How to Add Weather Widget to iPhone Home Screen [iOS 16.5]

To be honest, Apple doesn’t want you to go with or download any third-party app, therefore, making all the default apps as powerful as possible. Weather App and Widget is one such example of it. With iOS 14, Weather Widget is much more improved, lets you change the location, re-position on the home screen, etc. By default, the Weather Widget is added to the Today’s View, however, the good news is, it can be adjusted in the middle of the applications, instead of Today’s View. Plus, you get to choose from a variety of widget sizes, like small cards with limited info, a bigger widget with the weekly forecast, and more.

Talk apart, from this article, you’ll learn the pretty easy way to add the weather widget to the iPhone home screen in iOS 14 or later. Unfortunately, these steps aren’t for the iPadOS, as on iPad still there’s no update for adding the widget on the home screen.

How to Add Weather Widget on iPhone Home Screen

Note: Make sure to download the Weather Widget on iPhone to use the Weather Widget on the home screen.

Here are the steps to add the weather widget to the iPhone home screen on iOS 14 or later version.

  1. Touch and hold the empty space or an app icon to activate jiggle mode on the
  2. Look for the Plus (+) button on the upper-left corner.
  3. Search Weather option or swipe down the list and tap Weather.
  4. Choose among the different Weather Widget cards.find-weather-widget
  5. Tap Add Widget.
  6. Until the iPhone home screen is in jiggle mode, you can re-position the Weather Widget.
  7. Lastly, tap Done on the top-right corner to exit the jiggle

How to Change Location in Weather Widget on iPhone

If you want to stay informed of any other location, but not current, then manually change the location inside the Weather Widget. Here’s how to change the city in weather Widget on the iPhone.

  1. Long-press the weather widget.
  2. Tap Edit Widget.
  3. Tap on Location. By default, the Current Location is selected.
  4. Search the Location or choose from the listed ones.

How to Remove Weather Widget from iPhone Home Screen

Don’t need the Weather Widget? Remove it, rather than cluttering the home screen with the unwanted widget.

  1. Touch and hold the Weather Widget that you want to remove.
  2. Select Remove Widget.
  3. Next tap on Done to save the changes.

You guys, I hope you found this helpful. For more information watch the video link given here.

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