How to setup and use iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

iCloud drive, Upgraded version of iCloud in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. iCloud drive have a many advance features as compare to iCloud. To use iCloud drive you must upgrade your iOS and OS X. here you can learn how to setup and use iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad and Mac Yosemite. Till before, iCloud only gave option to store data (documents files, Folders, Music and app) over Apple’s iCloud, up to 5GB storage capacity in free. iCloud drive basically used for store and access document files anywhere and anytime like Dropbox.

Setup and use iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad and Mac: Steps

full Setup and Use iCloud Account: Steps

Here you can get the idea on New in iCloud drive,

  1. Why iCloud drive we have use? Where and when?
  2. How to turn on/ enable/ setup and use iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad?
  3. How to use iCloud drive on Mac Yosemite. Why you can’t use iCloud drive on your Mac?
  4. How to access document files and folder from Mac?

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Why iCloud drive we have use? Where and when?

Keep your document, files and folders on (securely) safe place from your office and home in a single account. Then easily accessible everywhere running iOS 8 and Yosemite installed Mac devices. Upload file (New files), update in iCloude drive supported apps from your iPhone, iPad and Mac device. So, same file should be accessible on all the iCloude drive supported apps.

How to Setup and use iCloud drive on iPhone, iPad

Note: your iCloud data will automatically transfer iCloud drive without any lose, when you update your old iOS 7/ 6 to iOS 8.

In your iOS 8 running device, Go to the Setting > iCloud > iCloud drive.

Enable/ Turn on iCloud drive option on your all iOS 8 iPhone and iPad.

Now, you can upload files, picture, and video to iCloud drive directly from iPhone, iPad Apps. Like Photo app, Video App, Pages, Keynote.

iCloud drive screen of iPhone

View of iCloud drive on iPhone

How to use iCloud drive on Mac: Yosemite

Enable iCloud drive in your Mac Yosemite,

System preference > iCloud > Enable by selected iCloud drive on Mac Yosemite.

Mac yosemite, turn on iCloud Drive

turn on iCloud Drive on Mac yosemite

1st way: Use iCloud drive on iPhone

Launch Finder from Dock in your Mac > Preference > Click on iCloud drive from the sidebar under the favorites, See in below

In Mac Yosemite you can access your Drive

iCloud Drive folder in Mac

2nd way: Use iCloud drive on Mac

Note: you must have Mac running on OS X Yosemite 10.10.

Step 1: Open safari in your Mac

Step 2: in your Browser Go to the

Step 3: Login with same Apple ID and Password, as you used in your iOS device.

Step 4: Choose iCloud Drive icon in your browser.

Mac yosemite screen iCloud drive

access iCloud drive using apple ID.

Upload files, folders in your iCloud drive easily from your iOS device or Mac that can be affecting at all the devices automatically at a time.

FAQ: Apple

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