Does Vision Pro Come in Multiple Sizes? Here’s the Answer

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The Apple Vision Pro does not come in multiple sizes, but several of its components do. The Vision Pro mixed-reality headset features a modular design. This is to say that the headset can be disassembled into several components. 

Components like the Headband and the LightSeal come in multiple sizes and style options. As such, you can choose one that best fits your head and attach it to the main unit. Additionally, the straps on this headset are adjustable. 

With such a tailored fit, the headset can accommodate a wider user base. Let’s explore the various options you can get with this modular design. 

What is a Modular Design? 

Rather than producing the Vision Pro as a single device, Apple manufactures multiple components separately. When you order one, you will get the main headset unit, a headband, a LightSeal, and the straps. 

These are relatively easy to assemble to form a complete Vision Pro headset. Such a modular design system has benefits for both the manufacturer and the user. In the Vision Pro, the LightSeal and HeadBand components are offered in multiple sizes, styles, and color options.

Simply choose the ones that offer a perfect fit for your head size and shape when placing the order. If another user intends to use your headset, they only need to swap those components to get a comfortable fit. 

The Overall Vision Pro Design 

As compared to other virtual reality (VR) headsets, such as the Meta Quest Pro, Vision Pro takes a rather unique approach. While designing the Vision Pro, the manufacturer focused on achieving three main objectives: 

  • Performance  
  • Wearability 
  • Mobility 
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With unmatched attention to detail, the design team at Apple has produced a headset that is both elegant and comfortable to wear. The outer enclosure comprises a 3D-formed laminated glass that is shaped to appear as though it is flowing into the frame.

The Sensors, cameras, and EyeGlass are attached to this outer glass. The frame for the main unit is made of aluminum alloy that wraps around your face. The straps protrude from the main unit on either side, much like the temples in eyeglasses. 

Audio Pods are built into the straps in such a way that they lie just above the ears. Using the Fit Dial, you can adjust the straps to bring the Audio Pods closer to the ears—hence get the best Spatial Audio experience. The other Vision Pro components are the LightSeal and the Head Band. 

These two come in multiple sizes, as you will learn below. 

Does Vision Pro Come in Multiple Sizes? 

When it comes to VR headsets, the concept of one-size-fits-all does not exist. In line with this understanding, Vision Pro was designed to offer the best fit for different head sizes and shapes. Featuring a modular design, the parts that affect how well the headset fits are swappable. 

These are the components that determine the size and fit of the Apple Vision Pro headset: 

  1. The LightSeal

This is the soft component that comes in between your face and the headset. It is made of a soft textile material. As such, it flexes a bit to conform to the user’s face shape and provide a more comfortable fit. Additionally, the LightSeal comes in multiple sizes and shapes. 

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It is designed to attach to the headset magnetically and block out light. Before trying the headset on, a face and head scan will be carried out using an iPhone. This is done to ascertain the LightSeal size that best fits your face shape and size. 

The fact that the LightSeal attaches to the device magnetically means that third-party manufacturers could offer options in the future. 

  1. The Headband 

The headband for the Vision Pro headset also comes in multiple sizes and styles. Based on hands-on reviews, the headbands come in three different sizes:

  • S – for small size 
  • M – for medium size
  • L – for large size

It attaches to the straps and goes around the back of your head to secure the headset in place. The headband is essentially made of a three-dimensional knitted fabric that can stretch.

You will also find the materials to be breathable for enhanced comfort. It attaches to the straps using a simple quick-release mechanism—you just need to pull on the orange tab to disconnect it.  

  1. Straps 

Vision Pro straps are attached to the aluminum frame and extend outwards on either side of the user’s head. They are made of flexible silicon material to accommodate different head sizes. 

Each of the straps houses an audio pod that delivers a tailored Spatial Audio experience. The speakers are mounted into the straps and positioned close to your ears. It also features a Fit Dial. You can use the Fit Dial to adjust the straps and position the Audio Pods closer to your ears. 

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Final Verdict 

Termed a Spatial Computer, the Vision Pro headset packs the very best performance into a compact and lightweight design. Not only is the headset comfortable to wear for extended periods, but also offers multiple size options. 

As you have learned throughout this guide, you get to choose the LightSeal, straps, and Headband sizes that fit your head. This has made it possible for the headset to fit most head sizes and shapes. When placing an order, you need to scan your save and head using an iPhone.

This helps the manufacturer determine the headband, straps, and LightSeal sizes that work the best for you. What’s more, these parts are also flexible and provide the cushioning you need when using the device. 

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