How to Increase Font Size in Safari on iPhone and iPad [iOS 17.4.1]

Changing the font size on the Safari App of the iPhone and iPad could make the Safari app reliable. Most of the people like the default font size of the iPhone and few dislike it because of poor vision of their eyes. Smaller fonts create difficulties for the people who are facing problems with their eyes, sometime they can’t read the text or see blur pictures of the webpage. No Offense! But, I would like to tell you that, now you can adjust the font size as per your convenience on the Safari app. Whether you want smaller, medium, or larger fonts, doesn’t matter, it can be quickly done with a snap.

You must have been thinking about why not use two fingers and zoom out the Safari page. Yes, it is also an excellent way to increase font size on the Safari app, but when you do by following these steps, I bet, it will look bright and perfect compare to that two-finger trick. It is possible to increase the font size on the Safari app, on any website, there is no limitation of it. Head over and see how to increase the font size on Safari App without zooming on iPhone and iPad. These steps can also be used for iOS 14 or later iPhones.

Change Font Size on Safari App in iPhone/iPad

Step #1: Open the “Safari” app on your iPhone.
Step #2: Visit your desired website.
Step #3: Now, in the URL section, there is an option like this “AA”.
Step #4: Tap on it.
Step #5: Next, if you want to change the font size on Safari, then continue to tap on bigger A.

Change font size on Safari App
Change the font size on Safari App

Step #6: To decrease the Font Size on Safari, tap smaller A.

The smallest font size is 50% whereas the highest font size is 300%. In between, you can switch the size at your convenience. One more important thing is, if you want to get back to a default font size that is 100%, then tap on Font Size, this will change the font size to 100%.

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