How to Use Document Scanner on iPhone, iPad Using Notes App: Save PDF

Last Updated on Aug 28, 2022

One way or another, you will need the document scanner to scan documents for yourself or your kid using the Apple Notes appThen, convert the Scanned Document to PDF File, Exit Using Markup, Save to Files and Share the PDF file

In this tutorial, I’ll address a few steps regarding how to use a document scanner on iPhone, how to scan documents on iPhone or iPad, and its related features. 

Previously we used to use third-party scanner applications, while some of us still depend on the scanner machine to scan the documents. That time has long gone. 

If you own an iPhone and iPad, then lucky you, Apple has made scanning documents even more straightforward. We can Scan documents without any app like Camscanner or Other Third-Party apps.

However, a document scanner can be called a hidden feature of the iPhone since it is not available on the front end but using the Notes App, and you can use this functionality. Then, anytime convert and save the scanned documents on iPhone to PDF, share with anyone from the Notes App, and more.

 Use these tricks on your latest iPhone models, iPhone 11(Pro Max), iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8(8 Plus), iPhone 7(7 Plus), and iPhone 6S(6S Plus).

How to Scan Documents on iPhone Using Notes App

Apple has pushed the document scanner feature of iPhone and iPad to the Notes app. Plus, you’ll get to use copious editing tools and options that will force you to delete the third-party scanner app from your iPhone.

  1. Launch the Notes App on your iPhone, iPad.
Open New note or Existing note iPhone notes app
Open New note or Existing note iPhone notes app
  • Open the existing Note or create one.
  • Open New Note on Existing note from iPhone notes app
    Open New Note on Existing note from iPhone notes app
  • Now, look for the Camera button at the end of the screen, where all the options are listed. Select Scan Documents.
  • Scan Documents on iPhone
    Scan Documents on iPhone
  • Start scanning the documents one by one.
  • If the scanner doesn’t work automatically, then tap the Shutter and keep the device steady while scanning papers.
  • Scan & Save Scanned document on iPhone notes app
    Scan & Save Scanned document on iPhone notes app
  • Follow the same steps until all of your documents are scanned.
  • Once you are done scanning all of the documents, tap Save.
  • It will show you the total number of documents you’ve scanned to keep track.
  • How to Markup Scanned Documents on iPhone, iPad

    If you are unsatisfied with notes written on the Documents, use iPhone’s default markup tools to make various changes, including adding text, signature, enlarging, or highlighting the text or anything. Just go with it, and see how to mark up scanned documents on an iPad or iPhone efficiently.

    1. Open the Note, and select the Document to add a markup.
    2. On the top-right screen, tap Share
    3. Choose Markup.
    Open Scanned copy using markup on Notes app iPhone
    Open Scanned copy using markup on Notes app iPhone
  • Now you can add markup using several tools,
    • Select the markup tool that is most appropriate for you.
    • If you want to change the color for the markup tool, then tap on the coloring Circled button, and set the color.
    • Lastly, when you tap Plus (+), you can Add Text, Shapes, Use a Magnifier to enlarge certain areas, and also add a Signature.
  • Edit using markup tool and save on your notes app
    Edit using markup tool and save on your notes app
  • That’s all with the tools, now, it’s up to you how well you want to decorate the document.
  • Tap Done.
  • How to Save Scanned Document as PDF on iPhone, iPad

    Saving scanned documents as PDF on the iPhone is as easy as shooting videos and photos in the Camera App. Initially, we used to convert the documents into PDF, but with the latest update, when you save the documents to Files App or any other app, it will automatically convert into PDF, so all you need to do is choose the app and Save the document.

    1. Go to the Note, where the scanned documents are stored.
    2. Tap on the scanned document.
    Make PDF file of Scanned copy using Notes app iPhone
    Make PDF file of Scanned copy using Notes app iPhone
  • Hit the Share
  • Choose where you want to save the document as PDF, in the Files app, or on the third-party app.
  • Save Scanned copy of PDF file on Files app and Share using Airdrop or Mail or Message
    Save a Scanned copy of the PDF file on the Files app and Share using Airdrop or Mail, or Message
  • Save the Document as a PDF on your iOS device.
  • How to Share Scanned Document on iPhone, iPad

    Sharing documents right from the Notes app is an alternative option if you want to save the Notes into the Mail App or share it over any application. Here’s how to share scanned documents on iOS devices.

    1. Navigate to the Notes app and open the Note of which document you would like to share.
    2. Tap on the Share symbol on the top-right screen.
    3. Select the app to share the note.
    4. It will directly convert to PDF, depending upon the application you choose to share.

    How to Delete Scanned Document on iPhone, iPad

    If you no longer needed the scanned document, so it’s better to remove it and reduce clutter from the Notes App. Moreover, the Notes app lets you delete a particular document that you may have mistakenly scanned twice. Carefully delete

    1. Open the Note to delete the scanned document.
    2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Delete icon.
    3. Lastly, tap Delete Scan.

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