Best Photography Accessories for Mac 2024

what photography accessories make my Apple Mac computer worth it? Get the complete list of Best Mac Accessories for Photographers.

Let’s get Suggestions of photography accessories list for Mac users that all photographers would love. It gets a little challenging to manage multiple things at once as a photographer. So imagine how it must be to share your extreme workload by getting accessories alongside? Well, this article lists all of those products that can be of productive use to you. As a photographer, grabbing these accessories will ensure easy accessibility to your daily living. So read it further and get your hands on all the necessary accessories for your photography passion.

This article lists products that are needed for daily usage by a photographer. If these products can bring better ease to your daily work, we recommend you grab these now!

The Best Photography Accessories for Mac 2022

1. SanDisk 1 TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD

Involve additional space and speed to your photography process by getting a portable SSD, significantly reducing your workload by saving time and storage. The SSD comprises powerful NVMe performance, consisting of a transferring speed of 2000MBs read or write speeds. We are sure the photographers will find this product a suitable helping hand with such fast-speed transfers. 

The SSD comes with aluminum chassis, which helps deliver higher speeds, making this device quite a suitable product even while traveling. It is safe to use and puts forth no damage, thanks to the aluminum-shelled body of this SSD. The product comes with two-meter drop protection and is water and dust-resistant. This SSD stands out even in terms of security as it comes with handy carabineer security. The password-protected SSD is one of the most useful accessories you can grab as a photographer, so get started now. Buy this one from Amazon before the product stocks out!  

Pros of buying a SanDisk 1 TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD

  • Save time and storage with this SSD
  • 2000MBs write or read speeds
  • Aluminum chassis helps deliver high speeds
  • Safe to use 
  • Two-meter drop protection
  • Water and dust resistant 
  • Password protection

2. Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

For Mac users, this is an accessory that has to be there with all the other gadgets due to its extreme importance. With this adapter, you can connect your iOS and other Apple devices to USB-friendly products, like a flash drive, USB cables, etc., all from a USB-C port. 

You only need to plug in your USB-C port on your Mac and connect another essential USB-friendly device on the other end with this adapter. It is thus a helpful accessory if you plan to sync and charge your USB cable with some designated iOS devices. Safe to use, this adapter comes with a fast-transferring speed, which makes this product a desirable buy. So, invest in this innovative Apple accessory today, and get it delivered to your doorstep from Amazon right away! 

Pros of buying an Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

  • Connect your iOS devices to USB-friendly products
  • Plugin USB-C to your Mac and connect your flash drive to the other end
  • Sync and charge your USB products
  • Fast-transfer speed

3. Apple USB-C to SD Card Reader 

Keep everything handy and reduce your workload by getting this Apple USB-C to SD card reader, which will surely be an excellent accessory for quick access. With this transferable cable, you can easily transfer all your HD pictures and videos within minutes from your SD card to your iPhone or other iOS devices supportive of the USB-C cable. 

It does not block the other ports and works flawlessly with your device. This SD card reader also works amazingly with UHS-II SD cards, making this one a fine buy. In addition, this product is backward compatible and works well with other SD cards and adapters, so you can be carefree while using the product. So, bring better ease to your everyday work and enjoy a supreme Apple product available at the most affordable rates on Amazon

Pros of buying an Apple USB-C to SD Card Reader

  • Reduce your daily workload 
  • Ensure quick access
  • Transfer all your pictures and videos in minutes
  • Designed not to block the other ports
  • Flawless functioning
  • Works with UHS-II SD cards
  • Backward compatible and works well with other SD cards

4. Mini USB to USB-C Cable 


Make your work better, flexible, and convenient with this UGREEN USB-C to USB Cable, which will allow you to connect your laptop to an action camera, digital camera, MP3 players, etc., and enable syncing charging while connected. This Mini USB to USB-C cable is quite a convenient, affordable, and worthy buy since it does not demand much effort, all you need to do is place the connection, and you will be good to go. 

The USB-C port is universally compatible and not only with iOS devices. Whereas the mini-USB-B cable is compatible with digital cameras and game controllers. The USB-C to mini-USB cable is safe to use and minimizes the risk of data loss as it comes with corrosion-resistant copper conductors. The user-friendly, convenient product is one of the most helpful accessories photographers must-have. If you plan on buying this one, consider placing an Amazon order for quick delivery.  

Pros of buying a Mini-USB to USB-C Cable

  • Convenient to use 
  • Connects with a laptop, digital cameras, MP3 players, etc.
  • Enables syncing and charging while it is connected 
  • USB-C port is universally compatible 
  • It comes with corrosion-resistant conductors 
  • Minimized risk of losing data

5. Anker PowerCore+ Portable Charger 


Indulge in an evergreen charging capacity by investing in this portable charger. This Anker 45W USB-C portable charger is enough to charge a laptop in just a few minutes, with additional ports to charge your phone or tablet. In addition, the power bank comes with a massive cell capacity that will allow you to charge for the phone over six times.

The power bank also comprises a rapid recharge feature that will let you charge it again within minutes by using the wall charger, which comes with the power bank via the USB-C delivery port. Such a multiple usage power bank with extended capacity and powerful charging facility makes this Anker charger quite a feasible buy. So, grab it today from Amazon and get it delivered to your doorstep without further ado. 

Pros of buying an Anker PowerCore+ Portable Charger 

  • Anker 45W USB-C portable charger 
  • It can charge your laptop in just a few minutes
  • Additional ports to charge your phone or tablet
  • The power bank comes with a massive cell capacity
  • It can charge your phone over six times
  • The rapid recharge feature allows you to recharge your power bank quickly

6. USB-C Hub for Type-C devices

USB-C Hub for Type-C devices

A very convenient accessory for photographers, this USB-C hub is indeed a special purchase, thanks to its multiple usages. Designed and sold by the TwelveSouth brand, this hub includes a 1-meter-long cable that can be used at your workstation and a detachable travel cable. As stylish as it looks, this matte-black aluminum shell protects the hub from damage by dissipating heat for better temperature control. 

The biggest Pro of this USB-C hub is its one-meter-long cable which lets you keep your workspace decluttered as you can store the hub at a length space convenient to you. The multiport connection of this USB-C hub involves an HDMI port, two USB-A 3.0 ports, a dual functionality USB-A port for fast charging, a gigabit ethernet port, an SD port, a micro-SD, and a USB-C port. With almost all of the essential ports included in this hub, it becomes one of the best products to include in your workstation. So, ensure buying this USB-C hub today from Amazon and making your work easier than it has ever been. Grab this product through Amazon and make the most use of your accessory investment. 

Pros of buying a USB-C Hub for Type-C devices

  • A one-meter-long cable that is detachable 
  • Matte-black aluminum shell protects the hub from damaging 
  • Multiport connection involves all the necessary ports 
  • Easy to use and convenient in keeping your workspace decluttered

7. Dual Slot Memory Card Reader

Dual Slot Memory Card Reader

Designed specifically for photographers, this dual-slot SD card reader is a convenient purchase that lets you easily download pictures and videos from your SD card via the USB 3.0 interface. In addition, the versatile transfer feature between the multi-format memory cards to a PC or a tablet makes this dual-slot card reader a great accessory. 

The updated version of this card reader comes with super speed transfer technology wherein the maximum speed transfer is up to 5 GBPS for the XQD card and SD card. Moreover, the access to this dual slot memory card is not limited, and it is compatible with Windows and iOS both. The user-friendly product adds to the pros of this dual slot memory card reader. You don’t need any external drivers to use this product, just a plugin, and you will then be good to go. This card reader’s portable and compact design makes it evident that this accessory is also friendly while traveling. Grab this dual card reader through Amazon and invest in the right accessory while making your work easier. 

Pros of buying a Dual Slot Memory Card Reader 

  • Get better convenience at downloading pictures and videos from your SD card
  • Versatile transfer between multi-format memory cards
  • Super speed transfer technology 
  • Wide compatibility and works well with Windows and iOS both
  • User-friendly product 
  • Portable and compact

8. Photo and Video-Editing Console


For photographers, owning editing gadgets is a never-ending task. One such recommendation is this Loupedeck+ console, especially for Adobe Lightroom Classic. You can conveniently use Capture One Pro for macOS, Photoshop with Camera Raw, Premiere Pro, and more editing tools. Whether you are a pro at editing or have just started, this accessory is sure not to disappoint you. The buttons and sliders of the console are flexible and easy to switch any time. 

This consoler’s multiple editing features and functions will allow you to edit multiple photos and videos with simple commands simultaneously. You only need to focus on your image while enabling full-screen editing. The quick and easy setup of this consoler adds to its flexible usage. Multiple customization options provided in this consoler are why you must consider buying this one. Place an Amazon order of this Loupedeck+ today and make your editing work easy, convenient, and manageable. 

Pros of buying a Photo and Video-Editing Console

  • Wide compatibility
  • Works well with multiple editing tools
  • Feasible for both pros and beginners
  • Multiple editing features
  • Works well with commands
  • Easy setup and flexible keys

9. Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro 


Apple products have evolved enormously for ages and will continue to do so even in the future. The appreciative technology has brought about several devices which make the work efficient and flexible to a greater level. For photographers, an iPad is a very suitable option and a must-buy. Especially if you own an iPhone or a MacBook, getting an iPad will add to the user-friendliness of your work life. 

This 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a great option to consider if you are looking for an additional gadget to help you with your work. Editing on this iPad is quite easy. This iPad’s smart system and fast functioning make it a worthy purchase. The iPad comprises a 12mp wide camera, 10mp ultra-wide camera, and a scanner for immersive responses. Its superior battery life will not give you any complaints, and therefore, we strongly recommend this purchase. Even if you are new to iOS devices, get started by purchasing an iPad Pro at the earliest. Consider placing an Amazon order today for the most affordable deals and prices!

Pros of buying a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 

  • Works efficiently and flexibly 
  • Great for editing 
  • Compatible with other iOS devices
  • Smart system and fast functioning 
  • Great battery life 
  • Supreme camera features

10. Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Scanner


Go paperless and include enhanced convenience in your everyday work-life with this Wi-Fi scanner which delivers a smart portable syncing that can be taken anywhere as it requires no additional computer. It works on a rechargeable battery, memory, and integrated Wi-Fi and can be worked with any iOS device. In addition, the user-friendly functioning of this scanner makes it a desirable product. All you need to do is insert your paper which needs to be scanned and get the full-color paper in just eight seconds. 

You can scan up to 400 pages and store 8000 pages with one battery life before syncing. This tiny scanner can be easily tucked in your bag, so you can carry this scanner even while traveling. This scanner’s software and OCR technology has won awards, so you can completely trust the valuable purchase. You can use the Mac and PC applications which will allow you to sync and scan via USB or Wi-Fi. These scans can be easily stored on your designated devices, local applications, or your preferred cloud spaces. So, purchase this portable scanner from Amazon today, and do not let your workload pile up even more. 

Pros of buying a Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Scanner

  • Paperless scans to enhance better convenience 
  • Works over Wi-Fi and does not require additional computer inclusions 
  • Delivers smart portable syncing 
  • Works on rechargeable battery and memory
  • Can scan up to 400 pages on one battery life 
  • Scans can be stored through backup

11. Canon Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer


A professional inkjet printer is a great accessory for photographers, as with this printer, you can ensure complete creative control. In addition, the easy usage of this printer makes it an even more desirable purchase with ultimate productive usage that ensures nozzle recovery and skew correction. With this printer, you can gain professional image quality, productivity, and outstanding workflow. 

The printer is specifically designed to meet the demands of every photographer, whether you are a beginner or a professional. It also allows easy ink level checks and other required statuses with the color LCD monitor. A worthwhile buy, this printer is effortless to use and convenient. So, as a photographer, we firmly believe this to be an important accessory for you. Therefore, place an Amazon order and grab your hands on this one without further ado! 

Pros of buying a Canon Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer

  • Gain complete creative control 
  • Ultimate productive usage with nozzle recovery and skew correction
  • Get professional image quality, productivity, and outstanding workflow
  • Easy ink level checks 
  • Easy to use and convenient to work with

As a photographer, these listed accessories are a must inclusion. With these accessories, you will grab a chance to share your workload more conveniently and bring more productivity to your daily lifestyle. These products are widely available on Amazon so ensure catching these now! 

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