Exclusive details about iPhone 17 Pro That You Must Know

The iPhone. The most famous mobile device in history. The one that changed it all. Back when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at that mythical event in January 2007, I don’t think anyone really expected the impact it would have on our lives. “An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator”. Those words changed the world of technology, and that is undeniable.

The latest available model is the iPhone 14 Pro. It might not have been the most solid launch from Apple in recent years, but it’s still a great phone. I’m thrilled with it, although it is true that the battery could be somewhat better, and iOS 16 still needs to fix some bugs, but overall, I like it.

We already know almost all the details about the iPhone 15 Pro. It will have a USB-C port, there will probably be an “Ultra” version made of titanium, storage might start from 256GB… we already know all that, but we don’t know anything about the next model, the iPhone 16 Pro. Or do we?

I’ve been researching, asking around and analysing for some weeks now and today, I can finally share some details about the iPhone 16 Pro with you. Before anything else, I’d like to clarify that there’s still a lot of time until its launch. There might still be changes, modifications, etc. What I can tell you is that, as far as I’m concerned, this is what Apple engineers are thinking of right now.

A smaller pill. Don’t get me wrong, the Dyamic Island is not going anywhere, but there will be more space for the dynamic island to display information, so it is enlarging thanks to the reduction in exposed camera lenses. Specifically, it will be around 50 percent smaller. This is thanks to a new Face ID system that Apple has been working on for a few years now, which will be located underneath the screen. This won’t completely eliminate the Dynamic Island, as the camera and other components will still be there, it’ll just make it smaller.

Currently, engineers are working with two prototypes. One brings USB-C port and the other has no port. Honestly, taking into account the opinion of my sources, I do not believe that the iPhone 16 Pro will be portless. It is most likely to bring, once again, a USB-C port.

As with the iPhone 15 Ultra, the volume buttons will offer haptic feedback when pressed, rather than physical movement. This will improve the device’s water resistance, and make it less prone to failure. The fewer moving parts it has, the harder it is to break.

As far as I’m concerned, Apple is going to change the way it works on the development of its processors for the iPhone. Instead of looking for power, it will focus mainly, and especially in this model, on energy efficiency and battery life, which will be one of its strong points. That will also be one of iOS 17 (and iOS 18) main focuses. Expect an article about it very soon.

Two last details: the iPhone 16 Pro will have a minimum storage of 256GB and a maximum of 2TB. Additionally, and although this may change, no price increase is expected compared to the iPhone 15 Pro (which will be more expensive). I would like to be able to comment on camera system details, but I don’t have too much information, just that the main sensor will still be 48MP, there will be 8K recording and that Apple is working hard to improve HDR pictures on this iPhone.

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