How to Convert Video or Gif into Live Photos on iPhone in 2023

How to Convert Video or Gif into Live Photos on iPhone

A Live Photos is a great feature of Apple’s major iPhone model. It is a unique camera feature to create wonderful live Wallpaper. We are happy to share with you that now you can convert your favorite video or GIF into Live Photos on your Apple iPhone and set it as Live Wallpaper. Just Press and Hold or 3D touch and get the effect. Unfortunately, still, there is not an Apple app allowed to convert Video into Live Photos. Hence, you will have to take the help of the third-party app, which gives a feature to do this.

This post is our Standard and free source to make the shareable live photo on iPhone within a moment. You also import the GIFs and Videos (mp4, MOV) from your PC or Mac via iTunes file sharing. Let’s see how this actually does.

Guide for Download and install Video/Gif to Live Photos Converter App

Step 1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap on the Search bar and enter IntoLive.

Step 3. Now to download that app, tap on Get and Install next to the IntoLive. You’ll be Promoted enter Apple ID and Password.

You’re done.

Now go on the iPhone homes screen and Open up the IntoLive photo. The intoLive app would like to access your Photos.

Way to Convert Video or Gif into Live Photos on iPhone

Now you can see all Videos of your iPhone into the Video tab as well as all GIFs into the GIF tab and the iTunes tab would show items while you connect your phone for iTunes with your PC.

Select Video or Gif

→ want to trim/ Edit Video/GIF then apply that and Tap on Next

→ Now set the repeating loop for the Live Photos. If you set the number of repeats, the Live Photos are created, repeating for the number set

→ now Check Preview and then Save it.

That’s it.

Pro Features:

Remove ads, Get GIF and Video from PC, create a maximum of 15 seconds of live photos, change the first frame of Live Photos, and Making Live Photos using repeated Video/GIF.

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