How to Show Hidden Files on Mac Running macOS 12 Monterey, Big Sur

Last Updated on Dec 4, 2021

The latest versions of macOS contain various methods to see the hidden files on Mac. The process is very simple and straightforward to see if any invisible file is stored in your Mac. Like, you can use Terminal or shortcut key to access the hidden files on Mac. Although, it is also possible to see the hidden files and folders of the external drive. We all are unaware of such files lurking in our Mac and consuming storage. However, they aren’t just garbage some are useful and support Mac to run some programs.

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All such files are kind of privileges and make your MacBook smooth. So if you are eager to see what are these files and folders in your Mac then read on this tutorial, how to show hidden files on Mac.

Different Ways to Show Hidden Files on Mac

How to show hidden files on Mac using Keyboard Shortcut

Step #1: Navigate to the folder or directory where might be hidden files are stored from the Finder.

Step #2: Press Command+Shift+Period. Once you press these keys, the hidden files will be visible.


Step #3: Now, you can see how many files are hidden.

How to show hidden files on Mac using Terminal

Step #1: Launch “Terminal” from the Spotlight.

Step #2: Type the command,

For macOS X 10.9 or later

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true; killall Finder

For macOS X 10.8 and earlier

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE; killall Finder

How to Show Hidden files stored in External Drive on Mac

Step #1: Turn on the Mac and connect the External Drive to the Mac.

Step #2: Open” Finder”.

Step #3: Now launch “Terminal”. Simply press command+spacebar and type Terminal.

Step #4: Enter the following command and hit the return key,

Defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Step #5: Hold down the Option or Alt key on the keyboard and then right-click on the“Finder” on Dock. There select “Relaunch”.

Step #6: Next, click on the External Drive on the list and then you can see the hidden files and folders stored on the external drive.

Do you have any problems to Show Hidden Files on your Mac or getting error code? or Cannot Show Hidden Files in MacOS, Don’t worry, let me know in the comments, we will try to kick out it! Thank you for Reading Us!

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