Best iPhone Tripod for Solo Travel & Backpacking in 2024

Are you afraid about the one question who will capture your beautiful pictures while on a solo trip? Put your worries to sleep, as we are here to solve your grievances with supreme ease. This article will gladly tell you all about the tripod stands, best for solo traveling or clicking wide-angled and group pictures. Set your stand as you please and go ahead with capturing aesthetic beauty while on your journey or fit several members in one frame with its ultra-wide angles and features.

Make your photography and videography worthwhile by glancing through the options we have in store for you! Read the article thoroughly to figure out the best tripod stand for you or your loved one without further ado. Also, ensure purchasing your favorite tripod through Amazon to avail the best prices and discounts. So, get started now!

The Best Phone Tripod for Travel Users

1. Joby GripTight Pro TelePod


Carry on with your flexible traveling, even when alone, without missing any moment to document! Yes, it’s true. With this tripod for traveling, you can go to places and more and click unbelievably aesthetic pictures to enhance the memories of your solo wandering. The Bluetooth-controlled tripod stand can be one of your best gadgets as it will ease your photography levels to a greater extent.

With this tripod, you will also get new and updated features, like the tripod includes a metal cold shoe mount, pin joint mount, thumbscrew, and a very helpful GoPro adapter. These are enough reasons that must convince you to buy this Joby Tripod. Furthermore, its attractive and affordable price makes this tripod budget-friendly as well. Compatible with iPhones, Smartphones, and Action Cameras, this is the one multi-purpose gadget that will be your best friend during your travel. So, spare no more time and buy this tripod for iPhone for solo traveling from Amazon today!

Pros of buying Joby GripTight Pro TelePod

  • Easy to carry and lightweight
  • Bluetooth controlled tripod stand
  • It consists of many features for photography
  • Vast compatibility
  • Budget-friendly product
  • Best for solo traveling

2. UBeesize Camera Tripod with Travel Bag 


People trust and recommend this tripod for traveling as a must-buy. With this tripod, you can enhance your photos and videos and capture the beauty surrounding you in full frames with its impressive height range, which can go up to 67-inches tall. Travelers mainly trust this UBeesize tripod stand. It provides incredible results and multiple shooting angles that are a significant benefit while capturing photos or documenting videos when you are on a solo trip.

The tripod comes with a university phone mount and wireless controls that allow you to click beautiful pictures with a single button on the remote control. It also consists of a unique design and is compatible with several cameras, smartphones, and iPhones. There are plenty of reasons why you must buy this tripod stand, where few of them being its budget-friendliness, flexibility, and easy accessibility wherever you go. So, pack your tripod stand in the given travel bag and start your journey aboard, even if you are all alone! Buy this suitable product from Amazon today at the most affordable price range.

Pros of buying UBeesize Camera Tripod with Travel Bag 

  • It can be expanded to 67-inches
  • Multiple shooting angles
  • Universal phone mount and wireless remote
  • Vast compatibility
  • Trusted by most the photographers and travelers
  • It comes with a travel bag

3. Xenvo SquidGrip Cell Phone Tripod Stand 


Make your solo travel more memorable as we bring you a great tool for taking all sorts of photos without anyone’s requirement to click them. So be your photographer and successfully enhance your social media feed with this Xenvo tripod for traveling, which its users trust and is loved by members globally. Reddit users have especially rooted for a Xenvo tripod by sharing their reviews and quoted this tripod as “one of the best accessories.”

With major impressive features, this tripod stand will surely be your travel buddy. It has a durable design that will not allow any dents to come through, even if the tripod falls mistakenly. Other features like universal compatibility, lightweight, flexible neo-rubber legs, superior adjustability, etc., make this tripod stand worth a purchase. So, create unforgettable memories from your solo trip with this lightweight phone tripod stand. It is available at the most affordable prices on Amazon; grab it now!

Pros of buying Xenvo SquidGrip Cell Phone Tripod Stand

  • The best accessory for solo traveling
  • It consists of a durable design
  • Universal compatibility
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Budget-friendly and affordable

4. UBeesize 60-inch Extendable iPhone tripod with bluetooth remote


Worry no more about the aesthetics and memories of your solo trip, as you have a combined solution for all your thoughts! One of the most valuable accessories could be this tripod for traveling, which comes with a superb option of converting it into a selfie stick. Rated as a number one product by its users, this tripod stand is a great tool for taking all sorts of photos and videos.

It comes with an extendable range of up to 60-inches tall with additional features like rotating the tripod to capture the perfect angled pictures. It also comes with a remote shutter that will let you take photos and videos even at a distance of 30-feet. Its vast compatibility makes this UBeesize tripod stand an admirable product while you are on your solo trip. So, make the most of the available products and capture memorable photos and videos. Its users recommend the tripod is available on Amazon, so grab it now!

Pros of buying UBeesize 60-inch Extendable iPhone tripod with bluetooth remote

  • Convert and make use of the tripod stand as a selfie stick
  • Extends up to 60-inches
  • It comes with a Bluetooth shutter
  • Vast compatibility

5. Fugetek 48-inch Portable Selfie Stick and Tripod Stand


Traveling alone can become more fun when you have the best accessory to capture everywhere you wander. Seeking reviews for such great accessories, we have gathered the best responses from solo travelers and have understood that no better accessory can be available than a portable tripod stand! Following one such recommendation, a lightweight tripod stand is available for your solo traveling as your best companion.

Its convenient features include quick conversion into a selfie stick, extendable tripod stand length, superfast connection with wireless remote shutter, and vast compatibility with iOS and Android devices. So, grab the most efficient, budget-friendly, and purpose-fulfilling product available on Amazon. Manufactured by Fugeteck, this tripod stand could also be a great gifting option for your near and dear ones, so order it without any delay and at the most affordable prices!

Pros of buying Fugeteck 48-inch Portable Selfie Stick and Tripod Stand

  • It is also a portable selfie stick
  • It comes with an extendable tripod stand length
  • Superfast connection with wireless remote shutter
  • Vast compatibility with iOS and Android devices
  • Budget-friendly and serves the purpose

With the listed recommendations, you can genuinely make your solo trip one of the most memorable experiences. Capture the best pictures and videos with these tripods for solo traveling and enjoy the surreal experience of carrying such a lightweight product in your backpack wherever you go. After looking up the responses of several solo travelers, they believe in the efficiency and supreme compatibility of this tripod stand. Furthermore, they have suggested buying tripods with a remote-control option for better convenience. So, go by the words of the ones experienced, and grab your hands at the most suitable tripods available for your purchase on Amazon.

The listed options are our highly appreciated products, and we truly believe that buying one of the above will serve your purpose very well. So, wait no more and grab your hands on one of the best available lightweight tripods for solo traveling and make your purchase through Amazon today!

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