Best iPhone Home Screen widgets to Have in 2023

Last Updated on Sep 21, 2023

If you’re able to see essential information related to the app right from the home screen, then why waste your time going inside the app just keeping yourself updated? Whether you want to keep track of weather, latest email, tracking your daily workout, or take a glance at your memorable shots with ease, the best iPhone home screen widgets have got you fully covered. But which is best on your iPhone? For that, be sure to read our article on the best home screen widgets for iPhones.

The Best iPhone Widgets to Use Quickly

1) Documents by Readdle – A File Manager App

Documents by Readdle is the ultimate app to Read, Listen to, or Customize Documents, Music, Books, Videos, Files, and many more things. The developers of the Readdle app are enhancing the interface to make it more convenient while accessing documents and files while you’re on the go.

Speaking of the update, the newest iOS-compatible features such as Picture-in-Picture, Home Screen Widget, Scribble Support, etc. are already integrated with the app. By this, you can quickly access the Music, Actions, Recents, Favorites, directly after adding the home screen widget on the iPhone.

Download the Documents by Readdle

2) Wikipedia

Wikipedia sets out the record of storing the most articles on the web, you might find this interesting knowing that Wikipedia owns a collection of 40+ million articles written across more than 300 languages.

What’s new in this for you? The Wikipedia App is merged with the Encyclopedia app to deliver the latest information in the widgets cards such as Recommended Articles, Featured Articles, Pictures of the Day, Events on this Day in History, Random Articles, Nearby Landmarks, and more.

Download the Wikipedia

3) Weather Line

It’s a fact, that if an iPhone user is not using the native Weather app, then he/she is definitely onto the Weather Line App. This app comes in handy to get detailed weather forecasts from different locations, involving, 10-days forecast, 72-hours forecast, Custom units, UV Index, Wind speed and gusts, Severe warning alerts, and many more aspects.

When it comes to Weather Line Widget, things get really interesting; it offers 18 different themes to customize widget, toggle auto dark/light mode, Sunrise/Sunset, Rain Graph, and Weather Warnings, as a part of real-time reports.

Download Weather Line

4) Spark Mail – Email by Readdle

Spark Mail is one of the greatest Email clients for professionals and of course small businesses, it involves a number of customization options to make it work your way. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate the app interface, focuses on what matters to you, by hiding irrelevant things from your sight.

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The iPhone allows you to set Spark Mail App as a default Email App, alongside, use their innovative home screen widgets, to take a glance at new emails, Calendar, Notifications, and many more entities.

Download Spark Mail

5) Aviary – View Twitter Tweets That Matters

Aviary App can save a lot of time; desperately scrolling the Twitter feed while looking for your Favorite Movie announcement or wanting to keep track of some of the companies that you might have an interest, is a total waste of time, if you get nothing from it. How about tweaking few settings, and only get notified about the Tweets you care about?

With the Aviary Twitter Client app, you get to see and browse Twitter without being disturbed by Promoted Tweets and Ads. Apart from viewing, it also lets you Compose the Tweets with all the elements available inside the official Twitter app. At the same time, the Widget beautifully decorates the tweets right on the home screen.

Download Aviary

6) CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather got wholesome Widgets, its five home screen widgets demonstrate the Snark, Forecast, Weather Maps, Hourly and Daily Weather, and a bunch of customization options. Alongside the normal widgets, if you choose to put them into Stack, it shows the entire weather forecast details right on the home screen.

Apart from Weather Line, CARROT Weather’s can’t be beatable. Download now from the App Store.

Download CARROT Weather

7) Pedometer++ – Step Counter

Pedometer++ App motivates me to complete my running and walking goals, without draining the battery of the iPhone. Simply, download the Pedometer++ App from the App Store, add the Widget to the iPhone home screen, and take your iPhone while you’re on a walk. No need to open the app to track the Steps, the new widgets provide enough information that you would want to know, like Step Count, Goal Completion, Daily Step Graph, and more.

As a complementary service, you can even integrate the Pedometer++ App with the Health App, to store and fetch all the health data from one place.

Download Pedometer++

8) PDF Expert

The PDF Expert App is a complete solution to all the PDF-related chaos, anytime you open the PDF from the Web, Email App, Social Media Apps, etc. access in full-screen mode, with zoom-in and out options. Integrated with the smart Text to Speech feature that reads out the highlighted text, use the underline, strikethrough, highlighter, etc. tools to mark them essential.

Regardless, when you add the PDF Expert Widget to the iPhone home screen, it can provide you with Recently Opened PDFs, and Favorite PDFs without the need to launch the app.

Download PDF Expert

9) LookUp: English Dictionary

Love to learn? LookUp English Dictionary is an organized platform for students, as well as adults, discovering new words, and phrases, with this app is fun. The beautifully designed app incorporates almost all the iOS features such as Siri, Shortcuts App, the brand new iPhone Widgets, for quick and easy access.

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Get the Word of the Day right on the Apple Watch face, Lookup Widgets comprising the catalog of words, Quiz Widgets to play with the app at your leisure, etc.

Download LookUp English Dictionary

10) GoodTask – To-Do List Manager

For iPhone users regularly using iCloud/Outlook along with Reminders & Calendars, GoodTask could be of use. The advanced Task and Project Manager jammed with the native Reminders and Calendars App of the iOS makes it easier to adjust the schedule and get things done before the deadline.

Since it also has Widgets to choose from, you can add List Widget, and Favorite Widget, to quickly access what you’re looking for.

Download GoodTask

11) Book Track – Library Manager

Book Track Library Manager is your personal book managing assistant that keeps track of the books you’ve purchased, read, going to read, to create a wish list, by searching the author or scanning the book using a barcode. You can operate the app effortlessly; use the Search or Scan feature to add the books anytime, anywhere, or go manually by entering the details of the book.

In addition, you can also import books from other applications like BookBuddy, Reading List, Goodreads, etc. While the new home screen widgets can show you the reading status of the book, or display your favorite quotes from the book.

Download Book Track

12) TripIt: Travel Planner

TripIt is an exceptionally great travel companion when it comes to organizing your tickets, events, flights, and many more things to be honest. When you make any reservation of Cab, Hotel, Flight, or anything, just forward it to the mentioned email address, and within a few seconds, all of those details will appear right inside the TripIt app; that’s how it works.

While the TripIt Widgets display the relevant details like an upcoming event, trip, or flight number, directly on the home screen widgets, meaning you don’t have to open the TripIt app, keep the Widget in the eyesight.

Download TripIt Travel Planner

13) Widgetsmith

Not necessarily we are satisfied with what’s given to us. Here comes Widgetsmith which features the customizations and personalization widgets for the iPhone home screen. There are plenty of native Widgets available in the latest iOS, but if you don’t like their font style or font size, or color, the Widgetsmith is one last solution to all these.

As long as Widgetsmith is downloaded on your iPhone, you can do anything with Widgets. The customization and personalization features of the Widgetsmith are incredible, and people are loving it.

Download Widgetsmith

14) CardioBot – Heart Rate Tracker

There is no meaning in downloading the CardioBot if you need to know the heart reading because the Health App can sufficiently show the heart rate data. However, if you want more, then CardioBot App can give you ample information such as Sleep Analysis, Heart Rate fluctuations during Workouts, in a compact statistical view, filtered by Individual Days, or fetch Detailed Weekly or Monthly Data.

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To use this app, make sure the native Health App is installed, as it takes all the information from Apple’s Health App.

Download CardioBot

15) Calory

Control and Eating, these words are hard to use in a single sentence, to overcome these issues, use the Calory App. Enter your personal details like Weight, Height, Activity Levels, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and all other required parameters, based on the details Calory App will let help you make a decision on controlling and managing your calorie intake.

Later the app will challenge you to eat limited food to stay in control and only intake the right number of calories.

Download Calory

16) Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin

If you’re into Bitcoin and daily make the transaction, manage, sell, or buy the Cryptocurrency, Coinbase is the largest platform handling cryptocurrency transactions across the world. Undoubtedly, the Coinbase App owns a clean, user-friendly interface, but what if the real-time prices of Bitcoins show up on the home screen?

Yes, it is possible with the latest iPhone home screen widgets. Download the Coinbase app on your iPhone, and start customizing the home screen.

Download Coinbase

17) Pocketdex for Pokemon GO

You might find Pokemon GO easy to play, but I bet you’re struggling with the game stats, taking screenshots every time is a bit boring, instead of downloading the Pocketdex for the Pokemon GO app. This app offers an In-Game Scan without the need to screenshot in the premium version.

The key features of this app include Raid Boss Widget, IV Scan, Powerful search and filter, Battle Simulator, Custom App icons, etc.

Download Poketdex

18) Apollo for Reddit

With Apollo for Reddit, put your favorite subreddits on the home screen, it’s an excellent Reddit client that works with iPhone delivering some of the best features at glance like Jump Bar, Super-charged media viewer to watch GIFs, Videos, Albums, navigate through the subreddits.

The massive iOS update brings Widgets, PiP Mode, Photo Picker, and the list goes on. You can choose between three different widget sizes.

Download Apollo for Reddit

19) Photo Widget: Simple

Needless to say, iPhone’s Photos Stack Widget is truly a supreme widget added by Apple. Adding the Photos Stack Widget on the iPhone home screen starts showing the images from the For You tab of the Photos App, specifically the Featured Images. The downside of the Photos Stack Widget is, we don’t have any option to choose the photos to show on the widget, that’s the reason why everyone is searching for a solution of how to remove the photos from the featured image collection.

While the Photo Widget App lets you choose up to 30 photos that you would like to display from time to time. There are three widget sizes are available to add to the iPhone home screen.

Download Photo Widget

20) Google

After allowing third-party browsers to set as a default app, Google has also introduced Widgets to add on the home screen. The Google Widget features the Search bar, Google Lens, Voice Search, and Incognito, all of these features can be accessed with a single tap. Or else add the Search Widget to reduce the home screen clutter.

Download Google App

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