Free Ways to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone in iOS 17.3.1

Lack of storage in iOS Device is a common problem that every person is facing in this modern era. So to overcome this trouble nowadays, different companies are launching new devices with huge storage capacity. But, the question is what if the person has the low or medium storage capacity of iPhone? 

There are numerous options available through which you can free up space in iPhone. In iPhone primary reason behind insufficient storage is Applications installed in it. The size of apps at the time of installation is not very large, but when you start using that application, gradually new data begins to build inside the app in the form of Documents and Data. 

Documents and Data are nothing but it contains caches, cookies, information on pages and many more things, it depends on apps. Like if we talk about Safari, it includes caches, cookies, saved pages, web history, and many more such things play an important role in consuming large storage.

7 Clear Documents and Data on iPhone

Clear Documents and Data on your iPhone: Complete Guide

There are only two methods for clearing up space of iPhone one deletes the app and re-install it and other is offload option which will erase your data without deleting the app and restore back it on next time install from the device.

Clue 1: Delete and Re-install the app

Delete the application on your device and re-install it. Deleting application will result in complete data loss including login information, history and other information that was stored in the application. 

There are few steps given below a significant on iPhone: Delete documents and Data on iPhone Without Deleting app.

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Next, click on General.

1 Go the the iPhone settings and General on iPhone

Step 3: Now tap on iPhone Storage.

2 iPhone Storage in Settings app

Step 4: All the apps will be visible there you can delete which you want to delete. 

3 iPhone Storage Used By app on iPhone

After deleting the app on iPhone, you will lose your data, but you can observe a big difference in storage consumption of particular app.

Tap on the app Name, unfortunately, Apple gives more priority to your Data than your apps running in iDevice. So Offload apps keep your Documents and Data in local storage but the app will be deleted. Otherwise, you must Delete app for Clear apps data in any way.

Clue 2: Perform offload to delete Documents and Data

Another way to clear up space is deleting Documents and Data of the app. By doing this, you will lose your data, but the application will remain on your device. After performing this action, the app will occupy its small amount of storage and will free up your additional memory utilize by Documents and Data. 

By following few steps, you can easily remove Documents and Data of application:

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap on General to open.

Step 3: Click on iPhone storage.

Step 4: Select a particular app and tap on offload to perform the action.

4 Delete and Offload app in iPhone Settings

Now you will get rid of low storage pop up on iPhone and store useful data in your device.

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Clue 3: Clean Safari App Browser in iOS

Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.

Scroll Down and See “Safari” option.

5 Safari Settings in iPhone

Useful settings related to Saved Data by Safari it there,

Tap on “Clear History and Website Data” blue Link button

6 Clear Safari Data from iPhone

Disable toggle for “Automatically Save Offline”. That prevents from saving you all reading list item in to iCloud or For offline read.

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Are you looking for force clean Documents and Data on iPhone, iPad? Alternatively, try other ways to optimize storage in iOS.

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