5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2019: Good Review – Semi/ above or In Ground Pool

1 Dolphin Premier in ground Robotic pool cleaner

Here we are going to publish our goal that is helping you to choose top best robotic pool cleaner 2018.You’ve seen already there are very different types of Swimming pool cleaners. So in our recommendation, you’ll get top automatic pool vacuums that quickly meet your all requirements.it’s a good roundup of the popular article best cleaning robot.

Listed all best robotic pool cleaners are picked up from the excellent users rating on Amazon and its good job of cleaning above ground pools and inground pools. Every automatic pool cleaners having it own style working capacity, likely some of the cleaners can be works in gunite pool, vinyl pool, fiberglass pool and much more. Get here best robotic pool cleaner under $600, which are high in demand and best robotic pool cleaner 2018. These robotic cleaners are capable of doing work with any safe of pools such as round, rectangular.

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The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner 2018: Good Reviews

1. 2018 Dolphin In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Automated pool filter system for using the in-ground pool at home. Fast cleaning process makes this cleaner #1 compare to other from latest technology and hardware improvements in 2018. New Dolphin Premier offer four types of media and Dual Cartridges. Save electric energy up to 87% by using DC motors. The new level of the cleaning system, Underwater great cleaning system, Cable Swivel.

1 Dolphin Premier in ground Robotic pool cleaner

#1 demand in whole pool cleaner industry

Clean the surface with the brush using Scrub.

3 Years Warranty, Rapid Repair service, and Customer support.

Order Now on Amazon ($1097.00)

2. Best robotic pool cleaner for in-ground: Dolphin nautilus pool

The Dolphin is a good brand, and it sells product around worldwide such as USA, Australia, France, Asia, Europe, and Africa. You’ll get one-year warranty Spare parts and labor. Lets’ look features of automatic robotic pool vacuum.

Best robotic pool cleaner for ingorund: Dolphin nautilus pool 2015-2016

  • It’ll be doing all pool surfaces in just 3 hours (Scrubs, Vacuums & Filters)
  • Good for in-ground residential pools up to 5 ft. length
  • Wonder cleaning of pool floor, cove, and walls
  • Very lightweight so handy to use (with Swivel Cable)
  • Easy to clean cartridge filter with spring cleanup filter included
  • At all costs than 15 cents to clean the pool
  • Get exceptional performance at an affordable price

Buy now from here: Price: $629.00 with Free Shipping in the USA

The best robotic pool cleaner 2018 UK: Order Now

3. Best Automatic pool cleaner for large debris, for pebbles

The Polaris Vacuum pump is a good one out of all. It gives faster cleaning service for all inground pools. But the Polaris booster pump is required. Presser wise there are three models 280 model, 360 model and 380 model.

Best automatic pool cleaner for large debris, for pebbles, for leaves


  • Awesome pool cleaner pump by Zodiac
  • 31-feet of feed hose
  • Providing greater vacuum power and faster cleaning
  • Top automatic pool cleaner under $600
  • Comes with a single chamber filter bag, so it captures large debris likely acorns, leaves, pebbles and other small to large debris.
  • You can make ready to connect 1.5 inches dedicated pressure cleaner line
  • You should buy a perfect presser pump as per your inground pool size.
  • This automatic pool cleaner got 68% → 5-star ratings on Amazon.
  • Damn it’s a best robotic pool cleaner 2018.

Buy Now: Price – $409.99 with Free Shipping

4. Hayward pool cleaner for underground pool: Fiberglass, Gunite, Vinyl

It’s a hydrodynamic head designed pool cleaner. Comes with enhanced vacuum wings- downdraft design captures pollen, sand, twigs, and leaves. It’ll give your complete pool coverage.

Hayward pool cleaner for underground pool: Fiber glass, Gunite, Vinyl

Different types of pool cleaners such as for fiberglass pool, for gunite pool and vinyl pool, etc. This is another one best automatic pool cleaner for in ground under $600.

Buy now: Price- $399.00 with Free Shipping in the USA

Best robotic pool cleaner 2018 for above ground

5. Smartpool Robotic pool cleaner for above ground

Buy now 1-year warranty best robotic pool cleaner for above ground. Amazing designed auto pool cleaner works well in above ground pools up to 4’ x 28’ x 6’ deep. It happens 2-hour auto shut off.


  • Quick-drain system for lightweight removal from pool
  • 40’ power cord and extra large filter bag.
  • Useful for all types of surface cleaning such as fiberglass, concrete pools, vinyl liner pools.

Buy Now: Price- $348.47

Let’s know us, if do you have any best robotic pool cleaner 2018? Please share with us.

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