Homepod Connect to Apple TV: Q&A – Guide and Tips in 2024

This time to before, Apple TV we can use as a home hub so we can control all the smart home devices from our Apple TV. But Now Homepod will work fantastically with all home accessories and Apple TV as well.

Also, You can connect HomePod to your Apple TV as a Speaker. Set up HomePod first, Your Apple TV must be 4th Generation or Later. HomePod and Apple TV connected to the Same WiFi Network. Now, Setup HomePod on Apple TV, Launch Settings on Apple TV > Video and Audio > Audio Output > Select HomePod under Other Speakers.

Now, Here I will discuss Siri commands for Homepod as Apple TV remote.

Q&A: Homepod Connect to Apple TV

2 Use Homepod for conrol apple TV remotely

Reddit: dennniiss talking about interesting points, Use Homepod as Apple TV Remote.

Add Apple TV in Homekit, iPhone’s home app

Compatible Apple TV: Apple TV 4K or Apple TV 4th Generation, Apple TV 3rd Generation

We can set up Home Automation Accessories, Apple TV, and iOS devices. All System should be turned on and connected to your home network.

Check & Fix Apple TV isn’t connected with homekit: Apple TV is connected to the home hub, Go to the Settings > Accounts > iCloud (Hear, Apple TV Shows homekit as connected).

Update Apple TV with the latest version of TvOS.

Apple TV login with Same Apple ID: Go to the Settings > Account (Check Apple ID used)

Add and Setup Homepod in Homekit

Your iPhone, iPad is installed Latest version of iOS 11.2.5 or later.

Once you turn on HomePod, iPhone copy all important Details and Settings (Apple ID, WiFi Settings, Siri and more) to Homepod automatically.

Are you getting trouble and won’t set up correctly then find your Homepod problems and solutions.

Useful Siri commands for Remotely Control Apple TV

Now Homepod will be able to control Apple TV, here are some sample voice texts you can ask for HomePod.

  1. Mute Apple TV
  2. Paush Apple TV
  3. Apple TV Volume UP/Down
  4. Open HBO Now on TV
  5. Play Doctor Strange trailer on TV
  6. Jump Forward 10 Minutes
  7. Find YouTube app “App Name”

That’s it. Share your thought and stories, How you are using Homepod with Apple TV? Comment us.

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