How to Reset Home Screen Layout on iPhone, iPad

Didn't love the home screen layout, don't worry, here's how to reset your home screen layout on iPhone and iPad.

You will find all your applications on the Home Screen layout, regardless of where they are installed. However, you can experience an issue with Home Screen Layout; for instance, installed apps aren’t showing, Contact or Camera Icon is Missing, etc. 

Conversely, you will likely see App Icon even after uninstalling. In this scenario, the Home Layout gets corrupted. To fix you have to Reset Home Screen layout on your iPhone or iPad by following the steps below. 

What Does Resettings Home Screen Layout Do?

The home screen layout is an introductory face for the iPhone, and the best part is that iOS software allows you to customize it as needed. Conversely, allow resetting. Resettings will bring it back to the original state with default settings. And best is without deleting applications you have installed. And the only change you will see, all the non-Apple applications will be arranged alphabetically.

Quick Fix:-

App icon won’t see on the home screen or grayed out in the Control center: First check Restriction is enabled for the app.

in iOS 12 or later- Go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn Screen Time ON> Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions > Enter passcdoe> Access Restrictions settings functions.

For iOS 11 and Earlier – Go to the Settings app > General > Restrictions > Disable or Turn off.

Easy Guide How to restore the default Home screen layout

  1. Launch Settings app
  2. Tap General
  3. Next, scroll down to Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Select Reset
  5. Finally, Click on Reset Home screen layout
  6. A Confirmation prompt asks you This will reset your Home screen layout to factory defaults. Tap Reset Home Screen.
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Now go back to the home screen to see the factory default icons set up.

That’s all it.

Credit – HowToiSolve

After tapping the Reset Home screen layout button, you’ll get a pop-up message it’ll ask, you’re sure to want to make reset your iDevice Home Screen layout because after the reset your iPhone Home Screen Layout, your iPhone screen will get the default look as like new purchased iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All app icons will arrange alphabetically automatically.

Reset Home Screen Layout Doesn’t Affect

Restart iPhone: There are chances even after Resettings home screen layout, you will find it does not affect you. In this scenario, you must try Restart Peripheral, and up next, perform Force Restart.

Force Restart iPhone,

  1. Press and instantly let out the Volume High Button.
  2. Press and instantly let out the Volume Low Button.
  3. Long press the Side Button.
  4. When the Apple logo is highlights, release the Side Button.

Force Restart iPad Without Home Button,

  1. Press and immediately let out the Volume Key nearest to the top Button.
  2. Press and immediately let out the Volume Button farthest from the top Button.
  3. Long press the Top Button.
  4. When the Apple logo appears, let out the Top Button.

Force Restart iPad With Home Button,

  1. Long press the Top Key and Home Key simultaneously. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Update iPhone: Up next, check the version of iOS; as of now, their chances are outdated won’t let apply the changes. If it’s obsolete, follow our guide on how to update 

Bottom Line

Here we end with easy steps to reset Home Screen Layout on iPhone. And in case you find an effective solution for Reset Home Screen Layout Doesn’t Affect that is not mentioned in the article, let us know by dropping it in the comment box. 

Will Resetting My Screen Layout Delete My Apps?

No, resettings your home screen layout will not delete any of the applications you have installed. 

Can you change the layout of Home Screen on iPhone?

Yes, you can customize the Home Screen Layout – drag & drop the application, hide the home screen pages, etc.

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