Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone: Remove iPhone Activation Lock

Last Updated on Jun 29, 2021

Now you can use iPhone without Activate iPhone means, Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone. That should be accessed only with the same Apple ID and Password used before Erase on the same device. Might be after big upgrade your must need to enter your old iCloud ID and Password, But many folks forgot old Apple ID completely. What to do, in case your iPhone is lost and erased remotely from iCloud. Next, you must need the same login details (iCloud ID and Password) used on same iPhone earlier.

Note: if you are sure about that which Apple ID used previously, So you can recover or reset by other forgot techniques.

For you, there are two different way to access not activated iPhone, Through custom DNS or Third party activation tools. Custom DNS is more popular for all the techie who wants instant access without PC. Activation tools do not work for all, so I don’t effort.

Bypass iCloud activation on iPhone: on lost or erased iOS device – Alternate Techniques

Bypass iCloud activation on iPhone with iOS 9

try this tricks on your iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5S.

What you can access: You can see all saved media files, Apps, SMS, Mail, Maps, Games, Music, Social Media and Streaming.

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Step 1: First Force Restart your iPhone, By press Sleep/ Wake + Home button (iPhone 7 and Earlier) and for Hard Restart iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X at one continually until black screen, Then Sleep/Wake button press once for start screen. The first screen will be showing the list of countries name.

Step 2: After select your country, If any Wi-Fi networks available then the list will show up on-screen. Not to tap on any Wi-Fi name. Press home button once, For access Wi-Fi settings, tap on more Wi-Fi settings.

Step 3:  Next, Tap on settings icon near to the Wi-Fi signal icon. Make sure about Wi-Fi should not be connected if connected then first forgot network.

Again Tap on Setting icon, on Wi-Fi settings screen IP address Section > Custom DNS > Tap on there and Enter DNS for your region from below listed.

DNS server IP for Bypass/ Remove activation lock screen,

USA/ North America:



Other Country:

Move Back, and Turn on Wi-Fi by entering Wi-Fi password.

Now your screen will be shown Hello Screen, Tap on Menu.

Under the Menu you can use any within the iPhone, presently installed and saved data.

What is after Bypass activation, Read my last tutorial and FAQs on bypass iCloud activation.

For more and Easy understand Please Review stunning video tutorial from EverythingApplePro

Above tricks might no longer work or not helpful to you, So I am suggesting ways to remove iCloud activation all the time in a correct way.

Want’s to remove iCloud activation on iPhone, iPad. iPhone activation is verification process by apple that identifies the owner by using old Apple ID and Password authentication.

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Some iPhone, iPad owners, are failed to pass this iCloud activation on forgot apple ID or Password Or facing iPhone activation error.

Here are some possible alternate tricks that work on other way means without your iPhone or iPad we can bypass iCloud activation lock remotely.

Turn off Find My iPhone or iPad or use Find my Friend app

If you are worried about next time you need to pass activation lock, then disable Find my iPhone Device on your hand.

Let’s see how to remove iCloud lock without computer,

Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Tap on Profile name > Scroll Down and Tap on iCloud.

3 iCloud Settings on iPhone

Next, to the iCloud > Scroll down Tap on Find My iPhone

4 Find My iPhone Disable from Settings

Disable Find My iPhone.

Turn off activation lock from Without Device

#1: Go to on PC or Mac

#2: Login with Apple ID and Password, Select Device that we want Erase remotely.

2 Find My iPhone on web

#3: Click on Erase, and Wait for the confirmation

1 remotely remove iPhone activation on

#4: Finally Remove from Account and Your Device released.

You are done, and your iPhone activation screen will remove automatically.

Get Help from Apple

Apple is knowing and different problems with iCloud activation or iPhone activation. Apple is helping to remove iPhone activation screen remotely on the server.

Keep your original identity with you and go to the nearest apple store for request iPhone activation problem.

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