Is there a way to disable Facetime from starting on My Mac? Here’s Tip

Last Updated on Jun 28, 2021

In this tutorial, we have covered the answer to why Mac FaceTime opens itself? There are specific applications that are needed to launch at the startup for better performance of the system. Nevertheless, these startup programs are responsible for the cold booting of our PCs. Fortunately, you are allowed to manage the startup programs on your Mac, because every time application that we don’t need while startup will slow down the Mac.

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One such problem is with FaceTime that keeps open itself when login or rebooting the Mac. Additionally, FaceTime creates extra load by turning on the Camera of Mac, which is unacceptable. Follow some workarounds and fix Mac FaceTime opens itself on Mac. This is the hidden master tricks to Stop FaceTime Loading at Startup On MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini.

Method to Remove Auto Launch Startup Programme on Mac

Solution 1: Check the Startup Login Items Settings

The very first thing you should check is, whether someone has mistakenly added FaceTime in the startup applications. Because if FaceTime is listed under the startup applications, then whenever you turn on and log in the Mac, FaceTime will launch itself on Mac.

  • Click on the Apple Logo from the top Mac Menu.
  • Select System Preferences.
Mac System Preferences Option
Mac System Preferences Option
  • Open Users & Groups.
  • User and Group option in System Preferences on Mac
    User and Group option in System Preferences on Mac
  • Click on the user account.
  • In the Login Items list, if FaceTime is present, then select it and click on (-) at the bottom of the window.
  • Remove FaceTime from login items on launch on Mac
    Remove FaceTime from login items on launch on Mac

    Move to the next solution if FaceTime is not listed in the startup list or if Mac FaceTime opens itself even after removing from the startup list or log in items.

    None off app will launch automatically on Mac Startup
    None off app will launch automatically on Mac Startup

    Solution 2: Change the location of the Preference file of FaceTime

    A corrupted preference file may cause FaceTime to launch at startup itself on Mac. Removing preferences files from the folder is likely to fix Mac FaceTime starting up automatically. For precaution, you must restart the Mac, so that from the next time it won’t launch automatically.

    • Quit FaceTime on your Mac, if it is already open.
    • Click on Mac Finder and go to Go menu > Go to Folder.
    Go to folder on Mac
    “Go to Folder” Option on Mac
  • Type the path ~/Library/Preferences/ and hit return.
  • Move to Preferences folder on Mac
    Move to Preferences folder on Mac
  • Locate the “”
  • FaceTime Plist file on Mac Preferences
    FaceTime Plist file on Mac Preferences
  • Drag this file to another location, such as Desktop or another drive.
  • After moving the plist file of FaceTime to other locations, few customized changes of your FaceTime are likely to lose or set to default. However, you can still change settings as you want. Besides, if everything is working adequately, then move the plist file to its original location otherwise delete it.

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