Best USB C Hubs for 2023 iPad Pro [11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro]

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Do you know, iPad is no less than MacBook, only if you care to know how to catch up with the astonishing features entrenched in it. See, we all know it’s really difficult to manage a thumb drive, microSD card reader, charger all such necessaries at a time, with iPad Pro, with only a single USB-C port, though it’s no surprise all the devices come with the single tiny port. However, there are few extension tools that we call USB-C Hubs are available to do the same.

We have grabbed the highly reviewed USB-C Hubs for 2020 iPad Pro, under $50 for perfect 4K casting, faster data transfer, boost-up charging speed, and most importantly everything at once.

Check This 5 Top USB-C Hubs for iPad Pro 2020

#1. CharJenPro USB C for iPad ProCharJenPro USB C for iPad Pro

CharJenPro USB C Adapter Hub for iPad Pro is highly rated that fits snugly to the iPad Pro to let you connect handy accessories all along. Though Apple’s devices do support everything, however, they do not possess any additional slot to plug headphones or Storage Device or HDMI, or anything to increase your productivity. You can use all of them but one at a time.

With USB C Hub you can plug thumb drives to share data, headphones to listen to music, HDMI for Crystal Clear 4K@30Hz videos, all at once. Besides, if you have a MacBook Pro 16-inch or 15-inch, or 13-inch, the same USB Hub works and delivers all the abilities on the MacBook too, plus you can charge your device using the appropriate charger.

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#2. Hyper iPad Pro 2020 USB C HubHyperDrive USB C Hub for MacBook

HyperDrive is a simple, sleek yet powerful 4-in-1 USB-C Hub that securely connects, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, USB-C Charger, USB 3.0 for Thumb Drive and 4K HDMI. Whether you want to watch movies on the big 4K screen or move files across the device, take this USB C with you for faster and easy operations. It doesn’t matter, you can keep the hub all-time plugged into the iPad, without worrying about any original port.

The USB-C Hub attaches invisibly to your iPad, as it enclosed with zinc alloy space gray color, to mix with your iPad Pro’s Silver or Space Gray color, keeping up the same design and lightweight of iPad Pro. It’s a great package and the best accessory for your iPad.

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#3. Baseus iPad Pro 6-in-1 USB C HubBaseus iPad Pro 6-in-1 USB C Hub

Baseus’s unique design makes the USB C Hub more handy and convenient for iPad Pro, as it fits perfectly to the corner of the iPad, unlike any other USB Hub. It offers a total of 6 services, which include, HDMI port, microSD card slot, headphone jack, USB 3.1 to transfer data, USB-C port to charge iPad while using other features, and SD card reader.

Just bung up the adapter to the corner of the iPad and carefully connect the cable to the iPad, it’s ready to use, no need for any setup. That PD USB-C charging port is capable enough to charge your iPad with a faster charger of up to 60W and still stays out of your way.

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#4. Stouchi Docking Station & USB-C HubStouchi Docking Station & USB-C Hub

To get the most out of your iPad Pro 2020, you’ll probably need a small help from Stouchi Docking Station and USB-C hub, if you are looking forward to expanding connectivity mutually. Moreover, you can extend the connectivity by connecting hub on the hub and on the hub, I assume what I’m trying to say. The adapter’s craftsmanship includes a little magnetic surface to fit with the iPad comfortably.

Fortunately, the docking station is not only limited to the iPad, but you can also hook it to your MacBook for the same results together with other Android USB-C phones. The Stouchi Docking Station is packed with a leather sheath to cover the hub and avoid scratches when not in use.

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#5. sendcool 4-in-1 Hub sendcool

This USB-C Hub Adapter matches all other docking stations listed in this article, despite it is cheaper. The 4-in-1 mini UBS-C adapter that connects HDMI, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, USB-C PD Port, and USB 3.0 with no cable to connect, directly can be plugged into the port of iPad Pro.

Consider this piece, if you are limited to your requirements and don’t want to spend more dollars on this adapter. Other than the iPad Pro, it can be used with any USB-C enabled device with no additional driver installations, just plug and play.

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