Best iMessage Apps For iPhone of 2024

iPhone, iPad iMessage lets you download games to play with your friends, and many other apps, here's how to download iMessage apps.

The world of messaging has evolved significantly with the invention of smartphones, and Apple’s iPhone has been at the forefront of this revolution. iMessage, the default messaging app on iPhones, has not only streamlined text-based conversations but also introduced various apps that can be integrated seamlessly within the messaging platform. These iMessage apps offer users an enhanced and personalized messaging experience, with features ranging from productivity tools to entertainment options. This article will explore the best iMessage apps for iPhone, highlighting their unique features and how they can elevate your messaging game. 

Whether you want to collaborate more effectively, express yourself creatively, or have fun with friends, these apps have something to offer everyone. Let’s dive in and discover the top iMessage apps that can transform how you communicate on your iPhone.

1. GIF Keyboard 

GIF Keyboard
GIF Keyboard

The GIF Keyboard app can be your Favorite iMessage App for adding fun and expressive elements to your iMessage conversations. It has many features similar to a GIF Keyboard, where you can access your favorite GIFs and even upload your own creations. You can also create stickers from any GIF by simply drag and drop onto any text, image, or GIF within iMessage. You can further personalize these GIFs by adding text, handwritten notes, or drawings to capture a funny moment or create a unique reaction; the GIF Keyboard app empowers you to do so effortlessly. You can instantly share your creations or save them to a Pack for future use. You can also sync with Tenor GIF Keyboard, enabling you to take your stickers and GIFs wherever GIFs are supported. Furthermore, the app provides browsing options based on categories such as reactions and trending topics.

Pros of using GIF Keyboard:

  • Create your favorite stickers and GIF
  • Works with almost all social messengers
  • Easily syncs with the device keyboard

Price = Free 

2. Venmo


Venmo is the ultimate fast, safe, and social way to pay and get paid, connecting over 83 million users worldwide. The app offers seamless money transactions where you can eastern cashback and rewards. It easily allows one to send and receive money for various purposes, from splitting rent with roommates to giving a thoughtful gift. The app also allows you to add a personal note to each payment. You can send split requests among multiple Venmo friends, simplifying group payments. Customize the amounts owed by each person for a hassle-free way to manage shared expenses. Using this app, you can buy, hold, and sell crypto assets directly from the app. This app is perfect for small businesses and allows seamless in-store payments with its QR code feature. 

Pros of using Venmo:

  • Shop and do business with a Venmo card
  • Get rewards and cashback
  • Manage and split the money among friends

Price = Free 

3. JibJab 


JibJab: E-cards & Greetings is among the Best iMessage apps that allow the creation of fast, easy, and incredibly fun personalized greetings and videos. With a straightforward process, you can take a photo of yourself, a family member, or even a pet and turn it into a hilarious and heartwarming video, e-card, or GIF for any occasion. The app has the largest collection of GIFs, videos, and e-greeting cards, which are constantly updated. You can also create your personalized masterpiece to share on social media. JibJab: E-cards & Greetings promises an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and heartwarming moments as you and your loved ones star in these delightful videos and greetings. Join the millions of happy users and start spreading joy and laughter today!

Pros of using JibJab: 

  • A vast collection of GIFs and videos
  • New content and updates every time
  • Easy share and save

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($2.99- $35.99)

4. YouTube


The YouTube app is a highly trending app to captivate videos and endless entertainment. It offers a range of exciting features, which allows you to watch and subscribe effortlessly with a user-friendly interface. You can browse personalized recommendations and receive updates from your favorite channels in the Subscriptions section. You can also keep your favorite videos organized and easily accessible in the Library, where you can quickly find videos you’ve watched, liked, and saved for later. You can also explore the latest in music, gaming, beauty, news, and more on the dedicated Explore tab. You can also live stream and connect with the YouTube community on a deeper level. For families, YouTube offers tailored experiences, such as YouTube Kids, providing a safe environment for younger viewers. Parents can also explore a new parent-supervised experience, catering to the unique preferences of their family members.

Pros of using YouTube:

  • Stay updated with your favorite creators, and posts
  • Get personal recommendations
  • Live stream and engage with real-time audience

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($1.99- $29.99)

5. Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps

Google apps, particularly Google Maps offline, are your ultimate travel companion, helping you easily find the best routes and explore nearby businesses. With a range of powerful features, these apps ensure you reach your destination faster and more efficiently. It has automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures to find the best route. You can easily find out what’s open and their latest business hours and discover local restaurants offering delivery and takeout services. You can also bookmark your favorite places organized with personalized lists. The offline maps let you search and navigate without an internet connection, making it perfect for traveling in areas with limited connectivity. You can see street Views and indoor imagery open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to virtually explore restaurants, shops, museums, and more. Indoor maps further simplify navigation in large places like airports, malls, and stadiums, helping you easily find your way.

Pros of using Google Maps:

  • Real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
  •  Automatic rerouting 
  • Offline navigation and real-time street view

Price = Free 

6. Shazam 


Shazam is the ultimate music discovery app that puts the power of identifying any song at your fingertips. With its lightning-fast song recognition, you can instantly find out the title, artist, lyrics, videos, and even playlists, all for free! With over 1 billion installs and counting, Shazam is the go-to app for music enthusiasts worldwide. You can always stay on top of the latest music trends in your country or city with Shazam charts, helping you discover what’s popular and trending in your area. You can directly open any unidentified song in Apple Music or Spotify, streamlining your music experience across platforms. It allows you to share your favorite tunes with friends on social media platforms, including Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more. You can also add it to your Home Screen to view your recent song history at a glance or instantly Shazam, a new track anytime, anywhere. The app also works offline for an uninterrupted music discovery experience.

Pros of using Shazam: 

  • It works fine when offline
  • Explore what’s popular in another country
  • It can be easily accessed via apple music and Spotify

Price = Free 

7. OpenTable


The OpenTable app can be your choice if you are looking for the best iMessage apps for iPhone to share food ideas in the messages app, offering a seamless and convenient experience for all your culinary adventures. The app has exciting features and is a must-have for food enthusiasts everywhere. You can find a variety of dining options, from tables to takeout and unique dining experiences. You can find the best cozy restaurant for a special occasion or a quick and delicious takeaway meal. You can scan through restaurant menus, browse photos, and read millions of verified diner reviews from a diverse selection of over 50,000+ restaurants worldwide. The app allows making reservations with OpenTable’s new features. You can also directly message restaurants to ask questions or make specific requests, ensuring a personalized and smooth booking process.

Pros of using OpenTable:

  • The best app to find the perfect dining
  • Scan restaurant menus
  • Easy booking and guidance

Price = Free 

8. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive

The Microsoft OneDrive app is your all-in-one file storage, backup, and collaboration solution. With a range of powerful features, this app ensures your important files are protected, accessible, and shareable wherever you go. Back up your precious photos and videos effortlessly. It has Bedtime Backup that ensures seamless photo backup while you’re snoozing. You can view your backed-up photos and videos on your phone, computer, and web browser for easy access. It has various other great features, such as making file sharing and management, receiving notifications, and much more. You can also set password-protected or expiring sharing links for enhanced security. You can also access entire folders on the app while you are offline. It also has Personal Vault that allows you to protect important files with identity verification. Moreover, OneDrive also offers ransomware detection and recovery, safeguarding your files from potential threats.

Pros of using Microsoft OneDrive:

  • Set password-protected and link expiry
  • Supports bedtime backup
  • Personal vault and ransomware detection

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($0.99- $69.99)

9. Grammarly


Grammarly is your ultimate writing assistant, offering a range of features to enhance your writing across various platforms. It helps you write a quick text message or work on a long-form document easily with real-time writing suggestions. The app has sophisticated spelling and grammar checker to ensure polished and error-free. The synonym finder and vocabulary enhancer help you find the perfect words to express yourself effectively. It also offers valuable suggestions to streamline wordy sentences and improve clarity in your writing. With smart autocorrect and emoji predictions, you can communicate with ease and creativity. It offers comprehensive writing feedback, guiding you to produce high-quality content. With cloud-based document management, your work is always secure and accessible. The editor is also compatible with hardware keyboards, providing a familiar and comfortable writing experience. You can confidently write with real-time suggestions and tone detection to take your writing skills to the next level. 

Pros of using Grammarly:

  • Multiword text predictions
  • Compatible with hardware keyboards
  • Real-time writing suggestions and autocorrect

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($29.99- $139.99)

10. GamePigeon (iMessage Game Bundle – Free)


GamePigeon is the ultimate multiplayer gaming app designed to provide endless fun and excitement to your iMessage conversations. It has a collection of excellent games; you can engage in friendly competitions and challenge your friends and family to thrilling matches right within your messages. You can test your billiards skills in the classic 8-Ball, or tee off for a round of Mini Golf. It has games for basketball enthusiasts and various other classic games, such as Archery, Darts, and Tanks, offering nostalgic fun for players of all ages. This app is the best to enjoy a mental workout with games like 20 Questions, Dots and Boxes, and Word Hunt. Test your vocabulary and word-forming skills with the exciting Word Bites and Filler games. It can be easily accessible through iMessage, and you share games with your friends to challenge friends and family to friendly competitions.

Pros of using GamePigeon :

  • Simple and clean game interface
  • Unlimited entertainment games
  • Brainstorming games

Price = Free & In-App Purchase ($1.99- $4.99)

11. IMDb: Movies & TV Shows


The IMDb app is a must-have for entertainment enthusiasts, providing the ultimate streaming companion. Tailor your experience by choosing your favorite streaming services and unlocking personalized recommendations curated just for you. Craft your watchlist, rate and review movies and shows, and share your thoughts with fellow fans. You can easily access the latest trailers each week and easily dive into the vast sea of entertainment choices. It is available worldwide in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, and more. The app is simple and free to use to browse an unlimited collection of movie trailers and other entertainment series.

Pros of using IMDb:

  • One stop for streaming entertainment
  • Create and customize your own watchlist
  • Share movies and trailers with your friends

Price = Free 

12. Super Mario Run Stickers 

Super Mario Run Stickers
Super Mario Run Stickers

The Super Mario Run Stickers app brings the beloved characters from Super Mario Run to your messaging conversations! Express yourself with Mario’s iconic expressions, or add a touch of whimsy by decorating your messages with items from Mario’s world. The app offers delightful stickers that seamlessly fit into your texts, adding a playful and nostalgic vibe to your chats. And that’s not all – you can also add Mario’s cap or mustache to a photo to transform yourself or anyone into the iconic plumber. 

Pros of using Super Mario Run Stickers: 

  • Amazing stickers with customization
  • Simple and free app
  • It can be easily added to conversations

Price = Free 


The Best Apps for iMessage offer a wide range of features and functionalities that enhance our messaging experience, providing convenience, entertainment, and personalization at our fingertips. These Cool apps for iMessage continue to evolve and innovate, making messaging more enjoyable and dynamic for users worldwide. With a growing selection of options available, the iMessage app ecosystem remains a testament to the power of creativity and technology in modern communication.

Best iMessage apps we have found for you that we should enjoy right now, are popular cartoon series and Celebs’ funny emoji/ Stickers packs and Emotions are now we can use in iMessage chat. Before, we have seen how to play a game in iMessage, Extra Screen effects, and Bubble effects. That we can install it on iPhone/ iPad, and delete unwanted iMessage apps and games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does iMessage work?

iMessage is Apple’s proprietary instant messaging service that operates on iOS and macOS devices. It uses an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or cellular data, to send encrypted messages, photos, videos, and files between Apple devices. iMessage automatically detects recipients with iOS devices, using blue bubbles to distinguish iMessage conversations from standard SMS (green bubbles).

Why is iMessage easy to use?

iMessage is easy to use due to its seamless integration into Apple’s ecosystem. It comes pre-installed on iOS and macOS devices, allowing users to send messages without any additional setup. The interface is intuitive, and it automatically identifies iMessage recipients, offering read receipts, typing indicators, and rich media sharing, simplifying communication.

Can someone be tracked through iMessage?

iMessage is designed with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that messages are only accessible to the sender and receiver. As a result, Apple cannot decrypt and access message content. While metadata might be available to Apple, tracking someone’s location or identity through iMessage is not feasible due to the encryption and privacy measures in place.

How is iMessage better than text Messaging?

iMessage offers several advantages over traditional text messaging and Third-Party iMessage apps. It provides end-to-end encryption for enhanced privacy and supports rich media sharing, read receipts, and typing indicators. Additionally, it allows seamless synchronization across Apple devices, making it more convenient and efficient for users within the Apple ecosystem.

Do Google Messages work with iMessage?

No, Google Messages and iMessage are separate messaging services and are not directly compatible with each other. iMessage is exclusive to Apple’s ecosystem and works only on iOS and macOS devices. On the other hand, Google Messages is designed for Android devices but also supports web-based messaging for other platforms.

How to Use iMessage on Mac without iPhone?

To use iMessage on Mac without an iPhone, ensure you have a compatible macOS version. Sign in to your Apple ID on the Mac, and go to “Messages” in the Applications folder. Enable iMessage and use your Apple ID to send and receive messages from other iMessage users, even without an iPhone nearby.

If you are interested in sharing with us your favorite enjoyable iMessage app, don’t be let.

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