eyeZy Review 2024: Smart Monitoring & Tracking Software iPhone, Android

Remotely Track the Device like iPhone, android, iPad and Tablets easily. Track all at once place using one app, Messages, Location, Chat, and more.

Knowing the whereabouts of your kid can be a tough job. Especially when you’re worried and reaching them through any communication channel seems impossible, a live location tracking software comes in handy. It provides you with all the information you need to ease your concerns. eyeZy is such a software serving millions of parents with smart monitoring and live tracking for quite a few years now. 

Yes, starting from tracking chats and calls to sending magic alerts when your kid steps out of the pre-set safe zone, eyeZy has resolved a handful of problems for the new-age parents. But the present market is full of advanced monitoring/spying tools. So, what makes eyeZy so different?

We’ve tested this software on all supported platforms and created this complete review to help you understand all its nitty-gritty. So have a look to know whether eyeZy is worth a try.

Pros and Cons of eyeZy Spy App

Well, Before jumping to any conclusion, examining the advantages and disadvantages of apps is necessary. Looking at both sides of the coin gives an accurate picture. Therefore, below are the pros and cons of the eyeZy app to provide you with a clear picture of the app.

Pros of the eyeZy app

  • Features

eyeZy comes with every vital feature that you need for your purpose. The eyeZy app assists you with monitoring anybody’s location, social media activity, chats, SMS, calls, and keystrokes. Along with the extensive list of features, the app is convenient.

  • Easy to use

eyeZy performs things differently on each level, particularly with the installation process. You can install and synchronize the data from a particular smartphone using WIFI, a unique feature only available on eyeZy. As it is a new app in the market, the approach is unique, and there have presumably been heaps of background scenes and research about its rivals to make their contributions special.

  • Auto Forward on Android Devices

eyeZy has a unique feature that lets you upload all target data on the dashboard from your selected phone. They should connect the device to the internet using any local Wi-Fi, and the information synchronizes quickly.

  • Customer support

Despite having all the high-end surveillance features in a spy app, the point of using it becomes questionable when there is no or less customer support. However, eyeZy gets this concept and provides 24/7 customer support to users to instantly solve any query and issues.

  • Affordability

Most spy applications are pretty expensive. Fortunately, the eyeZy spy application is very convenient, and you will not have to spend a high amount that could shake your budget. The subscription plan starts from $47.99/monthly for iOS devices and gadgets. The extended subscription plans are also available at $27.99/per three months and $9.99/a year.

Cons of eyeZy app

  • No free trial

Despite having convenience subscription plans, users often want to test the application once before putting their valuable money into it. Unfortunately, however, eyezy does not provide any free trial version for users to test and try the app.

  • Some missing tracking features

No doubt, eyeZy contains all the essential features that are sufficient to track or monitor the device of anyone. However, as compared to other expensive applications, eyeZy lacks certain features.

Price! Is it worth buying?

Discussing the price of the eyeZy app, as mentioned previously, three plans start from $47.99/monthly, $27.99/ for three months, and $9.99 yearly. If we compare the features with price plans, eyeZy is charged as a super-progressed app. However, its features appear to offer a promising guarantee of all required features for monitoring. Along with this, the supercharged engine controlling eyeZy, it’s a straightforward to-deal app, particularly for the less technically knowledgeable parent. 

No matter, you would find cheaper alternatives in the market. Always remember that the end product will usually reflect its price. Therefore, eyeZy is undoubtedly an app that you should consider on your list as the best spy application based on subscriptions plans.

Supported Device

Compatibility is another important factor that a user corners about while selecting an app, especially a spy app for someone’s mobile device. In the case of eyeZy, you must have wondered, “Is eyeZy functional on iOS and Android devices?”. Well, eyeZy is available for both Android and iOS platforms. 

For iOS devices: iPhone, iPad

On an iOS device, you can download and install eyeZy without jailbreak on iOS versions 7 to 13+. However, if your iOS mobile devices are jailbroken, downloading and installing would be smooth.

For Android Device: Mobile, Tablet

If you think of installing eyeZy on an Android device, the application works smoothly on Android mobile phones from Android versions 5 and above. Yet, if you want to use the “social spotlight” feature, it is only available on rooted Android phones.

To be double sure about the compatibility, check with the eyeZy team on eyeZy.com to confirm the compatibility.

Features of eyeZy App

The eyeZy app is loaded with all the essential features that a parent requires to monitor their family member’s mobile device. Let’s discuss some of the highlighted features of the eyeZy application.

1: Social Spotlight

One of the highlighted features eyeZy contains is Social Spotlight. Explore the “social spotlight” options, and it wouldn’t be difficult to check what your children are talking about via social media. eyeZy will monitor and move all types of social media talks into one robust feature, empowering you to see their conversations. You can even check the deleted messages as well. Furthermore, it smoothly works for most well-known social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Tinder.

2: Pinpoint

Parents are always concerned about their teenagers’ location when outside with their friends or alone. The eyeZy enables you to track their location on a map with the Pinpoint feature. Also, the technology behind it is noteworthy, with the GPS and Wi-Fi network examining the location.

3: Magic Alerts 

The magic alert feature receives numerous positive reviews from users. The developers of eyeZy also know the value of truth. Parents seek to keep their kids safe, yet, it’s impossible to stay in contact 24/7. With Magic alert, you can set a safe zone, and the app will alert you if a child enters or exits that zone.

4: Invisible Shield 

Some of the spy parenting apps remain visible on targeted mobile devices. Kids often find it, delete it, and prevent their parents from tracking them. Fortunately, eyeZy remains in a secret mode, making it simple for parents to utilize eyeZy hassle-free.

5: Web Magnifier

EyeZy also allows you to track down the old history, websites your child visited, or bookmarked pages to check their browsing habits.

6: Plans Breaker

eyeZy will help you to know what your child is up to. The Plans Breaker enables you to detect the events in the phone’s calendar with the proper name, location, and timing. You can also check their notes with the Plans Breaker feature.

7: Keystroke Capture

If you wish to get an accurate picture of what they type, eyeZy comes with a Keystroke capture option to allow you to be sure whether your kid is having a safe conversation or not.

eyeZy Reviews Android & iPhone

The app utilized the iCloud account to synchronize with the particular device in the iPhone. After which, you can download and install the app on your kid’s mobile phone and set it to the ‘kid’ versions. Indeed, even before downloading the app, eyeZy could provide you with all the device information on your dashboard with the quick data sync feature.

The downloading and installation are pretty easy on Android devices. Once you select the Android and enter my payment section, you will get a download link in the email. Open the link on the target device and install the app; follow the prompts, and you will get connected in a few minutes. The eyeZy is well-optimized for android devices.

How does eyeZy work? Step by Step

People are often unaware of the working functionality of new apps. Therefore, eyeZy spy app is also a new app available. To clear out the question about how it functions, Let’s check it step by step.

The following are a couple of things you want to be aware of while installing eyeZy;

1: Sync On Wi-Fi

Usually, you need physical access to your targeted mobile device to install the spy app and monitor the activities. However, with the eyeZy spy app, you can easily monitor the targeted device without direct access to their mobile device.

First, you must need their mobile phone to install and set up the application. In any case, whenever that process is done, the app syncs with the mobile phone and copies all the device’s data with the local Wi-Fi organization. So you can easily monitor the device without truly touching the phone from that point on.

2: iCloud Sync

As eyeZy is currently working on this feature. The designers ensured to release it soon. The “iCloud sync” works with the iCloud credentials of a target iPhone, which helps you monitor it easily.

Create your account on eyeZy and enter the iCloud login details of a specific iPhone device into the Control Panel and confirm it by utilizing two-factor authentication from the device. After completing these steps, you’ll get instant access to your kid’s iPhone.

3: Jailbreak Method

The installation process of eyeZy is quite a streamlined step for jailbreak devices without requiring a Wi-Fi or iCloud Sync. In addition, when you install the app on a jailbreak iPhone device, it will give you immediate Persian to access and monitor the device. 

eyezy Alternatives

Undoubtedly, eyeZy is an ultimate spy app for monitoring your family or kid’s mobile device to track their activities for safety purposes. However, apart from eyeZy, there are various alternatives on the market that you should also check.

1: mSpy

mSpy is one of the best alternatives of spy apps for mobile devices. The primary function of parenting monitoring separates it from other spy applications, with excellent features and abilities like mobile monitoring, location access, social media tracking, and online activity tracking. It permits remote monitoring from anywhere on the planted device. Some extra features like screen recording, blocking websites or contact, and recovering deleted messages are helpful for monitoring the device. 

2: Cocospy

Cocospy is a cross-compatible mobile spying app with a streamlined process of installation and use. Within 5 minutes, you can install and set up the app to monitor the device. The secret mode wouldn’t permit the mobile owner to know about its presence on the device. The app can continuously monitor nearly everything happening on the targeted mobile device through a functional dashboard. Checking call logs, tracking sent and received SMSs, browser history, real-time location tracking, and whatnot, you can monitor with Cocopsy. 

3: Mobilespy.at

Mobile spy.at is an excellent feature-rich smartphone tracking app. It comes with real-time features such as live location access, access to Cameras, Photos, Call-Recordings, Call Notifications, Social-Media Messages, and all the other things you want to track. Moreover, with the latest design and easy to use a feature, beginners can also use it. Mobile spy consists of 42 remarkable features available with a Demo for testing.

4: uMobix

uMobix is the app that grants full access to an individual’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Just enter anyone’s Facebook and Instagram account, click on any button there, which implies overseeing accounts, changing settings, adding friends, or removing followers. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms with full compatibility. You don’t even require a Jailbreak iPhone to run this app. You simply give iCloud iD login details and start monitoring the device.


XNSPY is another best substitute for eyeZy and a well known mobile spying app. You can use this as amazing surveillance to monitor your kids and your workers. XNSPY is loaded with 30 features that permit you to track call records and SMS. Additionally, you can also monitor the real-time location, which proves to be useful while attempting to track your kid’s activities. Other advanced features consist of WIFI logs and WhatsApp monitoring, making it the best spying app for devices.

eyeZy Review; Q&A

Does eyeZy Work?

Undoubtedly, eyeZy has proven to be the most advanced mobile spying application. It works accurately no matter how far the planted device is from you. With The advanced features of real-time location tracking, and monitoring calls, SMS, and browsing activities, eyeZy works best as a surveillance app.

Is eyeZy Completely Undetectable?

Yes, eyeZy is equipped with a remarkable feature, “invisible shield”, that helps you install the app on a device undetectably even though the app keeps on functioning secretly in the background on the planted device.

What App is Better Than eyezy?

eyeZy is considered the latest and best spying app for mobile devices. However, various alternatives are available, such as mSpy, Cocospy, Mobile spy, and uMobix. All these are reliable spy apps that you can try.

How to install eyezy on the Target Phone?

Start by picking the subscription plan based on your needs. Then download the eyeZy app on mobile. It is available for Android and iOS platforms, and even the installation process is similar on both platforms. After installation, log in to the dashboard, and the app will keep on working in secret mode and provide you with all monitoring data.

How Does eyezy Work for WhatsApp?

You don’t need to install eyeZy separately for Whatsapp. Just install it on a targeted device, and you can embed the feature in the app for monitoring the Whatsapp SMS and calls.

How Does eyeZy Work for Snapchat?

eyeZy comes with a feature that helps you monitor all social media platforms’ activities. Therefore, after installing the app on the device, just enable the function to monitor social media apps, and you can also track Snapchat.

How Does eyeZy Work for Youtube?

As earlier mentioned, eyeZy permits you to track social media app activities, including Youtube. So, along with other monitoring data, eyeZy will provide you with real-time Youtube tracking.

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