Best iPad Pro 10.5 Leather Sleeves: All Time Protective Covers

Are you not interested in any types of Back cover or Folio case cover for your New iPad Pro 10.5 inch? Then this is an alternate option that helps to protect iPad Pro from all sides while we Carry with us during travel or not in use. Otherwise, This best iPad Pro 10.5 Leather Sleeve case make you too much confident on Security with iPad Pro 10.5 back case.

Please Review the below-finalized list of 7 best iPad Pro 10.5 inch briefcase cover.

Top best iPad Pro 10.5 Leather Sleeve or Case: Durable & Protective Bag

1. Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 Sleeve Leather case

Great Design and mixture of two different material make this sleeve more durable and attractive. Caramel Leather and Charcoal gel exterior unusual in Quality and Durability. Opening and Closing sleeve with magnets lock incredibly useful on some situations. Thin case able to store all size gadgets (Cell Phones, Tablets, and Kindles).

8 Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 sleeve case


Zip free best secure iPad Pro 10.5 inch Sleeve cover

Order Now – $16.99

2. ProCase iPad Pro 10.5 Wallet Sleeve case

This case is full features with extra card pocket, Document and Paper pocket, Pencil holder & Pocket. Secure closure, Tightly catch your iPad with cover after longer use. Multiple colors options (Black, Brown, Ming Green, Red). Are you using Apple Smart keyboard with this iPad Pro? Then this case perfectly fits with it.

1 ProCase for iPad pro 10.5 inch


– Wallet Sleeve case with pen holder

Order Now – $13.99

3. Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 Case in Leather Material

Case buyer from any ages students and parents expected more functional sleeve that help more apart from protection of new iPad Pro 10.5. Extra side pocket for essential accessories (Smartphones, Charger, Batteries, Pens, Headphones or earbuds and mode). 

Custom design for the commitment with other gadgets and iPad models.

2 Tomtoc iPad Pro 10.5 inch Sleeve case


Tomtoc: Leather case alternatives

Order Now – $12.99

4. Apple Leather Sleeve Case – 10.5”

This leather sleeve best in quality, look and Features. Professional sound like a pad. Soft microfibre lining inside the case, specially designed for iPad 3rd generation. Leather Sleeve made from top quality leather.


3 Apple Leather case for iPad Pro 10.5 inch

Available in the USA from official Apple Leather Case for 10.5” Sleeve

Order Now – $129.00

5. Kate Spade New York: Leather Shoulder Bag

Buy premium quality leather should bag from Kate Spade original. Ample space inside it easy to carry all types of accessories, Beauty products and iPad Pro 10.5 easily. Zipper closure inside bag makes secure all the time. Apple’s all cases and covers made from standard units and research, in result

4 kate spade iPad Pro 10.5 inch case

Padded inside sleeve makes stable on large bump and movement of Your carrying bag.

Product Dimensions are 13” Wide, 7.5” Shoulder drop and 11.75” high.

Buy Now – $398.00

6. MICHAEL Kors iPad Pro Sleeve: 10.5 inch

The #1 fashion brand ready to gift you best in quality & Durable iPad Pro 10.5 inch case in Pearl gray color. The company constructs this case with PVC, Sleek and Classic design. Perfect for Girls & Mens, Professional users.

5 Michael Kors Sleeve for iPad Pro 10.5 inch case

Bag case or Sleeve pouch case for new big-screen iPad Pro 10.5-inch and old iPad models.

6 Michael Kors briefcase bag

Order Now on Amazon, Another Handcrafted Michael Kors Sleeve full protective bag with two-snap closure and Slim fit design.

7. MoKo iPad Pro Leather case cover

Moko cares the gadget between the size of 10 to 11 inch. It’s PU premium leather protective case best fits with iPad Pro 10.5 inch. Hidden magnetic lock that manages and auto lock itself everytime on place iPad inside pocket. Soft felt interior, and outer Leather exterior.

7 MoKo Leather iPad Pro 10.5 inch case

Order Now Moko – $12.99

Best iPad Pro 10.5 Accessories

The list is covered all great, Elegant and money value iPad Pro 10.5 inch cases affordable to everyone.