How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 17.1.1 in 2023

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The new iOS version has incredible features. A Flagship configuration on the iPhone is built-in advanced Voice Over LTE (Crystal Clear VoLTE) and Wi-Fi Calling service. A great facility that allows you to make and receive the call while unable to access cellular coverage like at&t, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile. And now you have a phone that supports third-party apps (like Whatsapp, FaceBook messenger, and much more) call endorses no matter where your call is from, you can answer it, just like a regular call. Hence, To achieve the benefit of a Wi-Fi calling service on your brand new phone, you will have to need to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone.

Before going to Turn Wi-Fi Calling On. Make sure that, is your current network brand provides Wi-Fi calling service? Check out here. In the United States, At&T, T-Mobile USA, Metro PCS, Sprint Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone US carriers are giving Wi-Fi calling facilities to their customers.

Clear Guide about to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone

1. Launch the Settings app from the iPhone home screen.

2. Now Scroll down the screen and Tap on the Phone.

3. Next Up, hit Wi-Fi Calling.

4. Turn Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone On. You’ll be asked Enable Wi-Fi calling?, Tap on Enable on the bottom of the message screen.

Turn Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone 7 ON

Latest iOS brings Add Wi-Fi calling for Other devices (Still available on AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Metro Pcs, Simple Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint Wireless) through you can make and receive calls on same iCloud account device (iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple Watch) when your iPhone is not nearby.

  • At a Glance on your iPhone screen, we can check WiFi calling is enabled, Swipe down control center and Find Network name prefix with WiFi. For Ex: “Network Name” WiFi. in the iPhone Status bar.
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Wi-Fi Calling iPhone T-Mobile

For the T-mobile users, first if you a new customer, then register e911 address and turn Wi-Fi On → follow above-listed step 1 to steps 4 → Next, tap on Update Emergency address (if you have a new address)→ submit your E911 address and tap Save.

Enjoy Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile.

iPhone Wi-Fi Calling At&t

On At&t, go stepwise until Step 1 to Step 4 mentioned above, Next, Enter your new or update Emergency 911 address to save process successfully.

Whenever your phone on Wi-Fi calling mode, the top status bar will display Carrier name +Wi-Fi on your iPhone.

Similar steps also dedicated to the Sprint and the Verizon customers, too.

Please Note: When cellular service is available, for emergency calls your iPhone uses it, but if you enabled Wi-Fi calling and you unable for mobile service, then emergency calls might use Wi-Fi calling.

Hence, inherently Emergency calls might send your iPhone location information to help emergency workers find you.

Regardless of whether you turn on Location Services. Depending on your carrier provider, emergency employees might use the address registered to your carrier.

Let’s see now Wi-Fi calling on other Apple devices. If your Smartphone carrier provides Wi-Fi Calling on supported iCloud-connected devices, then you can also handle the call on the Same Apple ID with other Apple devices like Apple Watch, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac (MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air). For that, Just Set Add other devices up on your iPhone.

If you ever want to turn off Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone then go with the described above steps. Then turn ‘’Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone Off’’.

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  1. I have wifi enables on my new i-phone Xs max. I still only get one bar at home. Why do I not get good signal if it is going over my wifi?

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