Best Travel Adapters in 2023: To Charge Apple Devices

Last Updated on Sep 14, 2023

You’ll need the best international travel adapter if you’re traveling internationally to charge your devices. There are a few different adapters, so be sure to get one compatible with the outlets in the countries you visit. The best travel adapter would be one that is compatible with the country you are traveling to. And also, it should have a good build quality to last long. With so many options available online, choosing the right one can be challenging; that’s why we researched it and presented here the six best travel adapters. To charge on any power outlets available at the airport, over the air, in Public areas, and many more. So this device is also known as the best travel adapter.

Generally, we always need a power adapter due to many power restrictions like voltage level, pin structure, Voltage capacity, and voltage types (AC/DC). However, for sensitive devices (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch and Mac), I recommend choosing one of the best travel adapters at a lower price. Ideal for all consumers who looking for a travel adapter for Europe, France, Greece, Spain, and many more.

Top Best Travel Adapter for any Device useful Worldwide

#1. EPICA Universal Travel Adapter One International Wall Charger 

EPICA Universal Travel Adapter One International Wall Charger 

The Epica Universal Travel Adapter is a must-have accessory for any traveler. You must find the correct adapter if you often travel to different countries. This is undoubtedly one of the best universal travel adapters to charge your laptop, shaver, camera, cell phone, and other devices. The Universal Travel Adapter is also equipped with a USB port to charge your devices with a USB cable.

There is a reason why this adapter is called universal. It covers more than 150 countries, including the US/EU/AU, and also it is one of the best travel adapters for France. You can charge six devices simultaneously at high speed. This is the best travel adapter for hair dryers, trimmers, and other similar electronic devices. 

#2. APzek Universal Travel Adapter

APzek Universal Travel Adapter

Apzek Universal Travel Adapter is a compact and lightweight power adapter that allows you to charge any device using the same socket in your hotel room or home. You need to insert one end into the socket, plug in your device and enjoy charging. It has a universal design that can be used in most countries worldwide. It works in more than 200 countries. It has a built-in smart IC chip with a new generation of fast charging of QC 3.0, which makes it the best travel adapter converter. 

  • Extremely durable, made with polycarbonate sheet and thermal protection layers. 
  • The product comes with an extra fuse to protect your devices.
  • The USB outlet is on the bottom. 
  • The fit of this device could be better. 
  • It is a bit bulkier than other adapters.

#3. Ceptics International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter

Ceptics International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter

The Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit is the perfect travel companion for worldwide traveling. It is the most compact and lightweight solution for all your international power needs. This is a five-piece set of travel plug adapters plugs you can use in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. It has five adapter plugs: A, C, E/F, G, and I, and it has a maximum Amp of up to 6A. The adapter is made from durable plastic with a compact design that makes it easy to carry around when you are on the go.

This can also be used as a  travel plug adapter in Europe. This will allow you to charge your electronic devices while traveling without worrying about finding an outlet or losing them in your luggage. People have loved this product, making it one of the best international travel adapters.

#4. Ceptics Adapter Plug Set for World Wide International


Now you can travel anywhere in the world with one adapter set. The Ceptics Adapter Plug Set is a complete set of all 5 Ceptics adapter plugs. It comes with a durable zippered case for easy storage and portability. Works in all countries of the world, including Europe, the UK, Ireland, Asia, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Central & South America, the Middle East, and more. This one is your must to have best international travel adapter.

  • You can charge almost all mobile devices.
  • You can charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Do not work for hair dryers, trimmers, toothbrushes, and curling irons.

#5. SublimeWare Power Plug Adapter 

This is a 4-port USB charger with a power adapter that can be used in over 150 countries, making it a great travel companion. The charger is equipped with a smart chip that detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device. It has four ports that can charge all of your devices at once. It is also straightforward to use with its simple design and lightweight. You can easily carry this around because of its small size and lightweight nature. The material used to make this product is made from premium quality materials that are long-lasting and reliable for an extended period. Although it can be used internationally, t is also one of the best travel adapters for Spain.

  • It has a pin-locking mechanism for secure plug-ins.
  • It does not have a voltage conversion feature.

#6. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 100-220V to 110V Voltage

The BESTEK Universal Travel Power Converter with QC3.0 USB is a power adapter with a detachable AC plug and an EU or UK plug. It can convert a voltage of 110V to 220V, which means you can use it anywhere in the world without worrying about the voltage problem. This converter with a QC3.0 USB port can charge your smartphones and other devices four times faster than normal USB ports.

This power converter is designed with a universal AC input of 100-240V, 50-60HZ, and it features a QC3.0 USB port, a 2.4A USB port, and a 6A 4-in-1 AC socket. It is certified by FCC and RoHS, and the built-in safety protection protects your devices from over-current, over-voltage, overheating, and short circuits. This is the best EU travel adapter available in the market. 

#7. BESTEK – best Travel adapter converter

Best travel power adapter for all apple device

Considerable power variance handle this power adapter from 110V – 220V. Three custom power outlet has an excellent option for charging device simultaneously. Four USB charging ports on 1A and 2.4A output capacity.

Compact size with built-in cooling Fan, LED light, 5 feet removable power cable, Always safe from overheating, Power outage, and Best customer service.

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#8. Worldwide Travel plug With USB port 

Travel time charging adapter

Not beneficial only for selected countries, But 150+ countries’ power condition supports this best power adapter on travel time. With a built-in safety shutter, you can try five different input plugs for charging any power plug design.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and all other cell phones. We reached out to country-specific reviews for this travel power adapter.

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#9. Loop Powerful solution –Best universal travel adapter

Power adapter for multiple country

Charge three devices at once (2 USB and 1 Pin adapter). All most all devices are compatible with this travel power adapter. Shutter safety, LED indicator, Plug lock, 18-month warranty, Small in size for easy to carry and care for, Wall adapter quickly charges any device.

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#10. BONAZZA Best travel adapter great option

Bonazza Power outlets for all device

Smaller in size compared to others, it Comes with all pro features like a children’s safety door, a Lock switch, All grounded or not grounded devices, User-friendly design. Sixty days money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

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#11. Belkin Wall Charger for travel time charger

Wall power adapter for other countries

Built-in three outlets, and two USB ports, Always are safe from the damaged device due to voltage fluctuation. Wall mount easily to keep in the correct place.

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End your journey with no bad news on damaged devices due to power problems. I have seen many folks in my family, on the job and publicly.

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We hope that this guide was helpful to you and that you found our blog useful. Travel adapters are essential for international travel, so make sure to pick the right one for your needs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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