Does iPhone 15 Need a Case? Here’s the Answer

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The newly-released iPhone 15 may be many things, but indestructible is not one of those things. It is still prone to damage and scratches, which brings us to the question, does iPhone 15 need a case?

If the early iPhone 15 Pro drop test and iPhone 15 Pro Max durability test are anything to go by, you definitely need to buy a case for your iPhone 15. Apple has also revealed that holding the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone Pro Max in your bare hands could affect its color temporarily. 

That said, the most reliable way to protect your prized possession would be to invest in a good iPhone 15 cover. Throughout this guide, you’ll learn whether it is wise to buy a case for your iPhone 15, whether an iPhone 14 case will fit, and how to choose the right cover.  

Does the iPhone 15 Need a Cover? 

Holding the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone Pro Max without a case could temporarily affect the titanium frame color. Well, this was confirmed by Apple on their recent support article, regarding how to clean the iPhone 15. According to the manufacturer, if you hold the iPhone in your bare hands and without a case, you’ll notice a change in its color after a short while. 

This is because your skin oil may temporarily affect the titanium frame color on the iPhone Pro models. Luckily, this condition is only temporary, you can restore the iPhone to its color by wiping it using a rather damp lint-free cloth–such as the Apple-recommended polishing cloth that retails at about $16 on Amazon. 

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Secondly, it is worth noting that the iPhone is made of glass on its front and back sides. The rear-facing glass on this device is particularly prone to cracking. As a matter of fact, a recent drop test revealed that the rear glass panel on the iPhone 15 is easier to crack than the one on the iPhone. Bearing such vulnerabilities in mind, it is clear that the iPhone 15 needs a cover, at least the two Pro models. 

What to Look for in an iPhone Case 

Now that we’ve established that you need a case for your iPhone 15, ensure that you get the right one. In this regard, here are some of the key things to consider when shopping for an iPhone 15 cover: 

1. Level of Protection 

How well does the case protect your iPhone? According to a US survey, about 45% of iPhone users are likely to accidentally drop and damage their devices within the first 10 weeks of purchase. Get a case that offers your device the best protection against damage by impact.

To protect the iPhone against cracks, get a case that has a raised lip around the front and a raised edge around the back cameras .Your preferred case option should also meet or exceed certified military-grade protection. 

An iPhone case that is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) will also come in handy. This material has been proven to protect cell phones from scratches as it is more flexible and softer than plastic. 

2. MagSafe Compatibility 

Despite having a USB-C port for charging, the new iPhone 15 still features the innovative MagSafe wireless charging technology by Apple. Since it is designed to charge wirelessly, ensure that the cover you choose supports the same. 

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Your preferred case should allow you to wirelessly charge the device using a MagSafe charger while it is still in the case. However, wired charging using a USB-C to USB-C cable is still the fastest option–especially when paired to a 20 W or higher adapter. 

3. Fit

Your iPhone 15 case should fit snugly around the device. Otherwise, it may not be as protective ad it should. This is why you should get a case that is particularly designed for your iPhone model. In this regard, an iPhone 14 case will not fit an iPhone 15 due to the slight design and size differences. 

4. Style

Finally, you should get a case that looks great on your iPhone. While this mainly depends on your personal.preferences, ensure that the case best complements your chosen iPhone 15 color. 

Final Verdict 

The new iPhone 15 is more curvier at the edges than the iPhone 15. As such, iPhone 14 cases won’t fit the iPhone 15–at least not as snuggly as they should. That said, you’ll need to invest in a new case if you are upgrading to any of the iPhone 15 models.

Be sure to choose a case that best complements the iPhone, showcases your personality, and most importantly, protects your iPhone, as explained above. To protect your iPhone from scratches, cracks, and fingerprint smudges, an iPhone 15 cover is indeed necessary. 

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