How to Create New Folder in Files app on iPhone, iPad: Nested Folder or Root Folder

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We need to Create, Rename, Move or Delete folder for easy manage all the files and documents on all gadgets. New Files app in new iOS comes with tens of all useful features. Let’s see one of them, create a New Folder in Files app on iPhone and iPad with iOS. Use These Two different methods to create a Folder on Files app on the iPhone and iPad. First is Swipe your finder down to show the New Folder creation option, and the second method will show using Force touch on File’s app black space to enable on-screen options like create a new folder.

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Here I show how to create a new folder in the hierarchical format (Folder in a folder) or Parent/Main folder.

Steps for Create a New Folder in Files app on iPhone and iPad

2 Create a new folder on File app in iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

  • Go to the Files app on iPhone or iPad
  • Files app only able to create a folder in the own file system (Not in a third-party app like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Amazon Drive, Google Drive and Other).
  • Go to the iCloud Drive or “On My iPhone”/ “On My iPad” under the Files app’s Browse tab.

2 Create a Folder in Files app on iPhone and iPad

  • Swipe down using finer on Files app, to see the active view in extra settings or option for Create a folder, Sorted by filter, File and Folder view.
  • [Update: Click on More (…) option, Becuase in New Files app update Folder is replaced with more option, Now Select new Folder from popup]

3 Scroll down and Find option for create a new Folder on iOS 11 Files app

  • Tap on Folder with the + icon.

4 New Folder icon on iPhone and iPad Files app

  • Give the correct folder name and save it.

5 Create and Save folder on Files app on iPhone and iPad

That’s it

  • Now we can move multiple files and Documents at once by select multiple select radio options.
  • This trick is helpful to create a folder inside the nested folder, iCloud Drive, Third-Party External Drive, Or Other Apps like Dropbox, Google Drive.

Method 2: Some iOS users unable to find this option, And Helpful and quick

  • just like other apps, Touch and Hold on black space to show the folder options. Below the screen shows that I found on my iPhone Files app.
Create a New Folder on Files app on iPhone and iPad
Create a New Folder on Files app on iPhone and iPad

Extra Dose: Quick Overview on Rename Folder or Add Folder Tag

Press and Hold on document icon or Folder icon that you want to rename, See the screen below.

Type a folder name and Press Done to save it.

6 Folder options in Files app on iPhone and iPad

To Delete folder,

To delete folder long press and hold on folder icon until you see hover strip options. Tap on the Right arrow icon to see more options. Tap on Delete.

Or Tap on select from the top right corner of the screen, Choose folders then Tap on Delete from the bottom tab.

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Newly created folder easily find using a tag. I would like to recommend to use tags. That’s the help to manage large data easily and correctly.