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Can you Disable the App Library in iOS 14?

App Library is one of the greatest changes Apple has ever made to the iPhone Home Screen. Unlike iPhone users, Android users who just purchased iPhone for the first time, they’ll definitely appreciate the App Library. We’ve seen App Drawer all over the Android phones, it’s an amazing way to organize all the applications conveniently,

iOS 14: How to Rename Bluetooth Device Label on iPhone

iPhone users were proposing Apple for years to allow changing the name of the Bluetooth device on iPhone, here it comes with the latest update. It’s really troublesome to identify paired and connected Bluetooth accessories with the same name or weird code language. Now you can update the name of the connected Bluetooth device anytime,

How to Connect Xbox Controller with Mac in Mac Big Sur

Its bit challenging to find the gamest that works best with the Mac, since we all know, Mac machines are more about creating graphic designs than gaming. Nevertheless, being a Mac user, we always find a way out, and amazing games that work perfectly with the Mac. Indeed, mostly all the gaming controller operates on