5 Best NTFS For Mac (Free & Paid of 2023)

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NTFS is a default file format of Windows; however, the macOS didn’t fully support it. It means the file, either in the SSD or HDD, can’t be read by the Mac computer. For this reason, we require NTFS for Mac. Below are some of the best free and paid NTFS software for macOS

What is NTFS?

NT File System, aka NTFS, is a version developed by Windows NT Version 3.1 where it’s used as default file format. And many of the external drives are formatted as NTFS, as Mac computers are less widely used. 

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t yet licensed this format. Which eventually raised the need for a third-party NTFS driver for Mac. This article is for you if you continuously work with this file format. 

Best NTFS For macOS

Here is the list of top NTFS for Mac, both free and paid.

#1. Paragon NTFS For Mac 

paragon ntfs for macOS computer and macbook

Developed by the reliable Paragon, this NTFS for Mac is Six Times Faster compared to the other commercial NTFS. And it’s at the top when it comes to paid NTFS software

Paragon offers powerful features like Volume Management, which quickly checks the integrity and fixes corrupted volumes. Other than this, automount supported volume; there is no need to restart the Mac computer every time. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Boot Camp and allows direct read and writes to Mac partitions from Windows.

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Overall! Paragon is one the best NTFS software for Mac. The best part is it supports both Intel-based Mac and Apple Chip Mac M1/M2. 


  • Support NTFS files from versions from Windows Net 3.1 to Windows 10.
  • Compatible with third-party software. 

Download Paragon NTFS For Mac


A best tuxera NTFS software for mac OS

TUXERA NTFS for macOS is advanced in terms of features – it’s compatible with NTFS USB drives with enhanced readability. It works with both PowerPC, Intel, and Apple Silicone-based Mac computers. Additionally, it supports all NTFS versions. 

With its NTFS support attributes, you will receive Tuxera Disk Manager and a native application for easy formatting and repairing NTFS Drives, Creating partitions and disk images. 

The best part about this software is that it offers higher transfer speed and is compatible with most third-party software. In addition, it’s an affordable NTFS software that works with 3 Mac computers. 


  • Smart caching for high-performance read/write
  • Automatic transfer of a file.

Download TUXERA

#3. Mounty For NTFS

mounty for ntfs mac computer

The third in the list is Mounty – its smooth-running application that helps to remount write-protected NTFS volumes in the read-write mode. It silently runs in the background and detects the NTFS Volumes that are dressed up to remount in read-write mode.

The application collaborates with the Apple Notifications Center and notifies you whenever it detects the NTFS Volumes. However, the Mounty offers an ability to remount the volume directly from Notification center. 

For convenience, the Mounty Icon in the menu bar changes the icon’s color. Black and white when there is nothing to mount, Green for NTFS Volume that is ready to mount. Blue Icon when there is writable NTFS volume. Further, Red Icon if it’s a failure. Lastly, it is compatible with all macOS. 

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  • Lightweight software
  • Compatible with all macOS
  • Continuously work in background. 

Download Mounty For NTFS

#4. Haselo NTFS Software For Mac 

haselo ntfs for macOS

Haselo NTFS makes it a permanent place in the Mac status bar for rapid mount and unmount of NTFS drive. Once the NTFS drive is mounted, you can easily read and write to easily exchange files between Mac and Windows via NTFS formatted removable storage devices. 

By default Haselo only detects NTFS drives; however, you uncheck Only Detect NTFS Volumes to mount and unmount HFS+, APFS, FAT, and exFAT formatted drives.

This small-size software has many capabilities, including universal compatibility to hardware; SSD, HDD, USB Drive, CF Card, etc. Last but not least, it is compatible with all macOS versions. 


  • Compatible with all macOS
  • Works with all kind of external hard drive
  • Free to download

Download Haselo NTFS Software

#5. SYSGeeker NTFS For Mac

sysgeeker ntfs for Mac computer

NTFS software follows a simple menu-driven approach and delivers the complete drive overview with just an array of clicks. And with a simple drag and drop, you can transfer a file between Mac and NTFS. 

Unlike the other software, it automatically NTFS drives and highlights in the read-only form. You need to right-click on the icon and set up the drive in writable form; you will have access to the drive in read-write mode on macOS. As usual, it will be manipulated on a Mac partition.

Next, you can read, write, move, delete, and copy the NTFS volume. At last, it’s compatible with Intel and Apple Mac M1/M2 Chip devices and up to macOS Ventura. It’s a paid tool.

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  • Compatible with all NTFS Versions
  • No chances of data loss during transferring process.
  • Fast Transferring speed.
  • Supports all macOS, Mac, and Hard Drive

Download SYSGeeker NTFS

Bottom Line

If I were you, first, I would try out the free plans, test out which NTFS software works better on Mac and move ahead to the paid version. So which out of Best NTFS Software did you prefer? Let us know in the comment box. Further, read our guide on how to use NTFS on Mac.  

Can You Use NTFS On Mac?

You can use NTFS on Mac since many reliable options are available in the line-up. You can try the one which you like most. 

Is NTFS free for Mac?

Yes, the famous NTFS like Mounty and Haselo is entirely free. But they are comparatively less capable than the paid version. 

Why Mac Doesn’t Support NTFS?

As I mentioned earlier, NTFS is a format developed by Windows, and it’s yet not licensed by Apple.  

Is NTFS faster than exFAT?

Is exFAT or NTFS better for Mac? NTFS shows better efficiency over time compared to exFat and FAT23 file systems. Ultimately, file formatting procedure is faster, and comparatively, more CPU remains allocated to applications and features rather than OS tasks. The conclusion is NTFS is better than exFat. 

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