15 Best iPad Accessories for ProCreate 2023 Artist, Designer

These are the Best iPad Accessories for ProCreate that you must buy, Since buying an iPad is a good investment, one must also have the necessary accessories that are really worth your money. We consider the add-ons to be handy and help you Procreate Art & Design effortlessly. To dedicate your artistic mind completely towards the world of iPad art, you need some essential accessories that will compliment your creative desires when you create art on your iPad.

The fact is, shopping for ProCreate add-ons for your iPad can be pretty overwhelming as there numerous products in the market that won’t suit your requirements. Luckily for you, we have researched and organized this list of Best iPad Accessories for ProCreate so that you can buy the products that are genuinely beneficial for you.

Best iPad Accessories for ProCreate For Artist & Desiner that increase Productivity

1. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)


Every artist that uses their iPad to create designs and art needs a good stylus or pencil so that every detail of their drawing can be sketched with utmost precision. The Apple Pencil is designed exclusively for iPad with imperceptible lag, pixel-perfect accuracy, and tilt and pressure sensitivity. It transforms into your favorite creative instrument, paintbrush, charcoal, or pencil with a simple double-tap so that all your designing equipment is in one pencil, giving you a wide choice of brushes.

If you used to draw, write or doodle using your fingers, then the Apple pencil will improve your ProCreating experience tenfold so that you can have fun while creating your masterpiece. You can wirelessly charge this excellent stylus and attach it magnetically to your iPad so that you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen or lost.

To order this innovative and essential product for your iPad, visit Amazon and get it delivered to your house safely.

2. Article Artist Glove


Are you tired of your hand not moving smoothly on your iPad’s screen and making unwanted touch impressions? Then the Articka Artist Glove will solve this problem for you as it is designed especially for digital artists. It is designed with high-quality 100% elastic Lycra that is soft, durable, light, and breathable, making it the best material for elasticity and ensuring maximum comfort with frictionless smoothness over your iPad.

This glove protects the screen of your iPad from oil and smudges caused by the hands and fingers with its no palm-touch design. This artist glove can be worn by anyone in spite of you being a right-handed or left-handed person. This handy glove comes in two sizes- Large and Small so that you buy the one according to your hand size.

Don’t hesitate and head over to Amazon to buy this comfortable and handy Artist glove today for the best offers and deals.

3. Elevation Lab DraftTable Kit


Break free from the curse of wrist pains and sore fingers by working continuously on your iPad with the Elevation Lab DraftTable Kit for iPad. It is the number one stand that is designed exclusively for professionals and digital artists. Built from premium heavy steel & composite construction, this stand firmly holds your iPad and doesn’t move when you use it, offering ultra-wide-angle range. 

It comes with an armrest so that you can draw with your Apple Pencil all day without worrying about wrist pains and fatigue. The handy pencil holder is also included in this kit so that you can keep your Apple Pencil safe.

So, get your hands on this fantastic stand by ordering it from the Amazon store and getting it delivered to your doorstep safely.

4. Logitech Base Charging Stand For IPad


Make way for the revolutionary Logitech Base Charging Stand that provides comfort to your arms and charges your iPad simultaneously. Logitech is known for its top-class electronic products, and this charging stand is not different. It allows charging even when the silicon case is equipped on your iPad. This stand charges your iPad via the built-in Apple Smart Connector technology so that you don’t have to worry about the battery percentage when working for a prolonged period.

It is built entirely of high-quality premium aluminium and offers a sturdy docking spot with anti-slip padding and a non-tip-over design leaving you stress-free of your iPad slipping out of this stand. This product meets all the Apple safety and quality requirements making it the best charging stand available in the market.

The sturdy design and optimized viewing angle make this charging stand a must-have product for every professional and digital artist. To buy this product, head over to Amazon and pay using any of the payment methods available.

5. iPad Pro USB C Hub


Every working professional and digital artist at some point in time must have faced difficulty in transferring data, charging devices and connecting an earphone at the same time due to the limited number of ports available in the iPad. The iPad Pro USB C Hub tackles this problem effectively as it has 7 different ports that function at the same time. With the HDMI port, 3.5mm audio jack, USB 3.0 port, an SD/microSD card reader, a USB-C Data port, a USB-C PD port, you have everything you’ll ever need, be it transferring your precious data, listening to music and even charging your iPad.

It allows you to cast your iPad’s screen on a more prominent display with 4K HDMI output so that you can directly stream 4K video at 30Hz UHD, 2K video at 60Hz, 1080P video at 60Hz, respectively. 

So, make this advantageous device your own by buying it from Amazon and let your creativity fly without worrying about the limited ports.

6. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro


 Since creative ideas can flow through your mind at any place and time, be it cafes, trains, buses etc. You need a protective case for your iPad that safeguards your device while working on the go. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro protects your iPad from all the accidental shocks, bumps and knocks with its Dual-layered Air Cushion Technology. This case firmly holds the iPad and has an inbuilt stand so that you can draw with ease while the iPad is resting safely on it. 

The front flap of the cover is magnetic and saves the battery of your iPad with its auto sleep/wake feature. This case is also compatible with the Spigen protector and fully supports all the Apple Pencil functions while keeping it secure in its pencil holder.

All these fantastic features make the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro one of the best cases for iPad. Hence, don’t think twice and visit their store on Amazon to order it today.

7. Keyboard Case

If you are a ProCreator, having a keyboard case for your iPad can prove very helpful. While designing, you often need to type some texts or even search the web for inspirational ideas. So to make this process fast and efficient, a good keyboard case is necessary so that you have a keyboard for researching and a protective case to safeguard your iPad at the same time.

  • Logitech Keyboard Case

This keyboard case is compatible with the iPad 7th, 8th and 9th Generation and has a precision trackpad so that you can use familiar multi-gesture controls to edit documents, navigate apps, and build presentations with unparalleled speed, precision, and accuracy. It has a backlit keyboard that offers comfortable and accurate usage, just like a standard keyboard.

The four use modes and an adjustable kickstand let you comfortably use the iPad for any designing and drawing task. It easily connects to your iPad in just one click using the Smart Connector.

Therefore, visit the Amazon website or App today and order it to make it yours.

  • Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Designed to deliver a great typing experience on a comfortable keyboard, the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is a Multi-Functional, Multimedia and Wireless keyboard case. No charging or pairing of this cover is required, as you can simply attach it and type away. The durable and lightweight cover protects both the front and back of your iPad from dirt, shocks, oil and fingerprint marks.

So, head over to the Amazon store now and get it delivered to you hassle-free and fast.

8. Apple AirPods Pro


Avoid the background and external noise that distracts you while you’re creating the masterpiece of your dreams with the Apple AirPods Pro using its active noise cancellation for immersive sound. You can listen to the music that motivates and inspires the artist within you with the Transparency mode for hearing and connecting with the world around you. It is totally sweat-resistant and water-resistant, and the Adaptive EQ automatically tunes the music to the shape of your ear.

It is easy to set up these AirPods Pro with all Apple devices and supports the “Hey Siri” function. The wireless charging case offers 24 hours of battery life so that you can work on your designs for as long as you want.

In order to buy these excellent AirPods Pro and inspire the artist within you, go to Amazon to get the best deals.

9. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive


Storage is always a problem if you are a digital artist and use ProCreate as the project files are very hefty and large, so they occupy a lot of storage. The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive offers storage of 128 GB and connects directly to your iPad with a flexible connector so that you can quickly transfer all your files to this flash drive. You can set up automatic backup within the iXpand Drive app settings by downloading it from the AppStore.

You can add an extra layer of security by setting up a password for this flash drive and efficiently managing your photos and videos with the iXpand drive app. The supported video formats for this flash drive are MP4 and Mov in iOS.

To broaden the limits of your creativity by adding storage to your iPad, order this amazing flash drive from Amazon today.

#10. Bluetooth Mouse


A good mouse can help digital artists a lot by providing them with improved mouse and cursor control. The Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse is one such product that offers super-efficient tracking with the help of its extraordinary DPI sensors that reduces your overall hand movement and has the high accuracy 4000 DPI customizable settings. The futuristic and ergonomic design of this product enables you to operate or draw using this excellent mouse for hours without feeling any wrist pain, twisting of the forearm, or any other muscle strain in your arms. This is a very comfortable and easy-to-use mouse as it places your hand in the standard handshake position for added relief.

Besides being highly precise and comfortable, this excellent wireless mouse can be connected to your iPad using the Bluetooth connection, which provides a smooth and lag-free usage of this mouse. One can also connect the Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse to their MacBooks or windows computers using the wireless USB dongle or the USB c cable which comes with this mouse. The Logitech MX mouse has a very intriguing and unique feature called the Logitech FLOW that allows you to use this incredible mouse on multiple devices simultaneously to seamlessly move through three computers and transfer images, videos, or copy-paste text and various other files from one device to the other.

The excellent battery life of 40 days with just a single charge and the ability to use this wireless mouse for 30 minutes with just 1 minute of charging makes it a must-buy for every ProCreator and digital artist. So, grab yours from the Amazon website today and get it delivered to your home safely.

#11. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


The continuous and everyday use of your iPad for sketching and drawing can leave a lot of fingerprints and Apple pencil stroke marks on the screen of your iPad. Since the display of the iPad is delicate and one would want to prevent any sorts of scratches or dents from appearing on it while cleaning it. The IBENZER Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Electronics is the best product when it comes to cleaning the screen or display of your smartphones, iPads, or any other device. This product is built with superior microfiber and offers the best-in-class quality that meets the industry standards. 

It is a very fine, soft, and durable fabric that keeps the screen of your iPad free of scratches every time you clean off the fingerprint marks, oil, smudge, dust, etc. The Ibenzer microfiber cleaning cloths are very versatile and have a wide range of applications as they can be used to clean camera lens, eyeglasses, watches interface, smartphone displays, Tablets, iPad, Macbook, TV Screens, and other intricate surfaces. The IBENZER Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Electronics come in a pack of three high-quality microfiber cloths, which are individually packaged for easy use and secure storage when the cleaning is done.

Hence, to keep your iPad screens free of scratches, dust, dirt, or fingerprints, head over to the Amazon app or website and order this excellent product right away.

#12. Power Bank


We often find it challenging to locate a power socket or supply of power while we travel from one place to another. This makes charging of your electronic gadgets like iPads, iPhones, laptops, etc., very burdensome and can hamper the ongoing work of Procreators or digital artists. The ROMOSS 18W PD USB C Fast Charging Portable Charger solves this problem with its huge 40000 mAh battery that can deliver power to your devices whenever needed. It has a unique LED display that shows the percentage of battery remaining in this power bank so that you can plan your charging sessions accordingly. 

The ROMOSS power bank takes about 16 hours to fully recharge its battery from 0 to 100 and supports the charging of devices compatible with QC. You can also charge multiple devices at the same time using its three output ports that power up your gadgets with 3A of speed. With the two input ports, you can recharge this power bank using both the USB C type charging cable as well as the Micro USB cable. This device also allows pass-through charging meaning it can charge your iPad or iPhone while getting itself charged.

Therefore, whenever you need some power for your gadgets while traveling, hiking, camping, etc., this power bank will also provide for you. To order it visit the Amazon site and purchase it at the lowest price available in the market.

#13. USB-C Fast Charger


Since Apple has stopped giving chargers with iPhones and iPads these days, for a new iPad owner, it seems like a burden to look for excellent and original chargers as the poor quality chargers may harm your device’s health. The Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter is the original and certified product of Apple and works perfectly with your MacBook or iPad. You can charge your iPad quickly and efficiently with the 30 watts USB C lightning-fast charging adapter. 

However, this product supports charging through USB C connectivity; it is recommended by the company to use it only with the certified Apple products to ensure the safety and efficient charging of your devices. Please make a note that this package only contains the USB C fast charging adapter, and you will have to purchase the charging cable separately. It is a very compact and sleek product and can easily be carried along with you in your pockets, handbags, or backpacks while traveling, hiking, or any other activity.

So, to keep your iPad safe and maintain good battery life, order this certified and original Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter for charging your devices. If you have decided on buying this product, consider ordering it from Amazon to get great deals and super fast delivery.

#14. Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone


Every digital artist and ProCreator, at some point in their career, needs to present their work in front of their clients or during a meeting. And the presentation does not seem so compelling when done on the small screen of the iPad. For this purpose, you need a projector, and there is nothing better than the ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone when it comes to portable projectors. This projector offers a wide field of projection up to 100 inches so that you can display or view your content and files clearly on the big screen. The in-built premium Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers carry the audio to each and every corner of the room, thus leaving no silent or dead zones.

In addition to having excellent sound and picture quality, this portable projector is very straightforward to set up, and you can use it simply by plugging it into the power supply or connecting it to your iPad and other devices using Wi-Fi, HDMI, or USB C cable. You can easily adjust this portable LED projector to get the best viewing angles with the help of its brilliant and innovative stand that also acts as a cover for the projector lens. With the built-in battery, you can get up to six hours of uninterrupted movies, games, presentations, and various other activities. The ViewSonic M1+ portable projector is also compatible with Netflix, HULU, and Amazon Prime video, but you will have to download these apps directly onto this projector as these streaming platforms do not support screencasting for screen mirroring.

Along with the stand and the projector, you will also receive a remote control, Projector Case, Power Adapter, and a setup guide so that you have everything that you need to use this projector in one place. Hence, to make this fantastic projector your own, go to Amazon and place your order right now using any of the payment modes that you like.

15. Mancro Laptop Backpack


Carry your precious iPad safely with you anywhere with the Mancro Laptop Backpack. You can carry the charger, earphones, wallet, iPad stand, and many more accessories along with your iPad in the spacious compartments of this Backpack. It is a waterproof backpack and comes with a built-in USB charger outside and a built-in charging cable inside so that you can charge your iPad even while traveling. The Safety and anti-theft lock safeguard your belongings from robbers.

Made from durable and eco-friendly nylon fabric with curved padded shoulder straps, it relieves the stress of the shoulder. Its comfortable but straightforward back design offers excellent back support, making your working, journey, and traveling more convenient wherever you go.

It comes in a variety of colors like blue, black, crest blue, etc., offering plenty of choices. To order this excellent Backpack, visit Amazon and order it right away.

We have covered a wide range of essential accessories in this article that will enhance your artistic experience by making it comfortable and fun. If you think these products could take your creativity and designing experience to another level, then consider treating yourself with these unique accessories for the iPad. At last, you can also make the day of your artistic friend or family member by gifting them the best iPad Accessories for ProCreate.

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