Fix Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed Error on Mac Catalina: MacBook Pro/ Air

Catalina 10.15 update Catalina wifi no hardware installed 2019, Solved tips to get rid of Wi-Fi dropdown menu says Wi-Fi no hardware installed error on Mac. Here you can get everything troubleshooting related Wireless network issues on Mac.

Catalina wifi no hardware installed, Recently when I booted my MacBook Pro and trying to connect with Wi-Fi and found a strange error saying Wi-Fi: no hardware installed. Without Wi-Fi, we can’t even use Mac for a single minute, and wireless connection is all we have to browse on the internet. It was the first time for me to have, Wi-Fi no hardware installed message on MacBook Pro.


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Most commonly, you will find Wi-Fi: no hardware installed in Mac when you boot up the Mac or while waking up the MacBook from sleep or while updating the Mac.

recently latest macOS Catalina 10.15 update available, many users send us an email in our inbox like Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed Error on Mac after Catalina 10.15 update. we suggesting the following solutions.

2 Tips to Fix Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed Error on Mac

macOS devices usually encounter this problem whether you have iMac or Mac Mini or MacBook Pro 2009 doesn’t matter but don’t worry it is straightforward to fix you have to spend a few minutes.

Solution #1: Reset NVRAM: For All Mac Models

Step #1: Restart “Mac” and instantly hold “Command+Option+P+R” keys altogether.

Step #2: Don’t release keys until you hear reboot chime again and when you hear the sound then release the keys.

Now when MacBook or Mac starts then pull down the Wi-Fi options and check if it’s working correctly or not? If the Wi-Fi menu not showing No hardware installed or no longer X is visible then everything is all right.

Else if it is showing Wi-Fi: no hardware installed on Sierra or Wi-Fi: no hardware installed on Catalina 10.15 then continues to fix next.

Reset SMC

The process to reset SMC differs with the models so kindly double-check the model of your Mac and MacBook before starting the process.

For New MacBook and MacBook Pro models with internal batteries

If your MacBook contains non-removable battery then here’s how to reset SMC,

Step #1: Shut down the MacBook.

Step #2: Connect the MagSafe power cable to the MacBook and let the charging begin.

Step #3: Next, hold “Shift+Control+Options+Power” button altogether for 5 seconds and release them.

Step #4: Boot up the MacBook.

Now, check whether X is there or not in the Wi-Fi menu, probably it should work.

Older MacBook models with the removable battery

Step #1: Turn off the MacBook.

Step #2: Remove the battery from MacBook.

Step #3: Remove the power cable.

Step #4: Press and hold “Power button” for five seconds and release it.

Step #5: Fit the battery in MacBook and boot up the MacBook.

For Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and iMac

Step #1: Shut down the Mac and remove the power cable.

Step #2: Hold down the “Power button” for 5 seconds.

Step #3: Release the “Power key” and then plug the power cable and boot up the Mac.

You are facing Wi-Fi: no hardware installed in Mac?: Catalina wifi no hardware installed

Let me give some possibilities of this Weird Error,

  • Physical hardware issue with Mac.
  • Maybe Network card is failed or disconnected or manually removed from the system.
  • Liquid damage to the MacBook can result in this Error.
  • Other damage

After trying the about solutions for the Wi-Fi: no hardware installed on Mac, isn’t disappearing then there might not be any software issue. So lastly, you have to visit Apple Store, and they will help you to fix Wi-Fi no hardware installed on MacBook Catalina 10.15.

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