Clear Purgeable space on macOS

How to Clear Purgeable Space on macOS Mojave: Data, Files, Disk space

Remove Clear Purgeable space on mac to optimize disk storage. Learn here how to permanently delete Purgeable files or data on your MacBook Pro/Air.

If you are Mac user from the beginning and well known about each corner of the macOS, then you should have noticed the difference between macOS Sierra and macOS Mojave. In an earlier version of macOS, there wasn’t any term like purgeable files storage. If you have listened to the first time, then you are eager to know what does Purgeable means. It is nothing but files which can be safely deleted when you choose to optimize storage.

Purgeable files can be like cached movies stored in iTunes, language files and more. There is no harm in deleting these files, and in bonus, you will get free space on your MacBook. Moving forward to delete purgeable space in macOS Mojave.


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Delete/Clear Purgeable space on macOS Mojave: Clear Disk Space on Mac

On My Mac, Video Test:

Step #1: Click on the “Apple” menu.

Step #2: Open “About This Mac”.

Step #3: There, click on “Storage” tab.

Storage settings on mac

Step #4: Now, you can see the flat strip of different colors, each color has a specific meaning.

Step #5: Move the cursor on each color, and you will see how much storage is consumed by Videos, Documents, Other files and how much storage is left.

Step #6: on the right side, you will find “Purgeable”.

Step #7: Next, click on “Manage”.

Step #8: Now you will see four different options, the very first option will store the files and folders in the iCloud. It will not transfer the files and documents which are recently viewed.

The other three options will simply remove all the videos and movies which you have watched on iTunes, and it will delete automatically in every 30 days to optimize and free up space.

Step #9: Click on “Store in iCloud”.

Settings to Clear Purgeable space on macOS Mojave

Step #10: Alternatively on the left side you can click on the other sections and delete the files which you don’t want.

Do you have any trick or software to clear disk space on Mac then reply in the comments!

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2 Replies to “How to Clear Purgeable Space on macOS Mojave: Data, Files, Disk space”

  1. Andy Miller says:

    If the object was to clear disk space of files that can be stored on the cloud this article would be perfect. If you have almost the whole disk taken up with purgable files yet they don’t appear through the route above then it is of no help. When you go in through the route above I have 300gb+ Indicated free. When you look in finder I have 12gb free the difference all in purgable files. When I try and install it says no room.

  2. Mike Kramer says:

    When I click on about this Mac/storage I currently have 348.7 GB in my Mail and 22.8 GB free of the 500 GB SSD. A few days ago (and before upgrading from High Sierra to Mohave) I had about 8 GB on Gmail. I generally delete email that is not work related and there has not been a significant increase in activity in recent months.
    Also use MS Outlook (for Mac) for a separate email address where there is very little activity.
    Using CMD i in “Applications” in Finder reports 40.6 GB in Mail, 1.5 GB in Outlook and 9.5 GB in System.
    My system folder that was >100 GB in High Sierra is now at 8.68 GB.
    Running a 15″ MBP 2015 vintage.
    Any recommendations please?

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