Delete saved password from safari iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Clear or stop auto save your login details from your visited website is #1 security for any web users. From the cyber report, mostly cheat case happen through saved password in your device’s browser or storage. So at the point, first we need to Clear/ Delete saved password from safari iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch running on iOS. Here I am not criticism apple’s security, because to know on unknown device you need a passcode. But if passcode shared already then easy to know important password or credit card data saved or used on safari iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch browser.

If you are a conscious security techi and wants to stop auto save safari details under the settings app, So earlier you can disable/ stop from save password on your iOS device.

Delete saved password from safari iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Credit card Details, User Guide

Step 1: Go to the Settings app.

Step 2: Next, Tap on safari from the list of built in apps name.

Step 3: Then, under the General Section > Passwords. Make changes or see list of all saved usernames and password on each webpage name, Enter passcode.Delete saved password from safari iPhone, iPad or iPod

Step 4: Tap on Edit, Mark all pages that you want remove/ Delete from list or saved details.See all saved username and password on iPhone safari

Note: Once you delete you never recover or rollback to this list.

For, see username and password in text, tap on webpage URL.

That’s it.

Stop auto fill username or password/ Credit cards details

Go to the Settings > Safari > AutoFill.

Disable Names and Passwords for stop login detailsDisable or stop save safari details

Disable Credit Cards toggle for stop auto save card details.

Clear all Data related to browser

Before resell, you must clear data like this; At once you can remove/ Clear data from Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.Clear all saved data at once in iOS device

Private mode in safari, Chrome is also safest way to open your account.

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