Fix Screenshot on Mac not working in macOS Mojave

Fix Screenshot on Mac not working in macOS Mojave

I was looking into the forum of Mac and found that one user reported that screenshot on Mac not working when I try to capture the screenshot camera makes shutter sound screenshot doesn’t appear on the screen and even the screenshot is not saving to desktop in macOS Mojave. We all have alternatives to do anything and taking screenshots have too in macOS Mojave. However, the quickest way to capture screenshot is using shortcuts. Though if you are stuck in the middle, then you have to go for long methods to keep going.

Here in this troubleshooting, we have mentioned the tricks to fix screenshot not working on macOS Mojave and also there are few other methods to capture screenshot in macOS Mojave.

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Complete Guide: How to take a Screenshot on Mac in macOS Mojave

Tips to Fix Screenshot on Mac not working: MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air in Mojave 10.14

Solution 1: Restart Your Mac

If you haven’t force restarted Mac in a long time that it might be possible that few functions won’t respond. So we will take our chances with this simple fix. There are three different ways to restart the Mac and MacBook.

  • Hold down the Power button and select Restart. Alternatively, press “Control+Eject” and then select Restart.
  • Right from the dock click on Apple menu and select Restart.
  • Press “Control+Command+Power” button or “Control+Command+Eject” and select Restart.

Solution 2: Check the screenshot shortcuts

To capture full screenshot in Mac, press Command+Shift+3 and if you want the screenshot of the selected region then press Command+Shift+4. These shortcuts will only work unless you have activated new shortcuts. Go and check,

Step #1: Click on “Apple” menu and open “System Preferences”.

Step #2: Open “Keyboard & Mouse”.

Step #3: Next, click on “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

Step #4: From there you can check that shortcuts are activated under Screenshots and also verify that they haven’t been appointed to something different.

Solution 3: Try Grab to take a screenshot on macOS Mojave

Instead of taking screenshot using shortcuts use Grab to capture screenshot on MacBook. All the options are available, if you want to capture the whole screen and if you want to take a screenshot of the selected region. You can do it using Grab.

Step #1: Open “Applications” and then click on “Utilities”.

Step #2: Now, find and select “Grab”.

Step #3: Click “Capture”.

As per your need, you can select any one option and capture screenshot.

Solution 4: Capture Screenshot using Preview

If Command+Shift+4 not working on Mac, then Preview is default tool that is available in Mac to open and edit pictures. Apart from this, you can also click the screenshot using Preview. Let me show you how.

Step #1: Go to “Preview”.

Step #2: Click on “File” and choose “Take Screenshot”.

Step #3: It’s time to select any one option as per your requirement.

Solution 5: Move the Preference File

Step #1: Open “Finder” and click on “Go”.

Step #2: Click on “Go to Folder”.

Step #3: Enter ~/Library/Preferences/

preferences command on mac

Step #4: Find the file “”.

fix Screenshot on Mac not working in macOS Mojave

Step #5: Move that file to desktop and restart Mac.

Step #6: Now check if the function is working; if yes then delete that file.

Do you find these workarounds helpful to fix Screenshot on Mac not working in macOS Mojave? Let me know in the comments and share with your support friends.

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