Fixed – FaceTime Not working on Apple Watch/ FaceTime Apple Watch Not Working

FaceTime is the ultimate app to make Video calls as well as Audio calls over the internet. No need to download any third party application on the iPhone, the FaceTime will definitely meet your requirements. The only limitation of using FaceTime is, the opponent person should have iOS or macOS device, as FaceTime is limited to Apple devices.

There are no actual troubleshooting tricks to fix FaceTime not working on Apple Watch because normally people make mistakes while setting up FaceTime. Besides, we have also mentioned two different ways to FaceTime on Apple Watch. This tips is compatible with latest WatchOS running on Apple Watch 5, Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 3, 2, 1.

Troubleshooting Walkthrough Video Guide on FaceTime Apple Watch

Way 1: Enable FaceTime for Apple ID on iPhone Before Use on Apple Watch – Troubleshootings

  • Paired Apple Watch with iPhone has a active FaceTime. Verify Using the 6 Steps Given Below.
  • Apple Watch Must Paired with iPhone and Connected to WiFi.

Before making FaceTime call it is necessary to sign in with Apple ID. The FaceTime only works if you have enabled the FaceTime for Apple ID on your iPhone.  Many users do have more than one Apple ID, at that time you have the flexibility to select the one Apple ID for FaceTime.

  • Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #2: Scroll down and tap “FaceTime”.
  • Step #3: Select “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime”. Note: if Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime is Grayed out then Turn off FaceTime and Force close Settings app. Now Open it again and Enable FaceTime for Apple ID. Hope it will fix. Otherwise it will take a time to Register at apple’s server.
Enable FaceID on iPhone to make a FaceTime call from Apple Watch
Enable FaceID on iPhone to make a FaceTime call from Apple Watch
  • Step #4: Hit “Sign in”.
  • Step #5: Make selection of the Apple ID that you want to use for FaceTime.
  • Step #6: On receiving a pop-up box of, Your Apple ID and phone number are now being used for FaceTimeon a new Apple Watch. Tap “OK”.
  • Option 1: Use Siri to make FaceTime call on Apple Watch

    I would like to share one way through which you can FaceTime your friends or colleagues right from the Apple Watch. Since Apple Watch doesn’t have a Camera, so it is not possible to make Video FaceTime, instead, it allows you to make audio FaceTime using Siri.

    • #1: Raise your Apple Watch to wake up and bring it to your mouth.
    • #2: Say “Hey Siri” and then say “FaceTime [Name of a contact saved on iPhone]”.

    Option 2: Use Contacts app on Apple Watch to FaceTime Audio Call

    1. Alternatively, it is also possible to make FaceTime by visiting the contacts app and selecting the particular contact. Here’s how you can use Contacts app to FaceTime on Apple Watch.
    • Press Digital Crown button to move on Apple watch Home screen. Launch “Phone” app on your Apple Watch.
    • Select “Contacts”.
    • Scroll down and select the contact to whom you want to make FaceTime.
    • Tap on “Phone icon”.
    • Lastly, choose “FaceTime Audio”.

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