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Apple iPhone XR FaceTime Camera Not Working After iOS 13 Update

Apple iPhone XR is a super smartphone and major in demand. it is able to catch up cool photography as well as has a truedepth camera for FaceTime video call with iPhone XR to other iPhone or Apple device friends and family guys. everything okay with iPhone XR but whenever tiring to do facetime to

iOS 13/12/iOS 12.4 iMessage Suddenly Broken on iPhone: iMessage has suddenly stopped working?

Solved way on iMessage Not Working On iOS 10 or iOS 9 iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus

iMessage is an amazing service provided by Apple to communicate with other Apple users. Fundamentally, iMessage needs a data connection to send and receive messages unlike if you want to send messages on another phone you have to buy a service pack. But recently one user has reported iMessage suddenly broken on iPhone and how

iPhone XR won’t charge after getting wet: Possible Troubleshooting

Once any phone gets wet, it is very difficult to get that device in a function like before. I would like to suggest you whether it is an iPhone or iPad, keep it away from water damage. Rarely, water damages are considered under warranty and once if your iPhone is out of warranty, the repairing