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How do I Add a Bookmark to my iPhone Home Screen Chrome?

Hidden trick to Add a Chrome Bookmark to iPhone Home Screen

The Shortcuts App was announced back with the iOS 12, gives you an opportunity to create shortcuts of your favorite apps and functions. It takes a few steps to create a shortcut on the iPhone for websites alongside other compatible functions such as Siri. Apart from this, there are many instances where the custom shortcuts

How to Play PSP Games on iOS 13! NO COMPUTER

Playing PlayStation games on iPhone is never been hard after the emulators came into existence. From GTA to God of War, everything is available at once place, all you need to do is, take out some time and install the PPSSPP app on your iPhone, by following our detailed tutorial. PlayStation games are most popular,

How to Get DELTA Emulator on iOS 13 & iOS 12: NO COMPUTER in 2020

Unlike other Emulators, DELTA Emulator is people’s choice to play retro games including Nintendo, GBA, and more. Previously, iOS users used to jailbreak the phone to download the content that is restricted by Apple and the Emulator Apps was the one. However, in this advanced era, it’s pointless to jailbreak the iPhone, when you’ve plenty

How to Link Instagram to Facebook on iOS and Android

Facebook’s largest social media platform before and right after owning Instagram and WhatsApp. But WhatsApp is totally different platform, while both Facebook and Instagram have quite similarities like you can post photos, videos, put stories, chat via DM, follow your friends and the list goes on. If you are the one who belongs to a