How to Change Apps icon Size in iPhone, iPad – Resize App icon

small or enlarge apps icon on your iPhone

Change apps icon size in iPhone and iPad is handy settings for Apple device users. You can use this features when you are uncomfortable to open new apps from your Apple iPhone, iPad app browser screen. Jailbreak gives the option to resize installed apps icon in your iOS or later devices.

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Steps to change Apps icon size on iPhone

Without Tweek make your iPhone app icons bigger on home screen,

Go to the Settings > Display & Brightness > Scroll Down and Tap on View (Display Zoom) > Select “Standard or Zoomed”.

These settings also enable for iPhone home screen apps icon, Message Conversations, and Mail.

Using Tweek

Step 1 Open Tweak’s preference under the settings option

From there you have to turn on toggle button to enable this service in our iPhone or iPad with any iOS

After enabling ICON RESIZER PREFERENCE Enable toggle for App icon size change

Step 2

Now you can set same size icon for all installed apps, otherwise, you also set manually icon size one by one.

To resize selected icon, Tap Resize icons option under the icon Resizer Preferences option.Select App that you want to resize

Additional guide:

Minimum icon size should be 20 and maximum icon size should be 120 Default size of your Apps icon should be 62.

On our experience, you can set it between 20 to 70 for good look and User interface.For Change App icon in iPhone

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