How to Reset Your Home Screen Icons to Default on iPhone, iPad

Last Updated on Aug 23, 2021

Some of the reddit users ask what does reset home screen layout mean and also want to know that if I reset the home screen layout will it delete my apps. An answer is that it does not delete App. in more, reset the home screen layout means get factory settings screen and it also removes folders which you have created. Ever you noticed App icon missing on the Home screen on your iPhone. At that moment you have a question, App is not restricted although the app icon is missing on the home screen, then the end option is Reset Home screen layout iPhone. The way for that case, whenever on your iPhone Contact icon missing, Camera icon missing, iTunes icon missing, Safari icon missing, FaceTime icon missing, installing apps icon missing and other app icon missing on your iPhone home screen even it’s not restricted.

At that time you should follow this option Reset the home screen layout of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices. Don’t worry if you’ve no information about how to reset the home screen layout on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.  You can learn beneath the given steps for reset layout.

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You can also follow this tip iPhone Camera App doesn’t appear on the Home Screen [Solved], for other apps such as iTunes, Music, Safari apps icon, and more.

Tested on this model: iPhone XS Max, XR, XS, X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 5S/4, and iPad All models.

App icon won’t see on the home screen or grayed out in Control center: First check Restriction is enabled for the app. Go to the Settings app > General > Restrictions > Disable or Turn off.

in iOS 12 or later- Go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn Screen Time ON> Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions > Enter passcdoe> Access Restrictions settings functions.

Easy Guide How to restore the default Home screen layout on the iPhone and iPad

in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Follows bottom steps to Reset Home Screen Layout,

Go to the Settings app from your gadget home screen, next tap General, now scroll the screen up to the end tap Transfer or Reset iPhone (this is rename in iOS 15/ iOS 14 has one reset name), now choose Reset and click on Reset Home Screen Layout, again click on popup reset network settings to confirmation. that’s it.

  • Step 1. Launch Settings app
  • Step 2. Tap General
  • Step 3. Next, scroll down to Reset tap on Reset
  • Step 4. Tap Reset Home screen layout
Reset Home screen layout on iPhone 6 how to

That’s it. After tapping the Reset Home screen layout button, you’ll get a pop-up message it’ll ask, you’re sure to want to make reset your iDevice Home Screen layout because after the reset your iPhone Home Screen Layout, your iPhone screen will get the default look as like new purchased iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All app icons will arrange alphabetically automatically.

App is not restricted although app icon missing on home screen

Reset Home screen layout doesn’t affect

Restart your iPhone or iPad and try again.

Otherwise, a good option is to restore iOS to the latest version. Please keep back up your device on iTunes or iCloud.

Bonus tips: icons on the home screen appearing too small and confusing to read app name, Use Display Zoom on iPhone features.

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