How do I Add a Bookmark to my iPhone Home Screen Chrome? iOS 16.5

Hidden trick to Add a Chrome Bookmark to iPhone Home Screen

The Shortcuts App was announced back with the iOS 12, gives you an opportunity to create shortcuts of your favorite apps and functions. It takes a few steps to create a shortcut on the iPhone for websites alongside other compatible functions such as Siri. Apart from this, there are many instances where the custom shortcuts on the iPhone can be useful to access the app without following the dreary procedure for the same requirement all the time. In this tutorial, we are discussing how to add websites to the home screen on iPhone or iPad using Shortcuts App.

Its nothing new, that iPhone users have to comprise certain parts of the Google Apps, if you have Android, then Chrome app (chrome app tips and tricks) lets you add a website to home screen, directly. Unfortunately, this option is not available for iOS folks, that’s why we will use the Shortcuts app to create custom shortcuts and add chrome bookmark to the iPhone home screen. The steps are pretty simple, here’s how to do it.

How do I Add Chrome Bookmarks to my iPhone Home Screen?

Before proceeding with the steps, make sure to copy the URL of the website that you want to add to home screen, otherwise, you’ll have to close the Shortcuts App and Copy the URL, it’s better to copy now.

  1. First of all, get the Shortcuts App on your iOS device.
  2. Launch the Shortcuts App.
  3. To Create Chrome Bookmark to Home Screen, tap Create Shortcut.Open Shortcuts app and click on create shortcut App
  4. Select Add Action.
  5. Next, tap on Apps, it should be the first icon to appear in a row.
  6. Since we are adding chrome bookmark to home screen iPhone, choose the Chrome App.Click on add action then choose Apps and click on chrome
  7. Tap Open URLs in Chrome.
  8. Now Paste the URL to create Chrome shortcut on iPhone Home Screen.
  9. Tap on the urls in chrome and then paste urls into the text filed area then click on three dots to get more option
  10. Give Shortcut a Name and hit Add to Home Screen.
  11. You can also customize the Shortcut icon, to do so, tap on the Shortcut icon
  12. This will let you pick the Color and Glyph for the Chrome Shortcut.
  13. Tap Done, and again enter the Name for shortcut and tap Add.add to homescreen and tap on done next open the homescreen

This is it. So this is all about to Add website to home screen ios 13 chrome.

chrome website bookmark shortcut on the iPhone home screen
chrome website bookmark shortcut on the iPhone home screen

You’ve successfully created Chrome shortcuts on the iPhone home screen, close the Shortcuts App, and check the home screen for the shortcut.

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