Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max in 2023

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There has been great excitement among people to grab the latest iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Pro. Now that you have one, you’ll want charging convenience. Fortunately, many brands manufacture reliable wireless chargers and pads for these devices to ensure convenient and efficient charging. Check out my list of the best wireless chargers and pads to pick the most suitable iPhone wireless charger for your iPhone 15.

#1. Belkin – MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

Belkin MagSafe 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone


  • Fast charge with MagSafe technology
  • Modern appearance and chrome finish
  • It provides a convenient place to charge


  • Expensive

On this list of iPhone 15 Wireless Chargers, this MagSafe wireless charger is the best for several reasons. The best wireless charger for iPhone comes with fast charging technology, i.e., 33% faster for Apple Watch Series 7 and later models. This original Magsafe charger can charge at up to 15W. This best MagSafe charger is compatible with the Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 Series and certified MagSafe cases.

It employs MagSafe technology to guarantee perfect alignment. Using one hand, the built-in magnetic system lets you conveniently place your iPhone or Apple Watch on the charging stand. Moreover, the 3-in-1 functionality suggests that it is the best charging station for Apple products

#2. ESR – Strong Magnetic Charger Pad

ESR Strong Magnetic Charger Pad for iPhone


  • Extra-long cable
  • High durability
  • A strong magnetic lock ensures stability


  • Gets hot

Are you seeking a conveniently and rapidly charging iPhone 15/14/13/12 series phone? If yes, then you can use this wireless charger pad from ESR. This MagSafe-compatible wireless charging pad comes with a powerful magnetic lock possessing a holding strength of 1,200 g. Hence, it keeps the charger firmly connected to your phone. The included ultra-durable cable with a durable base and braided nylon external casing is tested to continue working and look new even after 6,000+ bends.

The 5-foot-long cable allows you to move and comfortably charge your iPhone. The support for fast charging lets you fully charge your phone at 30 minutes faster than other MagSafe chargers. Furthermore, the latest heat-dissipating design guarantees the highest charging speeds.

#3. Anker – 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe

Anker 3 in 1 Cube with MagSafe Charger Stand for iPhone


  • Ultra-compact, foldable design
  • Always travel-ready
  • Easily adjustable viewing angle


  • Its back can only charge the earbuds 

This Anker’s iPhone original wireless charger is a one-stop wireless charging solution for your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone. It powers up your iPhone 14/13/12 series at up to 15W high-speed charging with perfect magnetic alignment through Apple MagSafe. One of the best facets of this MagSafe charger is its features always travel-ready design. This ultra-compact, foldable charger easily fits in your pocket or palm. Hence, you can easily carry it anywhere.

It lets you easily switch between portrait or landscape mode for a comfortable view while simultaneously providing a steady charge to your device. It can simultaneously detect and charge your watch, phone, and AirPods. Moreover, the design shows a durable hinge to ensure your phone’s charging stability.

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#4. ZECHIN – 2-in-1 Magnetic Charging Station 

ZECHIN 2 in 1 Magnetic Charging Station for iPhone


  • Exquisite design
  • The travel-friendly design offers portability 
  • Various iPhone models are compatible


  • The magnet is weak

This 2-in-1 station can be switched between an Apple wireless charger and a magnetic charging station. It is well-known for its portability and travel-friendly design. Both the charging pads support up to 10W fast wireless charging. You can charge iPhone 12/13/14/15 series phones using this Apple charging station. The magnetic connection ensures the wireless charging process is more efficient and easier.

You can use the non-magnetic charging pad to charge the AirPods and other brand phones up to 10W. The beautiful industrial design of this Apple magnetic charger makes it as thin as the iPhone 13 Pro. So, you can carry this Apple wireless charger original in your pocket. Moreover, this iPhone charging pad is innovatively designed and can be aligned upright.

#5. Yootech – Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Yootech Fast Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone


  • Sleep-friendly design
  • Three charging modes ensure versatility
  • Safe materials used in construction 


  • It may slow down sometimes

This Apple MagSafe charger is compatible with AirPods (including wireless charging case) and AirPods Pro. The AirPods’ size perfectly fits into the charging area of this pad. Hence, it lets you easily find the sweet spot and ensure efficient wireless charging. The top and bottom contain a rubber ring to keep your AirPods in place and avoid slippage.

Due to the implementation of Multifunctional Intelligent Protect Technology in this Apple multi-charger, your device stays safe during charging. This technology offers short-circuit prevention, surge protection, and temperature control. Moreover, this MagSafe duo charger is made from fire-resistant ABS Material and has a UL Certificate. The LED indicator turns off in the charging mode to ensure a sleep-friendly charging process.

#6. UCOMX – Magnetic Foldable 3 in 1 Charging

UCOMX Magnetic Foldable 3 in 1 Charger for iPhone


  • No radiation emitted
  • High power conversion rate 
  • Easy foldable and rotatable design


  • Indicator light grows so bright 

This 3-in-1 MagSafe wireless charger is suitable for various scenarios and devices. You can use the charger and cable to charge compatible devices efficiently and conveniently. The soft silicone lets you fold the charge 180°. Consequently, this wireless charging pad will become a phone holder in seconds.

One of the unique features of this Apple MagSafe Duo charger is it supports 3 modes of charging. They are AirPods 5W, phone 10W, and iWatch. All these modes let you easily and quickly charge compatible Apple devices. Moreover, the charging pad is enclosed with magnetic attraction devices. Even when it encounters shakes, it will not slip off. The built-in upgraded coils boost the power conversion rate by 35%.

#7. Mophie – 4-in-1 Wireless Charging

Mophie 4 in 1 Wireless Charging Mat for iPhone


  • Elegant fabric finish
  • No overheating issue
  • No need to remove the phone case


  • Incompatible with Apple Watch Ultra

With this 4-in-1 Magsafe charger stand, you can charge a USB-A device and up to 4 Qi Enabled devices (10W). Multiple charging coils are included to charge your phone, Apple Watch, and earphones. The sleek design suggests this iPhone MagSafe charger is perfect for use at home and workplaces. It works as a multi-device wireless charger mat that provides a centralized space to charge your devices without additional cables.

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The design showcases intuitive markings and easy-align valleys. Hence, you can easily find the charging “sweet spot”. Moreover, the fabric finish adds a touch of sophistication and style to your workspace. It seamlessly blends with your workspace to enhance the aesthetics and is easy to clean.


If you’re an Apple devices fan, odds are you have a drawer full of white cables and adapters for connecting or charging your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, etc. You may encounter charging hassles if you have not bought a reliable charger for your latest iPhone 15. Investing in a wireless charger and pad streamlines your charging hassles and ensures the best charging output. All you need to do is set your iPhone down to charge without messing up with a lightning cable. Moreover, these chargers and pads boast sleek designs to enhance your workspace. The powerful magnetic connection ensures stability. Going through the above list of the best wireless chargers and pads for iPhone 15 benefits you with the best buy for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Does the iPhone 15 support wireless charging?

Apple has disclosed that the new iPhone 15 lineup supports Qi2, which represents the next generation of the Qi wireless charging standard, apart from Apple’s proprietary MagSafe technology. Apple’s press release specifies that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will support Qi2 for wireless charging. It implies that the iPhone 15 can charge at 15W using any certified accessory, not MagSafe accessories. 

iPhone 15 users could choose between charging their brand-new phones with a MagSafe wireless charger or a non-MagSafe one without compromising speed. You can charge your iPhone with an Anker wireless charger, for example. However, the speed will be limited to 7.5W. On the other hand, a MagSafe charger can fill your phone’s battery two times faster, i.e., at up to 15W. Since Qi2 is based on Apple’s MagSafe, it employs magnets to connect the phone to the charger. Hence, you will retain that usual MagSafe experience.

Q2. Can any iPhone be charged wirelessly?

Those iPhone models released in 2017 support built-in wireless charging capabilities. This includes the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and all successive models. Note that iPhone 7 and older models don’t support wireless charging and usually need to be charged through a cable. To be specific, the following iPhone models support wireless charging. The list includes all the iPhone models launched after the iPhone 7. You can’t add a wireless charging pad to an older iPhone. However, you can equip it with a wireless charging case to enable wireless charging.

Q3. Does wireless charging damage the battery?

It is important to note that wireless charging does not damage your battery faster. It is a common misconception. Those who assume that wireless charging damages a smartphone’s battery consider that wireless charging produces more heat than wired charging, which could place the battery under more strain. Although that is true to some extent, the heat generated by wireless charging is controllable by your smartphone and must not degrade your smartphone battery. 

Wireless charging generates more heat than traditional wired charging due to its unique working mechanism. If it’s not properly managed, the heat produced by wireless charging can ruin your smartphone. Fortunately, wireless charging standards like Qi impose strict guidelines to solve this problem. Only the copper coil within the phone heats up during wireless charging, whereas phones contain a layer of thermal isolation encasing them. Hence, as long as the heat is limited and doesn’t surpass safe limits, it imposes no threat to your smartphone’s battery.

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Q4. Does MagSafe reduce battery life?

MagSafe is Apple’s magnetic charging technology invented to be safe and convenient for your device. It should maintain the battery life of iPhone or other compatible Apple devices when used properly. Like all charging methods, MagSafe can produce heat while charging your device. Extreme heat can be harmful to battery life over time. Luckily, Apple has implemented built-in temperature management systems to solve this issue.

Apple devices operating with iOS 13.0 and later support a feature known as “Optimized Battery Charging.” The feature slows down the rate of battery aging by identifying your daily charging patterns and then delays full charging until it’s required. This feature, along with MagSafe, helps preserve the battery health. MagSafe proves safe for your device’s battery life when used in conformity with Apple’s recommendations and high-quality accessories.

Q5. What is a wireless charging pad?

A wireless charging pad (also called a wireless charging dock or wireless charger) is a device that lets you charge your compatible electronic devices, like smartwatches, smartphones, and wireless earbuds, without requiring physical cables or connectors. The built-in wireless charging technology depends on electromagnetic fields to send power from the charging pad to the device to be charged. 

It is easy to use wireless charging pads since they discard the need for plugging and unplugging charging cables whenever you wish to charge your device. Place your device on the pad, and it will automatically begin charging if correctly aligned. Many wireless charging pads follow the Qi wireless charging standard to ensure wide compatibility. These pads are available in diverse sizes, shapes, and designs, fulfilling various needs and preferences. Many wireless charging pads support fast charging for faster charging times compared to standard wired chargers.

Q6. Are wireless charging pads better?

The wireless charging pads are better than standard wired chargers because you need to place your device on the pad, which begins charging automatically. No need to plug in a cable. They are useful for rapidly topping off your device throughout the whole day. Unlike wired chargers, they eliminate the need for frequently plugging and unplugging cables. So, they decrease the chances of wear & tear on your device’s charging port. 

These pads decrease cable clutter on your desk, workspace, nightstand, or other charging places, thus offering an organized look. Usually, they contain LED indicators that dim or turn off after a short duration to avoid sleep disturbance. One of the best aspects is that you can place your device on the pad (as long as it’s inside the charging area). Certain manufacturers, like Apple, have implemented MagSafe and wireless charging technology, providing additional functionality with compatible accessories.

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