Tips to Fix Finder Quit Unexpectedly on Mac: Solved Finder not responding macOS Mojave

One of the most reported Mac Finder issues is that Finder quit unexpectedly and so that Finder Keeps Crashing and not responding or Slow on old Mac. Let’s fix the issue.

It is very irritable when the major functions stop responding as Finer quit unexpectedly and create a different kind of troubles for us. Some of the users recently reported that finder is not working after updating to macOS Mojave, finder keeps crashing randomly, finder search not working and much more.


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Luckily, there are very simple steps which can fix the finder not responding issue quickly and reliably. We have listed the workarounds as per your problems of the finder. So that you can sincerely follow the steps and don’t end up in a bad situation.

Fix Apple Mac Finder quit unexpectedly, Finder repeatedly crashing and Finder Search not working

Fix Finder Quit Unexpectedly on Mac

Condition 1: Finder is slow but working

Solution 1: Check Mac Storage

The storage requirement of Mac is at least 20% if you really want to enjoy it. Otherwise, you will have to face every day a new issue. So before making space on Mac, you must check out the storage.

Step #1: Click on “Apple” logo.

Step #2: Now, click on “About This Mac”.

Step #3: There you will find “Storage”, which is indicated by different colors.

So if you are out of storage in Mac then go for optimizing the storage.

Step #4: Click on “Manage” and then select any of the options, which is suitable for you.

Solution 2: Spotlight is indexing

Frequently it happens when you are transferring huge files to the Mac after restoring the Mac or updating to the latest version.

For a while, your Mac will be messed up, and so Spotlight will take some time to index every single file. The question is how do you know Spotlight is indexing files?

Solution 3: Problematic Finder Preferences Files

We don’t know sometimes the preference files are the real culprits that create chaos while using MacBook and it directly affects the finder. The simplest way to fix finder not responding on macOS Mojave is to delete those files.

Step #1: Open the “Spotlight”.

Step #2: Now enter the code directly,


Next, open Preferences and then find and delete the File.

Step #3: Close everything and Reboot Mac.

Condition 2: Finder is totally unresponsive

When Finder does not respond in any way, then there is a simple solution for this. We will clear the clutter right from the terminal and fix finder not responding macOS Mojave.

Step #1: Launch “Terminal” from the Spotlight.

Step #2: Now, write the command,


Step #3: Hit Enter. You will see the highlighted file. Delete it.

Step #4: Lastly Restart the Mac or MacBook.

Still suffering Finder not responding then you should try these four ways to Restart Finder.

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  1. I am more or less clueless on how to fix computer issues. But I have been suddenly having issues with Finder crashing when I do anything even though I updated to Mojave maybe a month ago. I know where to look for the preferences file and I do not have a finder.plist file. I have reinstalled Mojave to try and fix these issues but they are still here. Any advice or reason why I wouldn’t have this file?

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