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Last Updated on Mar 10, 2021

Nowadays, keeping the house clean is everyone’s responsibility, because a clean house defeats the toughest epidemics around the world. For every 9 To 5 Job seeker’s it is quite difficult to manage and keep the home clean periodically, alongside, fulfilling the office’s work before the deadline. To do so, you may need assistance from the best household cleaning apps for iPhone or Android, whatever device you have. Besides, you will also get an answer to what are the top spring cleaning apps for iOS and Android with this post.

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Assign yourself a task, complete it within the given time, that’s it, you have cleaned and made your house hygiene. Without wasting much of your time, let’s see the house cleaning apps to drive you towards cleaning.

The Best House Cleaning Apps for iOS and Android

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#1. OurHome- For iOS and AndroidOurHome - chores and rewards

To make your kids clean the house, OurHome is way better than any other house cleaning apps for iPhone and Android and yes it is the best house cleaning schedule app for free. It has smart features that encourage your kids to complete household work and other stuff real quick because kids always like to get rewards and OurHome does the same. Assign some work to them, and whenever the task is completed, your kids will receive points which later can be helpful for you convert into cash and buying candies or toys.

This app lets you sync the entire data within multiple devices, whether it is Android or iOS. Other key features of OurHome house cleaning are that you can add grocery items, set reminders, send messages, add events into the calendar, and more.

Download OurHome for iOS and Android

#2. Unfilth Your HabitatUnfilth Your Habitat

Ulfilth Your Habitat is one of the helpful apps for cleaning your disgusting house, real quick. You can say, this app is a bundle of motivation that you are looking for, just challenge yourself by choosing 5, 10, or 20minutes and beat the timer by completing cleaning work before the clock chimes and irritate you. A little word of warning for you, the app contains Profanity. Download the app, and begin your cleaning stuff with these apps.

Not just home, people fight when it comes to cleaning homes, in places like Hostel or PG, in that case, it is the perfect case to divide and complete the cleaning work equally.

Download Unfilth Your Habitat for iOS and Android

#3. Spring Cleaning ChecklistSpring Cleaning Checklist

How Clean Is Your House checklist? If you are an Android user, the Spring Cleaning Checklist is the best app to help prepare for spring cleaning. This app has nothing much to offer, but still, you should check this out. Simply drag the built-in template from the App, and start creating, deleting, and editing the lists of to-do works. After adding the items, you can get easy access to the items that you have already finished and what cleaning work is still due.

For basics, you can download the app for free, which also contains ads, however, its premium version has much more to offer, like backup, cloud sync, cloud share, and much more.

Download Spring Cleaning Checklist for Android

#4. Do!- Simple To-Do ListDo

Do, you may find funny, but it can do much better than any other iOS apps. You don’t need any expertise to use, simply download the app and its easy to use interface will help you organize the TO-DO lists and clean the house before the feast arrives at your doorstep.

Is there any house cleaning app with more customizing options? Yes, the Do app can be fully personalized, change themes, access work right from the Today’s Widget on iOS, data backup and restore, and most importantly set color tags for multiple tasks.

Download Do App for iOS

#5. Home CleaningHome Cleaning

The Home Cleaning app is just like your cleaned house, neat and easy to navigate. No additional, templates or animations are added that slows down the app’s functionality, yet gives all the options that we need in this life. It contains, the list of cleaning spaces, like the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Storeroom, Yard, and other areas which usually get’s dirty from time to time.

What you have to do is, after cleaning particular areas, mark them in the app and get yourself ready for the next task. Ultimately, by checking the list, you’ll stay motivated over and over, and our goal is to clean the house by hook or crook.

Download House Cleaning App for iOS

#6. HomeyHomey

Proving tasks equally to each family member, even to your kids, is desired for every mom, but not every woman knows how to do it and in what way they work is to be fairly distributed so no one gets hurt and works in the given time. Unlike any other cleaning app, Homey App lets you set chores, for the entire family. Meanwhile, by giving allowance and earning rewards to your kids, it is the best way to teach them life lessons on how to earn money and what it takes to earn money.

Homey App is freemium, available on App Store as well as on Google Play, its time for you to decide, whether to make your family members lazy or active.

Download Homey App for iOS and Android

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