Turn off Control Center On Lock Screen on iPhone and iPad

How to Enable/Disable Control Center on Lock Screen on iPhone, iPad in iOS 13, iOS 12, iPadOS

In this tutorial, I’m going to how to turn on -turn off Control Center on Lock Screen in iOS 13/iOS 12/ iOS 11 running iPhone/ iPad? I’m delighted after iOS update on my iPhone. I love iOS 11 primarily for cellular shortcuts, and all-new Customize Control Center that I often access as swiping up from the bottom of the screen to view and On iPhone, Swipe your Finger down from the Top-Right notch of the screen. I added some of the useful additional controls to access on Control Center like Wallet, Screen recording, Low Power Mode, and Apple TV Remote to control my 4th Gen Apple TV. Also, I didn’t like some App shortcuts on double-page CC in the previous iOS. Therefore, I removed a few controls.

After a couple of hours using my iPhone, I was trying to stop access to the Control Center on the locked screen on my iPhone. But I experienced to Turn off/turn ON triggers (Access on Lock Screen and Access within Apps) were missing from the Control Center. Instead of past settings, I appeared additional controls add and remote the control screen. Even though I’m a tech-savvy, Hence, I found the new location of stop/start CC Access on the Lock screen, and It is password protected. Are you exploring to disable/ enable on a locked screen? Read the following steps.

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Turn ON – Turn Off Control Center on Lock Screen on iPhone/iPad


Disable Control Center on Lock Screen on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Head over Settings App looks like a gear icon from the home screen.

Settings App Gear icon on iOS 11 iPhone

Step #2. Navigate and tap on Face ID & Passcode, (“Touch & Passcode” on Home button iPhone & iPad)

Face ID and Passcode on iPhone Settings app
Face ID and Passcode on iPhone Settings app


Now enter Digit Passcode (Alphanumeric passcode) or tap your Touch ID finger on the home button.

Enter Passcode to Enter turn off CC on locked screen settings

Step #3. Next, you will have to scroll down the screen turn trigger off/gray next to the Control Center under the Allow Access When Locked.

Turn on - disable Disable Control Center on Lock Screen in iOS 11

That’s it.

New Control Center brings many essential shortcuts for quick access. Nevertheless, some of the folks feeling bad experience while for other iOS users works very smart.

Your kid’s/ child or someone else might accidentally be changed settings like turn on DND mode, so after that, you won’t get a call if turn cellar data on then you’ll get perhaps big data bill in next cycle. Therefore, we can say that the Control Center is a powerful shortcut panel and a little bit risk full, too.

Enable Control Center on Locked Screen on iPhone and iPad

  • Step #1. Open up the Settings from your iPad or iPhone home screen.
  • Step #2. Navigate Touch ID & Passcode, Enter the passcode.
  • Step #3. Next, scroll down the screen to Turn Control Center-ON.

You’re done!

Important Troubleshooting for Contol Center on iPhone/iPad

  • Control Center is missing on iPhone:- Try Hard Reboot your iPhone/iPad, Quickly Press and Release volume up button, Quickly Press and Release Volume down button, Now only press and hold the side power button until you see the Apple logo on screen after the black screen.
  • Add new control with Customize Control center settings under iPhone/iPad settings app.
  • Reset your iPhone settings, This option will not erase the device’s data like Photos, Videos, Contacts, and Message. Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings [Enter Passcode] > Your iPhone/iPad will reboot once > That’s it.

Note: I did not find disable Control Center from Home screen Within Apps if you? Please reply to me.

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