How to Change Brightness and Volume on iPhone 15, 14 & Older

Adjusting the Brightness and Volume on iPhone 15, 14, 13 Pro Max, X, XR, XS Max,8 Plus, iPad is too easy. Here's how to do it.

iPhone auto-brightness in iOS, iPadOS, Now, the way to Adjust or Change Brightness and Volume on the iPhone and iPad changed. The new Shortcut icon and Bar in the customized control center are more natural and helpful for us. Without 3D Touch, We can access All the latest iOS Devices.

Here are instant tricks to increase brightness intensity and Volume using alternate ways. Compatible models are iPhone running on the latest iOS 15 software version.

How do I turn up the volume and brightness on my iPhone? in Alternate Ways

iPhone Screen Brightness: We can fix the Brightness intensity all the time. Otherwise, the auto-brightness function will manage light intensity in Bright areas, Sunlight, and Darkrooms. First, we will see how to fix the Display brightness on your iPhone. Know how to Set the Your iPhone Screen Brightness automatically. In the same, we can also Set the Volume limit. Let’s Find it on your iPhone settings.

Set iPhone Display Brightness on iPhone for All Time

This brightness setting we have to manually set from iPhone settings or From the control center that is either locked or unlocked iPhone screen. To fix the Display brightness for all the time on your iPhone, You must have to keep the disabled Auto-Brightness function on the iPhone that is the next part of this tutorial.

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll to Display & Brightness.
  3. Next, Under the Brightness section, Find the Slider to Change the Display light intensity of your iPhone.
  4. Move the slide to the right for increasing the brightness.
How to Use or Change Display Brightness to all time on iPhone
How to Use or Change Display Brightness to all-time on iPhone
  • That’s it. Don’t miss to Turn off Auto-Brightness from settings, Otherwise, your Brightness will change automatically to dimmed or light. here are the steps for Turn off Auto-Brightness on iPhone
    1. Settings app on iPhone.
    2. Scroll to Accessibility settings.
    3. Next, Display & Text Size.
    4. Now, Scroll the screen to last and Turn off the Auto-Brightness toggle to grayed out.
    5. After that, your custom Brightness will remain the same in all environments.
    6. That’s it.
      • The old iOS Version on Device user can find Auto-Brightness option under this: Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodation > Turn off Auto-Brightness, That’s it.
  • Change Volume and Brightness Using Control Center Alternate Ways

    1. Open Control center on the lock screen or Home screen, Swipe up finger on the screen from bottom to top.
    2. See the Brightness bar with the Shine star icon, To change it or level up or down swipe the finger on the Brightness bar.6 Change Brightness Level on iPhone Control Center
    • Touch and Hold for to Activate or Full-Screen Brightness bar on Screen and See Night Shift.
    8 Enable Night Shift on iPhone in iOS 11

    Auto-Brightness Turn on from Settings app on iPhone, iPad

    For iOS 13, the method to change brightness and volume has been altered in the latest version of iOS. Hence, definitely, you have to look at alternate ways to enable auto-brightness/brightness and volume using Control Center.

    • Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
    • Go to the Accessibility.
    • Tap Display & Text Size.
    • Scroll all the way down to the bottom and toggle on Auto-Brightness.
    Enable Auto Brightness in iOS 13

    For iOS 12, the steps to enable Auto-Brightness remains the same. However, if you have iPhone 6 or earlier, then iOS 12 is the last update for you by Apple.

    • 1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.
    4 Accessibility Settings on iPhone in iOS 11
    • 2: Next, Tap on General and Accessibility.
    • 3: Under the Accessibility, Tap on Display Accommodations.
    3 Display Accommodations in iOS 11 for Change Brightness to auto
    • 4: Under the Display Accommodations, Enable Auto-Brightness.
    1 Enable Auto Brightness on iPhone in iOS 11

    Fix why does the brightness on my iPhone change by itself with auto-brightness off

    there are many users who says sometimes iPhone screen brightness dimming especially playing games PUBG, watching Netflix video, as well iPhone dimming at the beach and in bright sunlight. if you are one of them? Don’t worry try my full troubleshooting guide to fix iPhone screen dimming automatically.

    Change Volume from the Control Center in iOS

    • 1: Activate the Control center on the iPhone screen. [Swiping up a finger in Screen]
    9 Change Volume level on iPhone control Center
    • 2: On the Volume bar, Move your finger on the volume bar for the increase and decrease.
    5 Change Volume Level on iPhone Control Center

    Change Volume of Settings or Side Volume button

    1. Method 1: Physical button ready to use and change Volume on any screen, Like Home screen or lock screen
    2. Method 2: Or Use Assistive, Volume control not added in Assistive Touch. Customize Assistive Touch and Use to Manage Sound on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
    1 Change Volume on iPhone using Assistive Touch on iPhone

    I hope you get the full guide on how to Change Brightness and Volume on the iPhone and iPad.

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