10 Best Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks for iPhone in 2023

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Ages ago, Facebook was an all-in-one app accommodated with all the services, such as the regular timeline, chatting with friends, and more. However, now that time has long gone, today, if one wants to chat with a Facebook mate, downloading the Messenger app is obligatory. Not only it allows you to chat but also it brings dozens of handy features like Adding Stories, Video Calling, Voice Calling, Dark Theme, a wide range of Emojis and Stickers, and much more. Soon the Facebook Messenger is going to be the one-stop to all problems; you don’t need to download other applications to Video Call or Message unless you know the best tips and tricks of the Messenger app.

We have conducted practical tests and came up with this article to share the hidden tips on the Facebook Messenger app. Cut yourself some slack and start using the Messenger app in a new way.

Best Facebook Messenger Tricks for iPhone, Android

#1. Change Emoji Size

Just like every other Social App, Facebook Messenger does have Emojis and Stickers, in fact, the best ones. Upon tapping on the Emoji icon to open the Emoji keyboard, you’ve all seen the regular-sized emojis sitting up in the tray, isn’t it? The question is, how do you change the size of Emoji in the Messenger app? It’s pretty straightforward, simply touch and hold the Emoji from the keyboard that you wish to send over, and release when it gets bigger as you want. This is the only way to change the size of Emoji on Facebook Messenger.

#2. Group Video Call

Continuing the improvements in the Group Chats, the Messenger app also has a Group Video Call feature, however, it’s one of the most hidden things about the Messenger app, many folks aren’t aware of.

  1. Tap on the Group Chat.
  2. Then look for the Video Call button, between the voice call and info button to initiate the group video call.

#3. Search Conversation

Finding a specific message is way easier in the Messenger app, you don’t need to scroll down the entire chat history, rather use the Search in Conversation option to locate the message you are looking for.

  1. Open the conversation in the Messenger app.
  2. Tap on the info button on the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Search in Conversation
  4. Enter the message or particular word that you are looking for.
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#4. Use Secret Chats

Encrypt Conversations, Secret Chats, what does that mean in the Messenger app? The term itself says and I presume you know what does that means. Anytime, a normal conversation can be switched to the Secret Chat, it’s up to you when to do so.

At first, learn how to start an encrypted conversation in Facebook Messenger.

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Messenger
  2. Tap on the chat.
  3. Again tap on the name.
  4. Choose Go to secret conversation.

The theme will change from default to Black, this will indicate that you’re on the secret conversation.

#5. Integrate Other Apps into Messenger

Adding a pack of applications like Spotify, GIPHY, Apple Music, The Weather Channel, and Memes could make the Messenger app even better. While chatting with friends, if you want to know the Weather or listen to Apple Music, no need to exit the app, all of that is integrated with the Messenger app, once you follow this one time process.

  1. Launch the Messenger
  2. Tap on any chat.
  3. Tap on the four-dot icon.
  4. Select the app to start with.

#6. Create Polls

We all have group chats whether it is WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which consists of a bunch of people we care for. This means, we can’t deny the proposal of any of them while searching for a party place, and meanwhile, the entire group has become chaos. Under such situations, conducting Polls is helpful.

  1. Again open the Group Conversation.
  2. Tap on the Plus
  3. Select Polls.
  4. Finally Set up the poll.

#7. Save Data by Downloading Photos and Videos over Wi-Fi

Messenger app is a place for Videos and Images too. To date you might be avoiding using Facebook on Cellular Data, as while watching videos on Facebook or swiping through the timeline, Facebook uses quite a large amount of data. The same goes for the Messenger app too, when someone shares photos and videos in the chat, it automatically downloads, irrespective of Cellular Data.

Turning off the download over the mobile data is correct to save cellular data.

  1. Navigate to the Messenger
  2. Find and open Settings.
  3. Tap Data Saver.
  4. Toggle Off download over the mobile data button.

#8. Use Multiple Accounts

Many Facebook users own more than two accounts, one is personal and the other is for business. Fortunately, Messenger allows us to add multiple accounts and switch between them in two-three taps. Once you switch the account in the Messenger app, all the details, chats, settings, preferences appear as in the way you have set.

  1. Go to the Settings in the Messenger app.
  2. Tap the Switch account.
  3. By tapping on Add account or Create a new account, you can use Multiple Accounts in the Messenger app.
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#9. Share Live Location

Live Location, conveniently allow you to track your friends or vice versa, this comes in handy when you are traveling in a new city but can’t find a friend’s location, or can’t name the place, at that time, share live location with the one who is ready to pick you up, simple as that.

Mainly, we have used Live Location in WhatsApp, and now available in Facebook Messenger too, with the same capabilities.

  1. Launch the Messenger app.
  2. Then, open any conversation.
  3. Tap the Plus sign near the Camera icon.
  4. Choose Location.
  5. Next up, select Share Live Location.

Notably, the Live Location remains active for 60 minutes, also, can be revoked anytime you wish.

#10. Mute Chat Notifications

Handling the Messenger’s chat notifications is real tough, and embarrassing while we’re in the middle of the meeting or sleeping. To cover up your tracks, and of course not to get disturbed by unwanted people, just mute that conversation for 15mins to 24hours or forever until you decide to turn the notifications on.

  1. Launch the Messenger app.
  2. Touch and hold the chat and for iOS swipe the conversation.
  3. Choose Mute notifications, and lastly tap on the duration for which you want to mute the conversation.

#11. Give Nicknames

Facebook is now turning as a market place for many businesses, sellers, and buyers, meaning everyone have to stay with professional. Even if we’re habituated calling our siblings or friends with the nickname, of course on Facebook it won’t appear. Though, right from the Messenger app, it is possible to give Nickname to any friend available in Messenger.

  1. Go to the conversation on the Messenger
  2. Then, tap on the name of the person on the middle-top screen.
  3. Tap Nicknames.
  4. Give Nickname from there.

#12. Turn ON Dark Mode

Using Dark Theme on Messengers can potentially reduce the eye-strain, increase the battery life, and of course, we can talk for hours on Dark Mode, tirelessly. However, several users have already set the Dark Mode on System Level, so Messenger must appear in the Dark theme. Well, here’s how to turn on Dark Mode manually.

  1. Launch the Messenger app on your device.
  2. Tap on Chats
  3. Go to Profile.
  4. Tap Dark mode and select ON or go with Use system settings (this option may not appear on every device).
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#13. Hide Active Status of your Profile

Active Status is not something new that you aren’t aware of. Earlier, we used to hide the active status right from the Facebook app, however, the same process is to be applied on the Messenger app. Not all the time, we can actively talk with friends on Messenger, or if you’re don’t want to be disturbed by others while chatting with your beloved ones, hiding active status is the correct choice.

  1. Open the Messenger app.
  2. Tap on the chat.
  3. Next, hit the name of the person on the top.
  4. Tap on Active Status and turn it Off.

After this, neither you can see others Active Status nor can your friends track your active status.

#14. Upload Contacts to Facebook Messenger

Let the Facebook Messenger access your contacts, to explore and connect with the friends on Messenger, that is just saved as a simple contact on the device. Messenger’s algorithm can make suggestions based on your contacts list, once you upload it.

  1. Tap on the Chats tab right in the Messenger app.
  2. Go to your Profile.
  3. Then, tap People.
  4. Select Upload contacts and set it to ON.

#15. Manage Text Messaging Settings

Text Messaging Service of the Messenger app keeps you informed, about the messages and notifications, depending upon the settings you’ve made. You should see four fields in the Text Messaging Settings; Current phone number, Text Messaging, Notifications, and Daily Text Limit. I don’t think all these terms need a separate explanation; however, I can help you reach them.

  1. Launch the Messenger app.
  2. Tap on your profile icon.
  3. Tap Account settings.
  4. Next, hit the Text messaging.
  5. Customize the fields, like add your phone number on which you wish to receive text messages, Daily Text Limit, and more.

#16. Manage Who Can Reach Your Chats Lists

Probably, you don’t know what this means. It is one of the Messenger’s Privacy feature to stop any random person to appear into your Chats list. Once, you turn on People who have your phone number option, the Messenger will only let them enter into your Chats list, otherwise, you will see in the friend request queue.

  1. From the Messenger app, tap on your profile.
  2. Go to Messaging Settings
  3. Turn On or Off People who have your phone number.

#17. View All Sent & Received Photos and Videos

If you’re looking for some lost photos and videos in the File Explorer of the phone that has been sent or received through the Messenger app, it might be hard to find between hundreds of photos and videos. Isn’t it? Instead, open the particular chat, and view all the media sent or received using Messenger.

  1. From the Messenger app, tap on the conversation.
  2. Then, tap on the name of your friend.
  3. Select View photos & videos.
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