Best iPhone SE 2 Wooden Cases in 2024: Natural Luxury Design

Decorate your iPhone SE 2020 with these naturally designed wooden cases, amazingly crafted on durable material to fit the iPhone SE 2.

In this series of product reviews, we have mentioned the best iPhone SE 2 Wooden Cases in 2020. Apart from Waterproof Cases, Clear Cases, Bumper Cases, Wallet Cases, the Wooden Case has its own appearance and no offense why people opt for wooden cases. Wooden Cases for iPhone are always up for moderate protection, from scratches, but you can’t rely upon these cases if you are a person who drops the phone randomly all the time. It’s not only a case, but a wooden case also reflects your personality with cute designs and patterns, that you cover your iPhone with.

To be honest, wooden cases are a perfect fit, if you are looking for a fashionable case, with some historical designs. Other than that you can prefer our list of other cases that guards iPhone like hell. Why wait for more, check if they come to your requirements and if yes, go for it. Most of the cases have an inbuilt screen protector to avoid chaos.

Best Wooden Cases for iPhone SE 2nd Generation

#1. iATO Wooden Case for iPhoneiATO Wooden Case for iPhone SE 2

iATO has constructed the case with real walnut wood grain premium material to make sure your iPhone SE 2 gets the look you’ve ever wanted. With its unique style and elegant design, the case is capable to resist various damages like scratches, bumps, by adding minimum bulk in your pocket.

The clean lines and all-around coverage enables easy installation and removal and its precise cut-outs manage to give access to a camera, charging ports, without interrupting all the time. You could choose between seven different wooden shades, to protect your iPhone with style.

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#2. TENDLIN Soft Silicone CaseTENDLIN Wood Case for iPhone SE 2020

Made up with a single-piece, natural wood veneer, makes this case worth buying. The TPU adds extra protection to your iPhone, with the original wooden texture, yet it has a grip aside the case to hold the phone tightly in hands. While talking about the inside, the inner dot pattern ensures easy sliding while installing the iPhone, and responsive button feedback.

The case is durable, lightweight, and its enlarged port cut-outs let you connect charger fast.

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#3. CaseYard Wooden CaseCaseYard Premium Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone SE 2020CaseYard Premium Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone SE 2020

A wooden case that doesn’t actually look like wooden, a large variety of attractive patterns is made available by CaseYard. Once, you’ll look at this, case, I bet you are going to worship its excellent workmanship in the form of the case. I’d suggest the case for moderate protection, against scratches, dirt, or if you have dropped from a small height.

The 100% wooden construction keeps the case shiny for the long term, easy to clean, and most importantly the image is engraved on the case, so there is no chance it would get off easily.

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#4. iProductUS Sunflower iPhone Wooden CaseiProductsUS Wooden Print Case

Don’t you like printed cases? No worries, iProductUS has innovatively made up the customized wooden engraved case with several different patterns. Amazingly engraved sunflower on cherry makes the case attractive and unique on the simpler wooden texture. All four corners are guarded with a shockproof rubberized material to withstand the iPhone from drops.

Along with the back, it also protects the front screen, by designing the case with raised lips. Behind all the carving and engraving, it has built-in magnet plate work with magnetic car mounts, luckily it will be delivered to you with the same case with no extra charge.

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#5. Geometric Wood Phone CaseiProductsUS Geometric Wood Phone Case

Call it as a honeycomb pattern or geometric or hexagon engraved dark shapes, whatever you like, but I assure as per the look, it’s quite difficult to find this mixture. From the top it is dark, and slowly the print goes light in color for a 3D look.

Enriched with real dark cherry wood the case also comes with a 9H screen guard for iPhone SE 2, to fit perfectly, since sometimes cases and screen protectors of different brands can’t fit. Apart from the Hexagonal pattern, there are different variety of cases are available to choose from.

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#6. iPhone SE Wooden Guitar Print CaseGuitar Print Case for iPhone SE 2nd Gen

Unlike any other wooden cases, this case has been carved with 3D UV printing on the finest wooden material to last long in any environment whilst protecting the iPhone. If you are a band player or love Guitar, this case’s for you.

Let the Hard Rock Cafe and responsive screen protector secures the device from daily wear and tear. Besides, it supports wireless charging too. The rubber bumpers inside and hard exterior make the best combination to protect the device from unknown strokes.

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#7. American Flag Phone CaseFlag Print Case for iPhone

Next up comes, the American Flag Phone Case with the same protection, but added features. There is no engraving or design printed on the case, it’s just a case with light and dark color wooden strips with a start on the top-right corner, and that’s what the American flag looks like.

If you don’t want to go with wooden color, check the case with the color the same as the American flag owns. For comfortable driving, it comes with a magnetic car mount, that can be used with the same case.

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