10 Best MicroSD Memory Cards for iPhone 12 Pro Max, Mini,11 (Pro Max), iPhone XR in 2023

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Do you want to know how to expand the storage of the iPhone? The answer is MicroSD Memory Cards! Since Apple doesn’t include any microSD card slot on the iPhone, you will have to manage your stuff differently. However, not every person could afford an iPhone with 256GB or 128GB storage variants of iPhone 11(Pro Max) or iPhone XR. But for them expanding the storage of the iPhone with a microSD card is excellent to help. For this, you should have MicroSD Memory Cards for iPhone 11(Pro Max), iPhone XR, and newer iPhone 12 Pro/Max/Mini.

Keep in mind that you cannot connect any of the microSD cards to the iPhone without bringing the connector. After all, these microSD cards do come with an adapter, but they can only use with PC, Laptops, or cameras. Click on buy like and order online amazon store from the list of MicroSD Memory Cards for iPhone.

If you don’t want to go with microSD cards, look at these best Flash Drives for iPhone XR.

10 Best MicroSD Memory Cards for iPhone

How to Connect/Use MicroSD Memory Card on iPhone?

How to use MicroSD Card on iPhone? That’s quite a big question for iPhone users. However, your iPhone doesn’t have a specific SD card slot that allows you to insert and play media on iPhone, but we do have a way through which it is possible to connect MicroSD Card to iPhone. Yes, with the help of a lightning to SD card reader, you can store and access additional data over the microSD Card.

#1. SanDisk MicroSD Memory CardSanDisk MicroSD Memory Card

SanDisk is an ideal solution to expand the storage of the iPhone 11(Pro Max) or any other iPhone. One of the excellent in the list of MicroSD Memory Cards for iPhone. From 16GB to 512GB, you can purchase any of the microSD cards as per your requirement. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 200GB, 256GB, 400GB, and 512GB are the storage variants available for this SanDisk Ultra microSD card. Excellent transfer speed of 100MB/s can move up to 1000 pictures in less than two minutes if the iPhone is in perfect condition. This microSD card is protected against water, dust, shock, magnetic fields, and more.

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#2. Samsung MicroSD Memory CardSamsung MicroSD Memory Card

Samsung’s EVO Select Memory Card offers great performance at a low price. This microSD Card for iPhone is capable of transferring data at 100Mbps. However, the write speed is a little lower compared to SanDisk Ultra, which is 60Mbps. Nevertheless, Samsung’s EVO could be well set to record and store 4K videos if you purchase a 512GB microSD Card, then roughly it can store 78 hours of Full HD videos. It is proposed with a full-sized adapter used with laptops, cameras, and computers with additional protections from Water, shock, temperature, Magnet, and X-Ray.

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#3. Silicon Power MicroSD Memory CardSilicon Power MicroSD Memory Card

Most of the users are hearing this name for the first time. For the first time when I checked out this product, I was shocked after reading the reviews of customers on Amazon. It endeavors with the same Class-10 fast data transfer speed and HD video recording. Even if you want to use it with Nintendo Switch apart from iPhone XR, it is the best budget-friendly MicroSD card.

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#4. PNY Elite MicroSD Memory CardPNY Elite MicroSD Memory Card

PNY Elite is another popular microSD card for your iPhone 11 Pro Max/XR, after SanDisk and Samsung. Order this MicroSD Memory Card for iPhone. Compared to the above SD cards, PNY Elite comes up with a 90Mbps read speed, which is relatively minor but can be ignorable. If your budget is low and looking for a microSD card below $20 but of 64GB, then you shouldn’t be ignoring this deal for iPhone. Apart from this, you can transfer files, videos, photos, and most importantly, shoot 4K videos conveniently.

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#5. QESOON MicroSD Memory CardQESOON MicroSD Memory Card

QESOON is giving one of the best microSD card deals for your iPhone. You might be looking for a more reasonable excuse to buy this microSD card instead of those big brand cards. It works with iOS devices, Android, tablets, and many other devices that support SD cards. In less than $40, you will be getting a 400GB high-speed storage option for iPhone. Besides, it is waterproof, X-Ray proof, Magnetic Proof, and Temperature proof.

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#6. Centon MicroSD Memory CardCenton MicroSD Memory Card

Centon MicroSD card is your ultimate solution to expand iPhone storage on the go. The Class-10 microSD card could provide 80Mbps data transfer speed to move all the necessary photos and videos across various devices. Although, you can purchase this SD card for iPhone 11(Pro Max)/iPhone XR with a 5-years warranty, along with an adapter that works with other card slots.

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#7. SanDisk Ultra microSDHCSanDisk Ultra microSDHC

The SanDisk Ultra microSDHC is a cheaper option available in 32GB/64GB/128GB/200GB/256GB, and it’s a UHS-I Card with an Adapter to ease transfer between compatible devices like iPhone. It delivers blazing-fast transfer speed up to 80MB/s, always safe against temperature, water, X-ray, and magnet proof. The best part about this SD Card is Class 10, which enables HD Video recording and music playback.

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#8. Netac Memory Card for iPhoneNetac Memory Card for iPhone

Netac’s got some serious positive customer reviews after the Samsung and SanDisk microSD Card, so there is no point in doubting Netac. The transfer speed of 100MB/s will force you to buy this SD Card. In addition, you can store 4K UHD Videos recording up to 3 hours, 14,000 photos, 5500 Tracks, and up to 8.5 hours of full HDD video clips. On top of that, it is waterproof with an IPX7 rating, can withstand 1m water depth for up to 24 hours.

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#9. Inland Flash Memory CardInland Flash Memory Card

Compare to any other SD Cards, Inland is not that expensive, with the same features: UHS-I, Class 10, and Adapter, though it is a package of two. However, if you’re looking for long-term usage, go for SanDisk or Samsung, as Inland only comes with a three-year limited warranty. At the same time, Samsung and SanDisk offer ten years limited warranty. So investing a little more will relieve the stress for ten years.

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#10. Patriot LX SeriesPatriot LX Series

Patriot LX is no less than any of the mentioned MicroSD Cards. This microSDXC card can run into Cameras, iPhones, Android, iPad, Laptop, and Android Tablets with broad compatibility. At only $17, you’ll get 128GB Storage with a 2-year limited warranty, while the speed and other factors are almost the same as others. Decide with which you want to go.

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