Best USB Flash Drives for 4th Gen iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 11-inch in 2024

Using this Flash Drive we can directly copy the Data and Media files to your USB drive without PC or Mac. Then Trasnfer to Other Devices.

Confused, which Flash Drive will fit in your budget, also, it should be the best one? I was in your position, for once, but then after reading a few reviews and digging deep, I’ve concluded some of the best USB Flash Drives for iPad Pro 12.9-inch. No matter, what do you want to transfer from iPad or iPhone or from PC, these drives are easy and smart ways to do it.

From 32GB to 256GB, we’ve gathered them all, as to get you complimentary storage on iPad. All you have to do is, shortlist the photos and videos stored on the iOS device and move them to one of these USB Flash Drive.

Best Expansion Drives for iPad Pro 12.9-inch

#1. Kimiandy USB Memory Stick (128GB)Kimiandy USB C Memory Stick (128GB)

This USB Flash Drive can be used for you to load unlimited videos and photos, from the iPad and optimize the iPad Pro’s storage, real quick. You can transfer files from the iPad to Flash Drive and vice versa with the lightning speed. Get this thumb drive for your iPad and also works with the iPhone, to double up the storage of the iPad.

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#2. SanDisk IXpand Flash Drive for iPad (64GB/128GB/256GB)SanDisk IXpand Flash Drive for iPad

There is no better option available than SanDisk, and if you never ever used the SanDisk Memory Storages, you must try this one. Apart from iPad, and iPhone, works super fast with the MacBook and Mac, whether you want to transfer documents remotely or store videos on Drive, SanDisk has back of you. For more convenience, download the IXpand App from the App Store and manage backup right from the app.

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#3. iDiskk External Memory Stick Flash Drive (32GB/256GB)iDiskk External Memory Stick Flash Drive

If your work is not limited to the iPad, but have Windows PC too, then try this. A USB 3.0 and USB, makes a great combination, but finding speedy and stable drive is a bit difficult. But then iDiskk appears at the top of the list. Make file transfer from PC to iPad or vice versa. Another great thing is, this is the only flash drive available in 32GB and 256GB, the choice is yours.

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#4. LUNANI Flash Drive for iPad (256GB)LUNANI Flash Drive for iPad

LUNANI offers 256GB at a very affordable rate, any guesses? Only $26. Want to hear more? With this flash drive, you can move files at the speed of 80MB/S, whether it is photos or videos, in a snap transfer files among iPhone and iPad. There is no need to download any external software or application to use the drive, merely plug it to iPad and start copying files from one device to another.

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#5. HooToo Expansion Drive (128GB)HooToo Expansion Drive (128GB)

Well, the next one up in the list is HooToo Expansion Drive for iPad Pro. As far as I know, it is popularly known for bulk data transfer with considerably high speed. HooToo is more about your privacy, it uses secure data encryption technology to protect your data. Made with Aluminum alloy exterior to resist daily routine’s hard strokes and scratches over time. It comes with 18-months warranty support.

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#6. Sunamy Type-C Flash Drive for iPad Pro (128GB)Sunamy Type-C Flash Drive for iPad Pro

The Sunamy Flash Drives comes with 128GB Storage, that can be used with Type-C Phones, PC, and iOS phones to transfer files across all of the devices at a moderate transfer rate of 40MB/s. No matter where you stuck with the drive, Sunamy’s dedicated customer service is always ready to help you.

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#7. AUAMOZ Drive (128GB/256GB)AUAMOZ Drive

Whether you want the collection transfer TV Shows in GBs or directly watch shows by inserting the Flash Drive into the iPad or iPhone and play them, without any buffering or interruptions. At least it is better to watch the episodes and movies without copying them every time.  Designed by using the Zinc alloy with the pull-push pattern.

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#8. FUDOSAN 3-in-1 Memory Stick (128GB)FUDOSAN 3-in-1 Memory Stick

If you want some old type of USB Drive, then check out FUDOSAN’s 3-in-1 USB Connector, which works on cross-platform; iOS, Android, and PC, at the same speed. It’s a simple plug and plays drive that usually takes less than a second to connect and play videos over any smartphone. It comes up with a 128GB storage option.

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