in your way to make fantastic stuff. 

Once you have created GiF, you can edit it multiple times. And also, you can import GiF from various sources and further customize them. Moreover, you can share it as a file or a link. At last, the application is exceptionally easy-to-use and free to download but has in-app purchases. 

Download 5SecondsApp – Animated GiF: iOS

7. Gif Maker, GiF Editor (Android) 


Another best GiF creator app is GiF Maker. With a simple cut and crop on your device Gallery, you can create GiFs in no time. Also, you can add text, stickers and edit GiF. Plus, it works with most websites.

The application supports a vivid range of video and photo image formats; MPE4, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, and more. Additionally, there are tons of aspects like filters, trims, stickers, aspect ratios. Best of all, there is a vast library of 400 frames. So continuously create unlimited GiF and share it on a desired social platform. 

Download GiF Maker, GiF Editor: Android

8. Pictophile: Meme Maker & Genre (Android)


Make Memes out of photos and videos without a watermark. And firmly share over the various social media platforms. Remember, the app allows you to create funny GiFs for free. It supports multiple typos and lets you add in either top or the bottom, which is great for users who like classic style GiF or Meme. 

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In addition to that, you can also find and use the tool to add the still images to GiF. Overall! the app is handy to use for making reaction GiF.

Download Pictophile: Meme Maker & Genre: Android  

9. Gif Maker – GiF Editor (Android)


Searching for software to play with GiF? Install the GiF Maker. As it’s built with some remarkable features, let’s convert video, screen recorder, and images to GiF. 

Moreover, you can do many things, for instance, Trim, Adjust Color Balance, Fast Crop, Rotate, etc. Moreover, within the GiF app for Android, you will receive 30 filters and 20 frames. And allows emojis and then export at high-quality resolution. Lastly, the application is free and doesn’t include a watermark feature. 

Download GiF Maker – GiF Editor: Android

Get The Best GiF Maker App For iPhone And Android!

Creating and sharing the unique GiF is the new trend in the market. If you aren’t with which is the best GiF-creating app, what about the above list? Did it help you out? If yes, which app did you prefer the most – let us know in the below comment box!

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