Does Synology NAS come with Hard Drives?

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A NAS is often an inconspicuous largeish box with two or more drive bays. You can put bare hard drives or SSDs to enhance the overall storage capacity over time by adding higher-capacity drives. It is unique in the sense that it’s a computer in itself, with a powerful processor and operating system, and heavy RAM.
You can connect the NAS to the available local network with the help of the Ethernet cable.

It would make it easier for all other users to access the same network. In several circumstances, one can access the NAS without even being in the same network. For example, if you go anywhere with your laptop and find that an important file is missing from your computer’s internal disc. The file is accessible as easy as if the drive is still synced with the computer.

Complete Answer on Does Synology NAS come With Hard Drives?

The biggest disadvantages of keeping files on the public cloud include entrusting your files to someone else and paying expensive monthly subscription fees. In addition, USB drives have several drawbacks, ranging from the lack of off-site access and automatic backup to their portability, which can lead to loss or damage. The finest alternative and a requirement for the modern home is NAS.

Synology NAS supports most common file systems, including FAT32 and NTFS. Now, you should attach the portable hard drive to your Synology NAS, and you’re ready to go. However, don’t discard your hard drives! Your Synology NAS won’t come with a hard drive. Set up a USB Copy on your portable hard drive to have a backup of crucial data. Plug the all-portable hard drive easily and regularly, and you’ll have a backup copy of your data.

Compared to a desktop HDD, a NAS HDD is specifically intended for NAS use and frequently has greater endurance, balanced performance, and lower power consumption. When compared to enterprise HDDs, these HDDs are a more cost-effective solution. Unfortunately, some NAS HDDs lack vibration sensors, making them incompatible with Synology’s multi-bay and rackmount variants. Before you buy a hard drive, check the manufacturer’s requirements.

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