20 Best iPhone SE 3 (2024) Tips & Tricks: You Must Know Hidden Settings

The newly released iPhone SE (2022) has come out to be better than what was expected from its release. To say the least, it has the performance of the iPhone 13 packed in a smaller and much more affordable package of the iPhone SE (2022). The second-generation iPhone SE, which was released in 2020, had 3 GB RAM and the same was expected to be carried in the iPhone SE (2022). Instead, it has exceeded the market expected by 1 GB and is offering 4GB RAM, similar to the iPhone 13.

Moreover, it is more powerful and energy-efficient with the Apple A15 Bionic processor. That is also in line with what the iPhone 13 is offering and the number of GPU cores are also the same. All in all, it is safe to say that the new iPhone SE (2022) is going to give a much smoother user experience and make multitasking more accessible than its predecessor.

That being said, most of its aesthetics and features are similar to that of its predecessor. Let’s look at a few of those in an illustrative list below and tips and tricks to fully utilize those features to make your smartphone work towards making life easier.

Best iPhone 2022 Hidden Tips and Tricks

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1: Wireless Charging support

The new iPhone SE (2022) supports Qi wireless charging which is rare to see the feature in the price bracket the phone comes in. Most of its rivals do not provide the wireless charging feature. You no longer need to plug in your phone or worry about carrying your charging pin around.

2: Add Widget to Home Screen

IOS 15 finally supports the long-awaited feature of being able to add widgets on the home screen. You can now add widgets to your iPhone SE’s home screen by simply tapping and holding on the Blank space of your iPhone home screen and clicking on the plus icon that will appear at the top left corner on the home screen.

Search and Find Widget and Change it with Different Layout widget and add it to home screen.

3: Turn on Assistive Touch

The feature of having assistive touch makes using your phone with one hand much more manageable. Go to settings > accessibility > touch. Turn on assistive touch from there. You can improve your phone’s reachability by turning on the feature. You can bring down your notification center with a simple tap instead of reaching the top of the screen and sliding down. You can even enable Siri, make the control center pop up with a tap, and even perform many functions, including locking your phone, rotating the screen, turning the volume up or down, Screenshot, and a lot more customizable is even available. AssistiveTouch also supports customizable Single-Tap, Double-Tap, and Long Press gestures. You can even create your new gesture.

4: Hide/Remove an app from the Home screen

To hide/remove an app from your home screen, simply tap and hold (long press) on the Apps icon you want to remove or hide from your home screen and press the – icon that appears on top. You will get two options to either delete the app entirely or remove the app from the home screen.

If you choose to remove the app, > Select Delete app for completely uninstall from iPhone or Choose Remove from the home screen, But don’t uninstall. Removed app from the home screen will easy to search from Spotlight search or App Library.

5: Add more fingers

You can add multiple fingerprints by going to settings security. The traditional fingerprint on the iPhone SE works flawlessly and quickly and is very easy to set up. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Enter your passcode and tap on add a fingerprint.

6: Quick Photo & Selfie

On the Home screen, find the camera icon, Touch and Hold on the Camera icon until you see the popup with Camera modes, like Take Selfie, Record Video, Take Portrait, Take Portrait Selfie.

On the lock screen, long-press the camera icon on the right side or slide right to quickly access the camera. You can easily open the camera from your lock screen to make sure you never miss the moment. It is safe for someone else to click your photo on your phone; there is no need to unlock the phone and hence, no risk of a privacy breach.

7: Use Keyboard as Trackpad

You can long-press on the spacebar to use your keyboard as a trackpad and precisely scroll to the exact place you want to be. It makes the editing effortless and less cumbersome, especially on the touch screen.

8: Tap on Clock to move at the top – Tapping the clock/top bar on a page will take you quickly to the top

Clicking on the top of the clock will quickly take you to the top of the page. For example, if you are on a PDF or Email, or Safari or Chrome Webpage, In Photos App and want to get to the top of the page quickly, you can simply click on the clock/top bar, which will bring you to the top of the page.

9: Stop iCloud Backup – Prevent from iCloud Storage full

You can easily turn off your iCloud backup to prevent your iCloud storage from filling up. Go to settings, click on your profile > iCloud > iCloud backup, and turn it off easily.

10: Turn on 4K Recording

Did you know you can record 4k video at 60 FPS? The camera does record at a default of 1080p. IOS 15 has made it easier to change it. Open the camera app, slide to video, and find the settings to change the video quality on the top right corner. To change the default video recording settings to 4k 60FPS, go to settings, camera, record video, and change it to 4k at 60 FPS.

Or From iPhone settings, Open settings > Camera > Record Video > Select Different Video recording Format.

11: Turn on Dark Mode

IOS 15 has built-in the much-awaited dark mode feature in an earlier time, So why do you miss now. To enable dark mode, head to settings App > display and brightness > Select Dark and click on dark mode. You can also schedule your dark mode to turn on automatically when it gets dark by clicking on the automatic toggle. You can either select dark until sunrise, which will automatically turn on dark mode as it gets dark or you can even select a custom schedule. You can even add the toggle to your control center by going to settings, control center and looking for dark mode. Simply press the plus icon beside the dark mode and it will be added to your control center for an easy toggle.

12. Tap Back

Did you know the Apple logo on the back of your phone has a use? It’s not just for the look of it. Go to settings > accessibility > touch > back tap. You can choose between a double tap and a triple tap to do a certain task for you. Like double or triple tap on the back of the phone to take a screenshot or scroll up or down.

13. Use Fast Charging

iPhone SE 3 (2022) supports fast wireless charging up to 20 Watts which is good enough for people in a rush. You can get enough juice in your phone to last for your most requirements in just half an hour. Although the fast charging dock is sold separately and won’t be available in the box.

14. Shutdown without Side Button

Did you know you can shut down your phone without using your side/power button? Go to Settings > General, then go all the way to the bottom of the menu. Select Shut Down and then swipe the power icon from left to right when prompted. You can even do the same by enabling assistive touch. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch and turn on the tab on the top right of the screen in the Assistive Touch tab. Now that Assistive Touch is turned on, tap the button that appears on your display screen. Then swipe the power icon from left to right across to shut down your phone. If you are wondering how to get your phone to turn back on without using the side/power button. It is as simple as plugging in your charger and your iPhone will automatically turn back on its own.

15. Check Battery Health

When you use your phone for a long time or you have high usage of your phone, batteries tend to degrade over time and IOS has added a feature by which you can check your battery health. Simply navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery heath. Therein, you can check the battery health of your phone and in case it needs any support, find the nearest Apple service center.

Now iPhone comes with 100% Battery health. and the time to use, ideal Battery health should be above 85%.

16. Add Battery Widget to Stay updated

If you are rocking multiple devices like Apple Watch/Airpods you can add a widget to track their battery level all at once. Simply long press anywhere on the home screen and click on the add button at the top left corner of the iPhone screen. Search for the battery widget and drag it anywhere on the home screen and voila! It shows the battery levels of all your synced devices.

17. Use scientific calculator

Did you know your iPhone calculator has a hidden scientific calculator? Go to your calculator and rotate your phone in landscape mode. Make sure you have enabled autorotate. In order to enable auto rotate, slide up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the control center and tap on the auto-rotate icon. You can also do the same by accessing the control center from the settings.

18. Make Touch ID or Password Protected note:- Turn on Password or Touch ID for Note 

More often than not, we have important and confidential data stored in the notes app. If you are one of those people who jot down everything that is important in your phone so that you don’t forget it later on. You must be aware of the fear of breach of privacy. It is always a risk that someone might see that information and exploit the same. Well, not anymore. You can set password protection on the notes app.

First of all, set your password from the settings. Navigate to settings>Notes>Password. Select the account you want to set the password for. Now that the password for the notes app is all set, you can go into the app and lock your notes.

  1. Open the note you want to lock.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the note
  3. Select ‘Lock’.
  4. Enter your password in the pop-up, when prompted.
  5. Go back, you will find a lock icon beside that particular note. Tap on thaat icon. The note is now locked and hidden until you unlock the same.

Similarly, you can also set passwords for individual notes. This adds a layer of privacy and makes your phone more secure.

19. Turn on Spotlight Search on the Lock screen or Home screen

Spotlight search is a feature where you can search anything and everything in your phone or web with a single search bar. Sometimes, we just need a little information or a small hint to help us remember something we might be forgetting. This feature comes in handy on such occasions. To turn on spotlight search, go to Settings > Face ID & Password > Today view & search, turn it on and you are good to go. The best part is, when locked, this doesn’t reveal everything that an unlocked iPhone does, keeping the safety of data in mind.

20. App icon stuck on Home screen – downloading or updating an app

Your iPhone app may be stuck on waiting because it can’t download the update at the moment. The more things your device attempts to download at once, the longer is the wait for any one of them to finish.

  • Tap and hold the application icon on the Home screen, then, at that point, select Prioritize Download from the quick access menu. This moves it to the first spot on the list, above whatever else your phone is attempting to download.
  • You could possibly launch your stuck application by briefly stopping the update or download then, at that point, resuming it once again. To do this, tap the application symbol from your Home screen, to pause the process or long-press the icon and pause from the quick access menu. 
  • You can then resume the download by either pressing the icon or from the quick access menu. 
  • If your application is still stuck, you can remove it entirely and download it again from the start. Back up your iPhone beforehand, in case you have some important data in the said application.
  • Delete the application from the Storage settings.
  • Tap and hold the application icon on the Home screen and tap on Delete App.  Once it is deleted, download it once again from the App Store.

While this is quite the list here, this is not an exhaustive list, and you can do so much more with your iPhone. Whether you are considering buying a phone or just a tech-savvy person, you should definitely consider checking this one out! The new iPhone SE (2022) has many features to make life easier for its users with power-packed performance and affordable pricing.

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