Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay? (2024)

Want to know Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay? Almost Apple users uses Apple pay as mobile payment in Store, Online, etc.

What to Know

Taco Bell accepts Apple Pay for in-store, drive-thru, and in-app purchases, providing a convenient payment option for customers who prefer contactless transactions. However, Apple Pay is not accepted for online orders on Taco Bell’s website, so it’s recommended to use the app for a seamless ordering experience.

With technological enhancements, people progressively opt for contactless payment, Apple Play! It is convenient to use, and most importantly no need to carry physical money. If you are a fan of Mexican-inspired foods and grabbing a big bite at Taco Bell, you might wonder, Does Taco Bell Take Apple Pay

I jot down the discussion in the guide below whether you can make a payment using Apple Pay to purchase your favorite cuisine at Taco Bell. 

Yes, Taco Bell Take Apple Pay

In this blog, we will clear all your doubt regarding does Taco Bell accept Apple Pay. So let’s dig in!

Does Taco Bell Have Apple Pay?

Yes, Taco Bell restaurants accept Apple Pay in the United States. And this part is it accepts in-store, in-app, and drive-thru. So if you are at Taco Bell’s outlet, you can firmly pool the iPhone over the reader and use Face ID to finalize the payable amount. 

And the same goes for a drive-thru, you need to pull out yourself from the window and place the iPhone over the reader. Give confirmation using Face ID for a payable amount. 

For more convenience, you can register the Apple Pay in the Taco Bell application to make a payment for in-outlet or drive-thru. To get familiar with the procedure, keep reading this article. 

How To Use Taco Bell Apple Pay In App

The procedure to enroll Apple Pay in Taco Bell App is straightforward. So first, install it on your iPhone, and next, follow the steps below. 

  1. Access the Taco Bell App.
  2. Select the Food Item as per your need and desire. 
  3. Once you finish up, select the Cart Icon from the bottom right corner. 
  4. Tap on Check Out Button.
  5. Pick up extra sauce or choose Skip.
  6. On the next screen, ensure your Home or Office Location. If you find a mistake in location, choose Browse Location. ‘
  7. Further, select In-Store or Drive-Thru.
  8. Click on Apple Pay.
  9. Double-tap on the Side Button. 

Once the order is prepared, receive it from the selected mode; Drive-Thru or In-Store. That’s It!

Is Apple Pay Accepted for Online Taco Bell Orders?

Unfortunately, Apple Pay isn’t accepted on Taco Bell’s website. And we recommend always using the Apple Pay application since the app version lets you select a preferable time to pick-up the order, which you can’t do through the website. 

Bottom Line

The conclusion is Taco Bell does accept Apple Pay in all its modes; Drive-thru, In-Store, and In-App. So order your favorite Taco Bell’s beefy burritos and nachos and make a payment with a glance. 

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